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Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign, in Addition to Pre-Orders

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"For this new funding campaign we are looking to add new content"

Mighty No. 9 caused a lot of buzz when announced in summer 2013, with its Kickstarter campaign proving to be one of the most successful to date. What began with a $900,000 goal rapidly stormed past that target to close on $3,845,170; with PayPal contributions added the total reached $4 million.

It was a triumph for Keiji Inafune and his Comcept team, with the various stretch goal reached also confirming platforms such as Wii U and 3DS, and even sneaking past a final Online Battle Race Mode target. Since then we've seen some footage of the game due in April 2015, and it appears to be taking shape.

Comcept is already looking further, having already lined up an animated series project with Digital Frontier, but has caused some surprise by announcing an additional crowdfunding campaign to be run through the game's official website. First off, below is a video introducing the campaign, from Inafune-san.

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The structure of this new campaign is slightly peculiar. The animated series is entirely external from the game's funding, including this new campaign, and the 'Support' campaign is also operating separately from conventional pre-orders. Standard pre-orders are available in increments of $23, which is a copy on any platform, and the 'Funding' section is separate, with two tiers. For $50 you get a copy of the game and some digital rewards (Retro Manual, Art Book/Strategy Guide & Soundtrack), while $80 also gets you on the Steam Early Access program. A pre-order alone does not count towards the new funding campaign, while the exclusive Kickstarter rewards will remain unique to those original backers.

No, the exclusive backer rewards like forum access and special in-game content are just that—rewards for our awesome Beckers that supported us in spades during our Kickstarter campaign. Some of the non-exclusive content will be made available for purchase, and we are exploring several options for additional rewards. But one of the most important aspects of this new funding campaign is making sure our backers know that we hold their contribution sacred, and we don’t want this campaign to impact original backer rewards in any way.

...Right now we have three things available for purchase in the store: pre-orders of Mighty No. 9, beta access to the game (Steam, Windows only) and non-exclusive digital rewards, including the digital retro manual, digital art book/strategy guide and digital soundtrack. Pre-orders will function as just that: pre-order sales. All content besides game pre-orders will go towards the stretch goals in the new funding campaign. For example, the Digital Rewards Tier includes a pre-order of Mighty No. 9 and digital rewards. The sales from the digital rewards will go towards the stretch goals.

The company states that it has "a huge list of ideas we’d love to put in the game if funding allows", though the only stretch goal in the new campaign, so far, is Full English Voice at $100,000; at the time of writing the recently launched campaign has raised just over $2700.

The separation of pre-orders and the digital rewards is perhaps a little odd, and the decision to run a second campaign mid-way through development is rather unconventional. Let us know what you think of this in the comments below.


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S-Miyahon said:

I'm just waiting for the comments saying Inafune's getting greedy, another cash grab, etc.



jpelgrom said:

I wonder what has happened to those $3.8m, if they need even more money...



unrandomsam said:

@S-Miyahon Well he is still directing other mediocre games at the same time. (I personally think there are only about 4 or 5 games he has ever made that are at the highest standard).



Jazzer94 said:

@S-Miyahon Well they had near $4 million so I wouldn't blame some for having that though cross their mind, I've yet to see anything that has justified the amount of money Kickstarted so far hopefully Inafune can show something that changes this.



BigH88 said:

This doesnt seem right. How do they need more money? They got more than 4x than what they originally needed.



S-Miyahon said:

@BigH88 From Jools Watsham: This is a way to acheive two things, 1. Allow new backers to pre-order the game, and 2. Use those funds to add additional content to the game. The original KS campaign is covering the cost of development of the originally promised game. These new opportunities offer the potential of new content.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It would annoy me if they used additional kickstarter money or pre-order money to make premium DLC.

As much as Capcom have denied Megaman's existence, I can see them publishing the completed game and this becoming a new series of games like the X series.



0utburst said:

I'm still waiting and hoping for a Capcom or Nintendo-published Megaman game.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm mixed on this I understand where the money is going but not quite sure if I am okay with it I might back it up next week or the week after.. Still



Spoony_Tech said:

Can't say I agree with this especially since there will be a tv series??? Separate money or not it's still money that can be used to help fund the game which is even more odd. I actually hope he doesn't reach this goal as it seems a bit greedy to me. With all the money he made already you would think he would go out and hire more help to already have this game out. This just delays the game even longer to add more stuff. Just bring out the game and if you want to add more update it later just like Mudds does all the time!



