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Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns - 24th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The list grows again

Just recently we revived our Kickstarter summary, as a means of sharing the progress on some current projects that may make it to Nintendo hardware through the crowdfunding platform. It's time for another go around, with some new projects and updates on those previously highlighted.

We are generally targeting those with attainable goals, too, with a couple of new entries this week yet to gain momentum but have modest targets. If a project wants $2 million for a Wii U version — as an example — and has barely raised enough for a nice holiday on the beach, it's unlikely to be featured. We will also sometimes highlight projects that have caught our eye yet are struggling, as occasionally some exciting projects fail to get the attention they perhaps deserve.

With that out of the way let's get to it.

Ongoing Campaigns

Nefarious — Wii U included in core goal [approx $15,100 of $50,000 target reached, 25 days to go]

This is a 2D platformer that switches things up by placing you in the role of villain, as you're the one doing the princess kidnapping and outwitting heroes. This is boasting some eye-catching visuals that show an impressive attention to detail.

Chances of success: Positive, as this campaign has had a strong start.

Super World Karts — Wii U included as $32,000 stretch goal [approx $7,500 of $16,000 target reached, 19 days to go]

This is a Mode-7 Super Mario Kart-inspired racer, with its own range of modes, racers, courses and items. It looks a little rough and ready — and has lifted a few sound effects from well-known retro games — but looks rather charming and chaotic.

Chances of success: Has made little progress in the last 10 days, so is now looking more doubtful for the Wii U stretch goal.

A Rite from the Stars — Wii U included in core goal [approx $12,650 of $40,000 target reached, 12 days to go]

Inspired by point-and-click adventures of old, this incorporates a 3D graphics engine, featuring multiple paths and different endings depending on performance. The developers cites unique features while staying true to the genre as key goals.

Chances of success: Limited progress in the last 10 days, with a boost needed.

Hive Jump — Wii U included in core goal [approx $24,000 of $50,000 target reached, 12 days to go]

This one looks particularly attractive and was pointed out in the comments. With punchy retro-styled visuals and sound, this is a run and gun action game with some elements of strategy thrown in. Online and local co-op for up to four players looks fun, as do upgradable weapons and permadeath; the target Wii U release (Fall 2015) is later than on PC, while the developer aims to give the Nintendo system's version some unique features.

Chances of success: Needs a late boost, but has shown some decent momentum.

Tiny Galaxy — Wii U included in core goal [approx $100 of $8,000 target reached, 28 days to go]

This recently-launched campaign is yet to pick up steam, and is a 2D platformer exclusively for Wii U. The main mechanic seems to be utilising gravity to hop between multiple planets, and this project will utilise the Nintendo Web Framework.

Chances of success: Difficult to tell this early on, but the target total is modest.

The Power of Glove: A Power Glove Documentary — approx $9,000 of $15,000 target reached, 11 days to go

As the title makes clear, this is a film project to produce a documentary all about the iconic but barely functional NES peripheral. It's production slowed down, with this campaign aiming to secure funds to get it over the finish line.

Chances of success: Reasonable odds at this stage.

Let us know what you think of this current crop and the newcomers, and by all means share other projects that have been left out in the comments below; we may add some that we've missed.

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lividd3ad said:

I don't really understand the hype for Nefarious. The animation looks like a cheap Flash game.



ShadJV said:

The Brawl in the Family writer is working on the music for Nefarious! I backed it earlier this week, my third time backing (previously Mighty No. 9 and Shantae) and I really hope we hit those stretch goals, it's looking to be a very fun game, especially the reverse boss fights!



Troggy said:

I for one am looking forward to Nefarious because of it's Earthworm Jim and Mega Man style gameplay. Also because of what I've heard of it's glorious soundtrack.



