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Seraphna commented on Freedom Planet Wii U Fix Making Progress, Gala...:

@Yorumi Nintendo isn't privy to our source code, nor would any third party ever actually give that up to a first party platform provider. :/

So they can't really fix our issues. Even if they could, it would take them a lot longer than it would take us because we know our way around our own code.



Seraphna commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@Drac_Mazoku The "video game community" in general has no idea what it wants, is incapable of making a passable judgement on games, and by and large helps create some of the largest and most horrendous issues the industry faces today. The second funding is aimed at people who were holding out and regretted not being able to back, not just blankly to people who didn't take the first shot (and as you've proven, never will).

No offense, but your points here speak of a purposeful ignorance in order to maintain your stance. Your entire point to hesitate is that "we don't even know if the game will be good", guess what? That's exactly what EVERY BACKER from the first run or the last has to deal with. That's what ANY KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN has to deal with. You want to know if it's good or not? It's a Mega Man sucessor made by the guy who made Mega Man. If you like Mega Man, you're going to enjoy what they come up with. If you don't like Mega Man, you're probably not going to enjoy whatever they come up with.

There's no mystery here... but you're trying real, real hard to make out like there's supposed to be.

I can sum your entire argument up for you. You, as an individual, do not invent in these sort of ventures. You don't get why others do. But one thing you definitely aren't: The voice of gamers in general.

PS. The videos up so far are of early alpha stages of the game. They even have text right in the video of all times telling you this doesn't reflect the final product in any way. You can't make a judgement call based on them. They're there purely to show you where they are in terms of development. To show that progress is actually being made on the game. That's it. The point sailed over your head, and you've been trying to use your own conclusions every since.

You're a wait and see person. So wait and see, but stop acting like everyone else is too.



Seraphna commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@Drac_Mazoku You're missing a point here, and that's what's got this entire thing going the wrong way. You're wrong. You're 100% entirely wrong. The backers actually want this, I'm a backer, I'm among the first people to ever put money into the game and I put in a whole lot. If you were a backer, you'd know that on the backer forums there has been a string of requests for this for over a month now.

You can ask for more money mid production. You can in fact, still produce the original game and everything promised while asking for more to add onto it. And no, you absolutely, 100%, do NOT have to wait until it's done and then add more via DLC. One of the big things the community has been about is wanting a WHOLE COMPLETE PRODUCT, not something that's split up with multiple DLCs in the future. We don't WANT the Capcom model for games anymore, we want the completed Comcept model.

It's not a bad move to do exactly what your backers have asked you to do. Inafune is completely in the right here.

PS: The first stretch goal is being collected in three places, as there has also been a Japanese page made up for this and another Paypal page for this. The backers are asking for them to also allow us to fund this via additional kickstarter funding increases in the Amazon system with smaller bonuses, suck as +5 dollars and get some backgrounds or something. They're considering this.

This particular drive has 100 days to complete,since Voice acting is one of the last things done in any game production. It's not a matter of luck. In fact, since this doesn't effect the game's actual production in the slightest,it's not something anyone should be bothered with. Especially people who pretend to speak for a community they clearly don't understand.

I could honestly give a rats ass about the general perception of people. The general perception of people is often to base all of their assumptions and thoughts off the words of others and not even bother to completely read into a subject before making a decision. This isn't what us Beckers are all about. Our game is coming whether naysayers like it or not. These added features would be a nice bonus, but the only people actually being "dramatically effected" at this point are people who, as far as I can see, aren't even going to play the completed game, people like you, who compare MN9 to a completely unrelated game as if it's supposed to matter.

And a tl;dr for you: Despite what you said, you've claimed to both understand and completely not understand that the game is coming out regardless of this second drive. Here it is plain and simple: The game is coming out. It's gonna be great. You haven't jumped on board, but that's your own prerogative. 70,000+ and an additional 173 (and counting) people disagree with you.



Seraphna commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@ikki5 You apparently have no idea how much it costs to make a video game. The money from the kick starter was allocated for specific additions and enhancements to the game over what they originally promised for the 700k. That's what we call "stretch goals", a promise to do something with the additional money. You can't just magically add things to a game, something that takes labour hours, people to make it, and the resources to put it together, just because you had money to make something originally. That's not how programming works.

What do you think happens when companies add a new feature to a game, you think it just grows in organically? It has to be worked on, inserted, tested and put out there. Every dime of the money given has been accounted for. The backers are well aware of where the money has gone. Please stop inferring they wasted the money somehow.



Seraphna commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

@BigH88 And every dollar was budgeted into additional game features, making the game better by hiring on more people and talents, etc. I see this comment all the time and it's one made in complete ignorance to what happened with the Kickstarter, or how crowd funding works in general.

...Or for that matter, how much developing a game costs.