SilentHunter382 said:

Even though I didn't back the game (I completely forgot about it), with this second kickstarter it smells like Double Fine all over again.



Bulbousaur said:

Why does Comcept need $100,000 for voice acting? Presumingly they already have recording equipment and voice actors lined up for the TV show, why can't they just get the actors to say a few extra lines in the studio and rent out the studio for a few extra days? There is no way they need anything close to $100,000 for that.



Pod said:

That's nice I guess.

As long as everything they raise money for this time around is also given to the original backers, I can't take issue with it.



Tops said:

They've raised an obscene amount of money. Whatever anyone says, they don't need any more. They're just overreaching at this point.



Link506 said:

The only thing that worries me, is will it be TOO hard like megaman? I bought mega man 3 a while back and I couldn't even get past the first level. That was and still is the only game that will make me frustrated enough to break a controller. Is it just me or is that game hard? Did I buy the freaking toughest megaman game in the world?



TrueWiiMaster said:

What he got in the original Kickstarter should be more than enough to make an amazing 2D platformer. Many indies have made great 2D games with thousands (and some make them just for fun for free), but apparently one of the most veteran developers in the industry needs millions.



Mega719 said:

$100,000 seems a bit much just for voice acting this means either the whole game is in text or only voiced in Japanese since it says Full "English Voice Acting" Capcom really should be contributing it's obvious they would obviously be the publisher and with them all Concept's goals for Mighty No.9 would be funded.In the website there's a slot under voice acting that's in question marks which in campaigns means more goals . People would get tired of sending money after this, this company needs a publisher



ShadJV said:

Some people seem confused. In the FAQ, they say none of this money is going to the original game and stretch goals, those are funded already. This is to give people who didn't back a chance to snag some additional rewards and for them to throw in some additional content. Everything they promised will be in there. Also, they are only doing one stretch goal at a time here, they're just testing the waters. If you don't want the bonus preorder content, don't bother, the game is already funded, these are just little bonuses they'll throw in if they get enough extra money.



Drac_Mazoku said:

I just don't get it. Even if the original money was for all the initial stretch goals, come on, at almost 4 millions, don't tell me you can't do your english voice-over without breaking your initial budget (or any of those new extra contents you're talking about). From what I remember from the initial kickstarter, they were creating random stretch goals just to justify people giving more and more money. Some of those could have been done along the development of others, without the need of almost 4 millions dollars. So an extra crowdfunding campaign? At this point, it's hard to trust Inafune on this project, and even if it may seems harsh, like a previous poster said, I hope this one fail, so they can just focus on finishing the game with ALL the promises they initially made. This will give them some humility lesson I hope, because from what I remember, Mighty No.9 was already one of the biggest kickstarter in terms of money. Asking for more seem, yeah greedy indeed. Release your completed product before doing crazy things like that...



hypercoyote said:

I'd love to hear the opinion of someone who has actually worked in developing a major game and knows what costs are associated with it. Because all I see above are the opinions of gamers, and I don't think any of us know how much it costs to make a game. Also, to everyone who keeps asking if he ran out of money, he said in the article that this money is only for additional content not promised in the original Kickstarter.



Drac_Mazoku said:

@hypercoyote I would like to know as well, because quite frankly right now I admit I'm judging only based on other Kickstarter projects, and the scope each of them had (the most recent one being Shovel Knight, with Yatch Club Games releasing one of the most amazing game I've played this year, with only 300 000$. Wheter you think it's only pixel art so it's easier or not, the point is, they released an awesome product for a fraction of what Inafune got and they didnt asked for more along the road). For me, at 4 millions, and for what is supposed to be a Mega Man-like game, Inafune should have enough money to cover EVERYTHING, and then more, without asking for extra money for extra contents

But yeah, it's only opinion indeed like almost everyone here. But I also think that purely for "timing", the pill would have been easier to swallow if the game was released first. Asking for more money when most people just want the full game at this point, you can't think that everyone will be happy about that.



Kyloctopus said:

Looks like he learned a couple money making tips before leaving Capcom.
Why should we fund an animation, for a game we haven't even played? For all we know, Mighty Number 9 could be trash. Since he became independent, he has only made one title that was favored critically. Yet his other 2 titles. Yaiba, and Bugs VS. Tanks were critically panned (and as an owner of Bigs VS. Tanks, I can agree with the reviewers).
If you wanted an animation for your game, that would have made a great stretch goal.