Mega719 said:

HIVE wants to include some Nintendo references if Nintendo allows them. Guacamelee Super Turbo Edition (don't know if it was in the others) had you breaking Chozo statues in other to get new powers so i suppose like that



vonseux said:

Im backing a project for wiiu/pc called Adventures Of Pip. Looks really nice. Nintendolife should make a thread about it. Its only a few steps to the goal.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Nefarious is really cool, and also has loads of potential. Since Matthew Taranto from Brawl in the Family is also making the soundtrack, there's a very loyal fanbase brought to attention, so I think it's very certain that it will succeed.
HIVE is the kind of game I don't like for being too chaotic. I didn't like Castle Crashers multiplayer for the same reason, and it's not nearly as overloaded as HIVE, so this won't get me at all.
Super World Cup, A Rite From The Stars, and Tiny Galaxy simply don't look interesting at all. And The Power of Glove is a documentary - that's something I never see as a reasonable crowdfunding campaign.



shashwat said:

I sent you mail yet you missed a few .

1. Adventures of Pip -

2. Aegis Defenders -

3. Ray's the Dead - They will list new stretch goals on monday which will have Wii U stretch goals as stated earlier by devs.

I hope Hive Jump specially make it to the goal. Really cool looking game for the wii u.



thehoppypoppy said:

A Rite From the Stars looks pretty good! It reminds me a little bit of the Monkey Island games for some reason.



Shambo said:

Hive Jump looks like my kind of game! Some of the others also have my attention. But Hive Jump... It's like original Metroid and Prime Hunters combined. With Scurge Hive, twin-sticks, and co-op. Yup, I need that to happen!



ShadJV said:

I do want to mention that Brawl in the Family is ending so, assuming this gets funded, Nefarious would be the creator's next project. That added motivation for me at least, I love that guy's creativity.



sinalefa said:

Interested in Nefarious and Hive Jump.

Nefarious reminds me of Mighty Switch Force, although the villain looks boring and bland.



andrea987 said:

What's happened with that 3D futuristic game that reminded everyone of Jet Set Radio? I thought it succeded, but haven't heard anything for a while...



brooks83 said:

It's indiegogo and not Kickstarter, but the guy who made The Letter has a new campaign for a game called Maze.



Park_Triolo said:

I've just been to the Gamescom convention in Cologne and what a ride. 3 titles in particular raised my attention, all of them indie... 1. Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2. Inside my Radio and 3. Go to Bed (I think it was go). From the poster we can look forward to Guns, Gore and Cannoli on the WiiU, but the other two I don't know... at least the people behind Inside my Radio are in negotiations with Ninty or so the developer told me. All 3 games were really great and super innovative... something certain other developers could learn a lot from... YES, I'm looking at all of you... EA, Ubisoft, Activision etc.



ogo79 said:

it just looks like another noob game if you ask me
i dont think these new wave game companies are making any decent money.
90% of these kind of games are ones people waste money on, play once and forget about.



sinalefa said:


I am very interested myself, but I never pledged for it. If everything goes fine, it should arrive around the same time as Mighty No 9.



JaxonH said:

Super World Karts looks spectacular! I can't believe no one else is, at the very least, intrigued by the game.

Nefarious looks pretty good too, but I really wanna see Super World Karts come to Wii U.



SahashraLA said:

Speaking of Kickstarter influenced and inspired games, Tengami entered Lotcheck this weekend. Which means that sometime in September, Nyamyam's beautiful creation should be available to the Wii U masses!
Australia, Europe, North America, I'm lookin' at you guys!



SahashraLA said:

Nefarious: Mega Man + Earthworm Jim + Mighty Switch Force with classic gaming references, good music, top notch character design and villainous gameplay?
Sign me up!



ejamer said:

I'm not a fan of backing video games on KickStarter for a bunch of reasons, but Hive Jump looks really good and the concept for Nefarious sounds really fun.

Hope they make the cut!



jacksayspurple said:

Really really loathe all these neo-retro titles. When Megaman 8 did it, it was quite interesting and novel. Now it's just become a way for developers to get away with lazy graphics but calling things 'retro'.

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