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Capcom's Mega Man 7 Is Dashing To The Wii U eShop

Posted by Darren Calvert

More Mega Man action

Capcom have been on a roll supporting the Wii U eShop lately, with Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6 and Mega Man Battle Network hitting the store in Europe this week.

European ratings agency PEGI are now listing 1995's Mega Man 7 for the Super Nintendo as a Wii U release, so it would appear that we won't have to wait too long for the next instalment of Mega Man fun. It's interesting to note that this game never made it to the Wii Virtual Console during its lifetime.

It's a shame we'll never see Mega Man 8 as it only graced the Sega Saturn and the PlayStation One. Still, Mega Man and Bass for the Game Boy Advance might not be too unrealistic.

Are you pumped for this news or are you happy enough with Mega Man X and X2 which are already on the Wii U eShop? Let us know with a comment.


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Mega719 said:

But when is it coming to NA Capcom? If Mega Man 8 was released on Sega Saturn then it can still release on Wii U VC if Sega allows games on their other platforms to be re-released.



Vhyper1985 said:

You guys at NintendoLife do know that Capcom confirmed that Mega Man 7, X3, Battle Network 2&3 (Blue & White edition) Battle Chip Challenge & Mega Man Zero 1&2 were confirmed for the U.S. & European e-shops waaay back at E3, we're also getting the remainder of the Gameboy Mega Man titles sometime in August apparently :

Funnily enough Mega Man & Bass is the only game they haven't confirmed as of yet, although I'd be tempted to ask for the Super Famicom version since that one didn't have screen crunch like the GBA port did! I'm looking forward to getting 7 on the e-shop though, the anniversary collection port of that game is terrible & cut out the ending sequence....



Vhyper1985 said:

@WillMelnyk This is why you'd ideally need a collection disc, having ALL Mega Man games on one console would be nice but games like Mega Man Battle & Chase, Power Battle, Power Fighters, Wily Wars, X7, X8, Network Transmission, X Command Mission, Legends, Legends 2, Tron Bonne & Powered Up are all on different consoles which would mean a heck of a lot of work to port them all just for e-shop...... & that's not even including Japan only releases like Super Adventure, Rock Board, or Mega Man & Bass Challenger from the future etc



0utburst said:

Yes! I'll get Megaman 7 and X3. Also Megaman Zero. Anyway, I'm not sure about the battle network. I will wait for reviews but it looks kinda lame.



hypercoyote said:

I'd like to see Megaman & Bass from the SNES. The controls on the GBA were kind of awkward.



rdrunner1178 said:

Yes. Nintendo needs to do whatever they can to help/coax Sega into jumping on support for Wii-U VC. Update all their games from Wii VC and add Saturn games. Sega is one of the only other publishers that could carry the VC by themselves for a while.



Beta said:

Well, it DOES look like they're releasing the rest of the GBA BN games, so this is the only one I'm worried they won't release on VC because it's a GameCube game. Still hoping one day that they release Megaman Battle Network Transmission. That way, I can have all the Battle Network collection on my beloved Wii U <3

Oh, btw, they also registered Golden Sun: The Lost Age, as well



Beta said:

@Vhyper1985 Yeah, I know. It shouldn't be too long till we get it now since they registered it and everything. At least, I hope that's the case ;_;



Rubyace said:

I am going to get this and X3 when it comes out some sunny day. I don't really care about NES Megamans but SNES ones are great.



Tasuki said:

Not really a shame that we wont see Mega Man 8 that game was horrible. Mega man and Bass was alot better then Mega Man 8.



Taggsta said:

Personally I've never played a MM game, the character design has never when we are going to get MM for months now on the VC calendar.

I suppose I need to give one a go to see what the fuss is about



Dr_Corndog said:

@Tasuki MM8 is great. It's problem is it's different, and some people don't like different. Also, the voice acting is of the so-bad-it's-great quality.
@Taggsta MM2 is a good place to start, and MM3 is my personal favorite (and a favorite of many others). The first MM hasn't aged as well as the others.
MM7 is definitely an underrated title in this series. My only complaint is the lame soundtrack; otherwise, it's a good game.



Jacob_X said:

I remember back when Mega Man was all I had.
I dont think Mighty Number 9 will even come close to Mega Man. You can't beat a classi xD



Mr-DNA said:

Apparently the Saturn is notoriously difficult to emulate, hence the appearance of the PS1 version of MM8 on the Anniversary Collection. It's a shame, too, as the Saturn version has more content, like the optional Cut Man and Wood Man fights (no weapons though), and the fan design galleries.



KikReask said:

Might pick this up just to try it out, I mean I loved the X games so this should be alright. And while we'll never see 8 on the VC, doesn't sound like we're missing out on much. Still, 9 and 10 haven't been ported over from the Wii Shop Channel yet.



allav866 said:

Pretty sure MM8 was on GameCube as part of a Mega Man collection. Maybe if Sega Saturn games come to the Wii U's VC, Capcom will consider releasing MM8.



daniruy said:

Wasn't there a Mega Man and Bass for SNES? I remember playing it in an emulator a LONG time ago...