DiscoGentleman said:

This is absolute nonsense. I didn't back no.9's kickstarter because I could see that I didn't have to, with the momentum. Now this cash grab crap puts such a bad taste in my mouth, I would rather not even buy the game at release.



hypercoyote said:

@Drac_Mazoku If it was a matter of requiring the funds to complete the game, I could understand that. But the matter of asking for the funds to add to the game, that doesn't bother me at all. I don't care if the game has voice acting, so I probably won't be adding more money. I don't feel at all obligated to donate more money than I already have and I don't feel like that decision is going to hinder the progress of the game either.



Drac_Mazoku said:

Unfortunately for them, it's still a public image problem. Wheter it's true and that they will complete the entire game without this new funding or not doesn't matter. I still think they harmed themself in front of the hardcore player crowd (who funded this game afterall). The whole thing would have been better like I said if it was done AFTER the initial game release. Right now, even if it's not true, they indeed look like greedy ones in front of most people. I'm sure you can agree on that?



King47 said:

I never back crowd funded projects, I'm fundamentally against it, though I did like shovel knight. Something like this is the reason why.



hypercoyote said:

@Drac_Mazoku I definitely agree that this will likely cause anger with the MN9 followers, but let's be real, when are people on the Internet not easily angered? I can see the argument both ways. While they definitely could have waited until after the game was finished, does that really make sense to finish the game, release it, then ask for funding to put voice-overs in it? I realize that every decision is also backed by a business case, and naturally they want to sell more units of this game. But I still stand by my statement that I don't feel like not contributing will jeopardize the release of this game, so this additional funding request doesn't upset me at all.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Sorry, but no. 4 Million is absolutely enough, and if Comcept wants to offer more bonuses, there's always the PayPal method. Then they could just add the new stretch goals to the list, and all would be cool.
Opening a second funding round is just unnecessary. The project is funded, and all stretch goals were blasted to bits. The "new content" isn't needed at all. Just make the game people trust you will make, and use the profits from sales for additional content.



WanderingPB said:

This is the first kickstarter i backed and very happy i did…but hearing this even though they separated this new one it's just a bit odd…this was one of the most successful kickstarters last year and though i have no problem with them starting another one i want then to focus on delivering what they promised on the first one before i invest anymore…

Weird but sounds like what Sega is doing with Sonic Boom they made all these plans for the franchise but the game isnt living up to the hype…i just want them to focus on the game and deliver us a great quality game that was worth the wait like Shovel Knight



BertoFlyingFox said:

This worries me a bit.

On one hand, all the original backers are getting whatever stretch goal content is achieved in this second project, so there's no need to back it again in order to get the new content.

On the other hand, this could easily add too many bells and whistles to what is supposed to be a $20 action/platformer. English voice acting seems frivolous for the scope of the project, especially if it can further delay the game and cause dumb licensing issues down the line.

As for wanting to franchise the whole s̶e̶r̶i̶e̶s̶ (one unreleased game) so quickly, Inafune is really reaching with that one. All I'll say is good luck.



Iggly said:

Gee what more do they want to add if it requires them to open a second crowdfunding campaign? Like others said, they already got more than enough money from the first campaign.



Ryno said:

@Link506: Have you played many NES games??? Mega Man 3 is pretty average in difficulty for games of that era.



Link506 said:

No, not too many. I still hope though this game had an easy for people like me.



Neferupitou said:

I Really want to know what happened to the old build of this game, like the one they showed on kickstarter that made it look like it was goign to be almost hand drawn



aaronsullivan said:

If only people could be convinced about how much it costs to make video games. There are always comments about "don't they have enough already?" which is just so odd. The kickstarter had stretch goals and each of those goals made the project far larger. The money from the kickstarter is already allocated. This is an opportunity for adding more features.

The developers are working on this day in and day out and they are not upstart wannabes. They are experienced veterans taking a risk. They are getting paid.

Additionally, the money comes from people who know exactly what they are getting and I have 99% confidence this product will ship and each individual will get what they want. So no one is being ripped off or deceived here either.

I'm guessing you were confused by the concept art. It's used to give people an idea of how it will look without building a bunch of 3D models. It was only a still frame. There was no "build" with drawings that I ever saw and I'm a backer.



WaveGhoul said:

How will you ever getter better at videogames if you keep taking the easy route? Mega man 3, isn't even that hard. Try playing 10, you will take a rocket launcher to your Wii after that one.

