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Tue 21st Aug 2012

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jpelgrom commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free Demo Confirmed ...:

For those that want EU codes (please be kind and leave a comment if you've used one) (also, remove the -, they are put in there to prevent bots from taking them, if there are any):




jpelgrom commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributing Tomodachi Life...:

I actually got this mail about one month ago from NoE... It also states I've been selected, but I don't own the game, so what the selection criteria are...?

For those interested, here's the code:



jpelgrom commented on Pier Solar HD Delayed, Wii U Version Will Now ...:

"Apparently it's Microsoft which is kicking up a stink — it rejected the game due to "internal requirements". Rather than stagger the launch, WaterMelon is now holding back all versions of the game (that's over 10 iterations) until such requirements have been met."

It's makes sense they hold back all versions of the game: Microsoft's ID@Xbox programme requires that the game is available at launch on Xbox platforms, and not on other platforms before that date (although I think they won't look at the Mega Drive version, since it was not an official game launch on that platform).



jpelgrom commented on Miiverse Update Paves The Way For 3DS Version:

@ThomasBW84 You still can fetch the screenshots somewhat easily though;
1. Press F12 to open the developer options for a webpage (IE, Chrome) or Ctrl + Shift + K (Firefox)
2. Click on the screenshot (don't forget to click on the search glass first in Chrome)
3. You'll see a link to the screenshot