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Or you just need Gamecube support and BAM. They can put up Anniversary Collection for 20 bucks or whatever and that solves your MM8 problem.


...don't act like Capcom would not stoop that low. ;P



shamus109 said:

Mega Man 8 was great. One of the last good Mega Man games before it started going downhill with the later Mega Man X titles.



Vhyper1985 said:

@daniruy The SNES version of Mega Man & Bass was only released in Japan back in 1998! There have been people online who translated the game & released it as a ROM but the only official English release was on GBA in 2003 ...



ghasfarost said:

@Samurai_Goroh does PSN have Mega Man 8? I would have liked to have all Mega Man classics in a single console but since Sega might take a very long time to support VC I don't know if I can wait @_@. I wonder where does the effort comes from to support Sega old consoles... at Nintendo or Sega's side? I understand there has to be cooperation but who needs to make the first step?



FJOJR said:

Nintendo really needs to get on the ball with the VC. Capcom is just killing it with these releases. Kudos to them. Now if only they could make a new Mega Man game...



SparkOfSpirit said:

If Treasure can put Guardian Heroes and Radiant Silvergun on the 360, then Sega can get Saturn games on the Wii U. No excuses.

That said, Mega Man 7 is great and I couldn't care less if MM8 makes it or not. I'd rather Capcom update MM9 and 10 for the Wii U.



TruenoGT said:

Cool to see Capcom bringing the not-already-released on Wii VC games (Demon's Crest, MM7, Breath of Fire 1, etc). Besides the GBA, the Wii re-re-release stuff is painful at this point.



KillScottKill said:

Why NOT Mega Man 8 on the eShop? The Saturn version, as well. That was actually the superior version.



MegaManEP3 said:

I can't wait for Mega Man 6, 7 & X3 to hit the NA eShop.
And technically shouldn't it be "Capcom's Mega Man 7 is sliding to the Wii U eShop"?

Love you Darren



SetupDisk said:

Oh, I forgot. This is great and all but no word on we are getting the Firebrand love?

More hyped for that really even though I loves the Rock Man.



ogo79 said:

me and my agency our suggesting that nintendo hold off until our team has analyzed how much more money we can get from gamers by creating mega man 7 as a rare download. we should have our price by the end of this weekend and will submit final arrangements to nintendo of america. what we have found is by waiting another 2 years for a game in demand adds to the excitement and would give players something to look forward to in the next following years.
the rare downloads program provides patients, money management and discipline for todays gamers.



Capt_N said:

Mega Man 7, & X3! Capcom shouldn't forget Soccer from SNes, or the N64 port of Legends/Dash!



Hy8ogen said:

Megaman 8 was a good game. It would be awesome if we could get it for the Eshop! I think the decisions lies solely on Capcom on whether they want to do it or not.



Mega719 said:

@Mr-DNA oh I see, I don't really know anything about the Sega Saturn. Hope Capcom gets started on that collection they told us a while ago they know fans really want



SahashraLA said:

It's an old game, I'm sure an old review is still kicking around that isn't tinted by nostalgia or bias.
To put it simply, think Pokemon without battles or monsters for the 'playing as the kid' portions. When it comes time to fight, he logs in and MM takes over. Both the real world and the digital world are in the isometric viewpoint.
There's tons of customization and collectibles, making the game very RPGish. Heck, there's even hit points and 'levelling'.
The actual combat is performed in a 3 deep, 6 wide tiered side scrolling box.
There's not really any jumping, so speed and reflexes are key. Without jumping, the battles are just as strategic as the 2D games.
Naturally, there are those who can perform these battles flawlessly and detractors will argue it's far too easy to be a MM game. Me, I take it at face value: an introductory RPG with MM as the lead character.
Honestly, I only ever enjoyed BN2, but it isn't a terrible series. The controls are quick and precise and the speed centred battle system is fun when battling later enemies.
The beginning is a bit slow, but some later duels can get a bit tricky to figure out the right combinations.



SahashraLA said:

Hey @Darren_Calvert
TECHNICALLY, if we want to get into it, the game Mega Man 8 appeared FIRST on the Saturn and PS1, THEN it appeared on both the PS2 AND the Gamecube. Which, if I'm not mistaken, is a Nintendo system.
So, theoretically, if Capcom has released the game for a Nintendo system before, it could be done again.
This isn't a series that's as restrictive as you may think.



whodatninja said:

So many Mega Man games. Instead of Virtual Console, why not rename it the Mega Man Console!? Me, I am just fine with owning Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X...



Marr_the_Great said:

@Tasuki What have you against Jump-Jump Slide-Slide the Game?

And the way the Robot Masters' voices would get higher when you hit them with their weakness - awesome.



Gridatttack said:

Now theres no excuse to remove the ending sequence 'due to emulation issues'

Wii U is more powerful than GCN,



HylianSane said:

I wouldn't say never on MM8. Anniversary Collection had it included and it was for the GameCube among other systems, so I don't think there is a problem with liscensing.



0utburst said:

Thanks for your quick review. I really appreciate it. Sorry for the late reply. I am considering of getting it now since it also got a decent score from NL. And if I'm too get BN2 and BN3, I couldn't skip this one. Again thanks!

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