We've seen some glimpses of the single player component in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS over recent months, with footage of a character of choice marching across an overworld with multiple paths. In a series of updates to the official website, one that's caught our eye is some information that helps fill out these single player options in the game; there are still some mysteries, of course.

In terms of the Classic mode, you can see some screens below of the diverging paths, and a few examples of CPU challenges that will feature, along with power-ups and rewards that are received depending on performance.

The next feature is particularly welcome, with Masahiro Sakurai adopting the sliding difficulty scale from Kid Icarus: Uprising; use your in-game currency to adjust the 'intensity' with greater spoils for defeating a challenge on a difficult setting — defeat sees you lost the 'bet', naturally.

As for the Stadium area, we've seen the Target Blast and Home-Run Contest mini-games before, but Multi-Man Smash is a first appearance for the 3DS entry. Multi-Man mode has been in the previous two entries, in which you fight as many opponents as possible with set rules, and this version appears to indicate that you'll fight a range of Mii characters; no specific details have been given yet.

Do you like the look of these details? Do you expect to spend a lot of time in single player honing your skills? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to PtM for the heads up.

[via smashbros.com]