When people talk about the music streaming scene, they're often comparing familiar brands when considering which service to use. Some go with the big boys of Google, Apple or Amazon, and others maybe opt for smaller companies like Spotify or the Jay Z-led Tidal. Napster though? It's not normally in the debate.

Napster was actually pretty controversial in the early days of music being online, as it allowed people to freely share MP3s; unsurprisingly laws caught up with the service and it had to 'go legit'. As a brand associated with questionable online practices, its moves into the mainstream prompted it to drop off the radar for most.

Yet it is now a legitimate music streaming service, boasting over 34 million tracks. Surprisingly it's coming to the Wii U eShop in Europe as a free app on 17th December; it's a subscription service but new users will be able to get a free 30-day trial from the Napster website. It'll utilise the GamePad screen for some navigation, promising the full service of streaming music, setting up playlists, searching the library or listening to curated radio stations.

Of all the music services we wanted or expected to come to the Wii U, Napster wasn't on the list. In any case, will you be giving it a try?