As for Mighty N.9....I dropped $75 on it's original Kickstarter debut and i deeply regret it. Based on what has been show(Pre-alpha) it looks very disappointing. Now they're talking about doing an animated series? really? A little to soon me thinks? Considering the game isn't even out yet, it may not even be good OR successful....

Inafune's probably "like F**** it" i'm not getting any younger, and capcom has my baby so i'm going all out like Baxter Stockman!"

How could an eShop title such as this require MORE money?



WaveGhoul said:

Yeah, the hand drawn art work looked awesome. I expected big things from that, but instead we got some bland 3D take on it.
The envrionments look too empty and flat. I though they were going to start adding environment objects that popped off in front of the screen like in Rayman origins, Yoshi's Whooly World or even what was shown in the pre-game artwork.

Anyways, i shouldn't have to spend money in order to see a game get released. that $75 could of bought me a new Wii U game, a couple of snikers bars, a Crysal pepsi soda and a copy of Rad Racer on the nes.



ChessboardMan said:

I think the biggest reason why people are skeptical, is the big question "Why now?"
The project ended ages ago. If they wanted to raise extra funds for stretch goal, they could have kept open PayPal/other donation options the entire time, maybe occasionally added "tier packages", and new stretch goals, when they came up with them.
But the relaunch of the campaign, after such a period of time, makes people raise an eyebrow. As some are saying, they worry it's just like what happened with Double Fine and the Broken Age. Which from what I hear the end, or rather, mid-result isn't actually a problem, so it does seem to be paying off for them, but it does hurt public image, not only for them, but other crowd funded projects, like this one. And then things will be worse for the next project that decides to do this, so on and so on.



Neferupitou said:

After watching the whole video I can't understand what the new funding will be used for... new content of some kind? What kind exactly? I just heard vague notions. The website has almost no information either, apart from full English voice? Is that part of what he means by new content? I have absolutely no idea about what he's asking for money for or what I'll gain from giving it to him besides maybe English voice overs.. Can someone explain what's going on?



Link506 said:

@WaveBoy Woah, Woah Woah! You're taking to the guy who 100%ed The Legend of Zelda Twilight princess. I don't go easy on all games, just games like megaman. Although I went hard on Gunman Clive, Im not very good at games with platforming and shooting.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm sure there will be a 3rd kickstarter for that.
A cartoon to a game that hasn't even been released yet that has the potential of actually sucking and doing luke warm in terms of sales. Inafune's jumping the gun here.



WaveGhoul said:

Twilight Princess? You mean the same game that my current chicky' friend(who btw is a complete noob to gaming) is currently plowing through blind folded in her sleep? TP isn't a challenge dude

Have you beaten Zelda II: Adventure of Link? now that game can be a challenge. Still, in terms of brute difficulty, It doesn't stack up to the likes of something like Castlevania III: Dracula's curse, ghosts 'n goblnis or Ninja Gaiden I & III ect.

Also, you're talking to a guy who beat mega man 10 on 'hard' mode, Mega Man & Bass, all of the other classic mega man games(aside from 7), Ninja Gaiden I-III, adventure island, all of the traditional castlevania games, ghosts 'n goblins, I 100%'d Wario Land shake it!(ect) so hehe.



Tritonus said:

The thing that worries me the most is how crummy the game is still looking.

I hate to say it, because Mega Man is one of my favorite franchises ever, but this just doesn't look good enough, and I'm not sure any additional $ will ever help that.



Link506 said:

Sorry, It just didn't interest me. (And I personally think Twilight princess or skyward sword is the best in the franchise. )



ikki5 said:

What.... happened to the other 3.845 million they had??? For something that was originally asking for 900k and got more than 4 times that and they need more??? WTH?



jakysnakydx said:

@Jazzer94 That's what I feel. This game does not appear to have required $4,000,000. Why it could possibly need more is beyond me and I'm led to believe they are doing this simply because they could. Why not get more money if you know your fans are going to?

It is my personal opinion that if a developer wants to commit him/herself or themselves they can buckle down and put something in, not grovel for more money to support a particular expectation of financial gain.



Heiki said:

Well, it's not like they are forcing people to pay more. Everyone who backed their project on Kickstarter is getting the game just as promised. If they need or want more money to improve the game, then what do we have to lose? Games are expensive to make and companies are greedy. There's nothing new here.
Personally, I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks very promising from gameplay footage. I'm not complaining if they use this new crowdfunding campaign to make it even better.



Seraphna said:

@jpelgrom It got used making the actual game and all the features they promised to make with each goal over the original asking price. You should actually look at the kickstarter and what was promised if this is your witty question.



Seraphna said:

@Jazzer94 Every additional dollar on the kickstarter was given a purpose, from new features to hiring new talent to do the artwork, enhance the soundtrack, etc, the fact that you haven't seen anything just says you haven't looked.



Seraphna said:

@BigH88 And every dollar was budgeted into additional game features, making the game better by hiring on more people and talents, etc. I see this comment all the time and it's one made in complete ignorance to what happened with the Kickstarter, or how crowd funding works in general.

...Or for that matter, how much developing a game costs.



Seraphna said:

@Spoony_Tech The TV Series is entirely funded by another company, who approached them asking for the rights to make the series. It has nothing to do with this fundraising.



Seraphna said:

@Bulbousaur Comcept isn't making the TV show, another company is. They don't have the equipment and would need to pay the actors to also work on their game, because professional voice actors don't work for free.



Seraphna said:

@ikki5 You apparently have no idea how much it costs to make a video game. The money from the kick starter was allocated for specific additions and enhancements to the game over what they originally promised for the 700k. That's what we call "stretch goals", a promise to do something with the additional money. You can't just magically add things to a game, something that takes labour hours, people to make it, and the resources to put it together, just because you had money to make something originally. That's not how programming works.

What do you think happens when companies add a new feature to a game, you think it just grows in organically? It has to be worked on, inserted, tested and put out there. Every dime of the money given has been accounted for. The backers are well aware of where the money has gone. Please stop inferring they wasted the money somehow.



SageWaterDragon said:

@jpelgrom Everything that they have promised that will be in the game is still in the production pipeline. After hearing a lot of people asking if they could still back the project in one way or another, they decided to open up that option. So far, they don't have plans for anything that will change gameplay on a fundamental level or add a ton of content.



shigulicious said:

You already have 4 million dollars donated! Just finish the game and if it is well received, I will consider giving you my money. Geez.



Drac_Mazoku said:

You were on a roll defending Comcept. But really, like I said the problem here is timing, and the perception the gaming community will have around this new crowdfunding. You can defend them all you want, at this point, people don't want new things or give more money. They just want the ACTUAL GAME! They want to see if the project is really going somewhere (quite frankly, many of the videos I saw up until now just looked OK. Azure Striker Gunvolt looks actually better, faster and crazier than Mighty No.9 for now and IMHO).

We understand everything about how the money from the first Kickstarter will be used for the first stretch goals, that the animation series will not be funded by them. It still doesnt matter. The only way at this point you can ask people for more money is by releasing the actual game first, with ALL the initial goals (which is already a lot of work). AND THEN, if you want to add more, let the game open for patches/DLC and just ask for more then. It's really a bad move to ask for more when people are not even sure if the final product will be a good one to begin with. I hope you can at least see that. No amount of defending Comcept will change the general perception of the people, only releasing the actual game with all its initial goal will. If they can't do that, they can't expect people to follow them a second time, sorry.

PS: The first stretch goal changed from 100000 to 200000 to have both english and japanese voices now. Good luck with that!



Seraphna said:

@Drac_Mazoku You're missing a point here, and that's what's got this entire thing going the wrong way. You're wrong. You're 100% entirely wrong. The backers actually want this, I'm a backer, I'm among the first people to ever put money into the game and I put in a whole lot. If you were a backer, you'd know that on the backer forums there has been a string of requests for this for over a month now.

You can ask for more money mid production. You can in fact, still produce the original game and everything promised while asking for more to add onto it. And no, you absolutely, 100%, do NOT have to wait until it's done and then add more via DLC. One of the big things the community has been about is wanting a WHOLE COMPLETE PRODUCT, not something that's split up with multiple DLCs in the future. We don't WANT the Capcom model for games anymore, we want the completed Comcept model.

It's not a bad move to do exactly what your backers have asked you to do. Inafune is completely in the right here.

PS: The first stretch goal is being collected in three places, as there has also been a Japanese page made up for this and another Paypal page for this. The backers are asking for them to also allow us to fund this via additional kickstarter funding increases in the Amazon system with smaller bonuses, suck as +5 dollars and get some backgrounds or something. They're considering this.

This particular drive has 100 days to complete,since Voice acting is one of the last things done in any game production. It's not a matter of luck. In fact, since this doesn't effect the game's actual production in the slightest,it's not something anyone should be bothered with. Especially people who pretend to speak for a community they clearly don't understand.

I could honestly give a rats ass about the general perception of people. The general perception of people is often to base all of their assumptions and thoughts off the words of others and not even bother to completely read into a subject before making a decision. This isn't what us Beckers are all about. Our game is coming whether naysayers like it or not. These added features would be a nice bonus, but the only people actually being "dramatically effected" at this point are people who, as far as I can see, aren't even going to play the completed game, people like you, who compare MN9 to a completely unrelated game as if it's supposed to matter.

And a tl;dr for you: Despite what you said, you've claimed to both understand and completely not understand that the game is coming out regardless of this second drive. Here it is plain and simple: The game is coming out. It's gonna be great. You haven't jumped on board, but that's your own prerogative. 70,000+ and an additional 173 (and counting) people disagree with you.



Drac_Mazoku said:

@Seraphna You are indeed 100% right. If this is really what backers wants, I truly don't understand them (and even think they're crazy at this point to support all this). But please, go read again, I talked about the VIDEOGAME COMMUNITY in general. NOT THE BACKER! This second crowdfunding is also (and maybe mainly) aimed at those who didnt back the first time (people like me indeed). And again, a lot of people (like me) will not back a second round like that when we clearly have no idea if the end products will even be good or even have everything they first promised. I don't have any inside baseball. Nor do I care. I just want a good AND complete game first, then we'll speak addition later. For exemple, I didnt gave money to Shovel Knight, but now they released an awesome product, and even if they didnt released all their goals yet, I now know the quality of their release, so I bought the game twice full price because they deserve my money at this point. Same thing for Mighty No.9, they can't expect me (or other people, not just the initial backer) to give them more money when we don't even know if the product is actually good (like I said, the videos released up until now are just OK, not worth investing in right now).



Seraphna said:

@Drac_Mazoku The "video game community" in general has no idea what it wants, is incapable of making a passable judgement on games, and by and large helps create some of the largest and most horrendous issues the industry faces today. The second funding is aimed at people who were holding out and regretted not being able to back, not just blankly to people who didn't take the first shot (and as you've proven, never will).

No offense, but your points here speak of a purposeful ignorance in order to maintain your stance. Your entire point to hesitate is that "we don't even know if the game will be good", guess what? That's exactly what EVERY BACKER from the first run or the last has to deal with. That's what ANY KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN has to deal with. You want to know if it's good or not? It's a Mega Man sucessor made by the guy who made Mega Man. If you like Mega Man, you're going to enjoy what they come up with. If you don't like Mega Man, you're probably not going to enjoy whatever they come up with.

There's no mystery here... but you're trying real, real hard to make out like there's supposed to be.

I can sum your entire argument up for you. You, as an individual, do not invent in these sort of ventures. You don't get why others do. But one thing you definitely aren't: The voice of gamers in general.

PS. The videos up so far are of early alpha stages of the game. They even have text right in the video of all times telling you this doesn't reflect the final product in any way. You can't make a judgement call based on them. They're there purely to show you where they are in terms of development. To show that progress is actually being made on the game. That's it. The point sailed over your head, and you've been trying to use your own conclusions every since.

You're a wait and see person. So wait and see, but stop acting like everyone else is too.



Drac_Mazoku said:

@Seraphna except that I'm surely not the only one sorry. Judging by how slowly they get new backers, I'll be impressed if they even reach the first 100000 anytime soon, let alone 200000. If this thing can't catch up in the first few days, I don't think it will get any momentum at all. Sorry. Number will speak the truth in the end, and we'll see if what you think is my perception alone (which is clearly not) or your big community voice will be right about this second crowdfunding.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Seraphna Uh, no. I'm saying they should just finish the game with what they have instead of opening another crowdfund now. And when the game is actually released, they can produce DLC with the profit from sales figures.



Pod said:

Lot of people in the comments with absolutely now idea of what game development costs when you're employing a sizable group of industry veterans working full time, and developing for a slew of different platforms.

Their budget so far has been measly in every way imaginable, and being honest about needing more money is just about they least sketchy thing they could do.



jakysnakydx said:

@Seraphna With the fact that I've been a game developer for several years and an in house financial adviser/planner for years before that.

It has been a personal creed of mine for years to cut the corporate crap and even out the income field which can only come by having modest expectations. A good product will sell and from my knowledge of game development there is more than enough money here to make a 2d side scrolling shooter/adventure title.

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