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SteamWorld Dig Is Finding Its Way to Wii U This Autumn / Fall

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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After some teases in the past week, Swedish developer Image & Form has now confirmed that hugely popular 3DS eShop title SteamWorld Dig is coming to the Wii U eShop, targeting a Fall / Autumn release on the home console's store. It's great news for fans, and has a certain logic as the title has already been enhanced and upscaled for previous releases on Steam, PS4 and Vita.

The developer's blog explains why it's happening — passion seems to be the main motivation.

We think Wii U is perfect for SteamWorld Dig for two reasons:

You guys have asked for it.
We’re massive Nintendo fans.

We’re aiming for a fall 2014 release and are overjoyed by the fact that we’ll soon have our very first release on a Nintendo home console! It may relate to the fact that most of us at Image & Form have been major Nintendo fans since childhood. And judging from all the Nintendo stuff around our office you’d think we’re at the Nintendo HQ in Kyoto!

Wii U is a powerhouse, which is extremely cool. The Wii U GamePad and Miiverse are fun to explore but we’ve yet to decide on how we’ll utilize them. Anyway we’re certain that SteamWorld Dig is perfect for Wii U. We’ll share more details with you, such as release date, price and other cool stuff, in the coming months.

Please, be excited!

The original was a strong performer in our Game of Year Awards for 2013, grabbing second place in both the Staff and Reader polls for best 3DS eShop game; we were also fans in our SteamWorld Dig review. We also know, which was exclusively revealed to Nintendo Life last year, that a new entry in the SteamWorld series is coming to the 3DS eShop, though the studio is unsurprisingly maximising the success of its 2013 hit title.

Are you excited about playing SteamWorld Dig on the Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.

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User Comments (44)



SphericalCrusher said:

Wow. Nice! Such a great game. Don't know if I'd rebuy it, since I have it on 3DS, but still. Might be worth it if the price is right.



andrea987 said:

I've found the story to be a bit on the shorter side, and once you're done with the story there's literally nothing else to do. A new game+, an editor or, dare I say it, even some extra stories via dlc would have been appreciated. Most of the NPCs felt quite wasted, it would have been great more interaction with them in the main story, or even if used to create sidequests.
Criticism aside, it's an IP with potential, IMO.



Shambo said:

Note to all publishers and developers: "it's Nintendo" and "we asked for it" are two excellent reasons to give us the games! Learn from them!



LawRulesALL said:

Been on my wishlist forever! ;P I'll get eventually but it seems to be very good form all the positive critics it received. Glad that more ppl will be able to try it out!



Peach64 said:

This is probably the best indie on any Nintendo platform right now. I've got it on the Vita and love it to bits. This does highlight one of the eShop's biggest failings though, as on PSN, you buy it once and can play it on consoles and handhelds.



Emblem said:

I already have this on 3DS and its not really a double dip title even though i really liked it so i hope they add something new.



Rezal_Knight said:

I am gonna buy it again on the Wii U,but only after a price drop.
As much as I love the game,it felt way to short for the price asked.



ricklongo said:

Amazing, amazing game. Won't double dip, because my backlog is quite large already. But those of you who haven't played it on the 3DS, don't miss out.



ted-k said:

Will there be any new content? something added to the story, extra areas to explore, side quests, an extra difficulty level? if so I'd buy again, otherwise no. but great game for anyone who's never played it, just a little on the short side.



burninmylight said:

Even though I just got a 3DS, I'm really glad it's coming to Wii U as well. I'll wait to see if anything new is added to the WU version and decide which to acquire from there.



Stu13 said:

This will be the first time that I pay twice for a game across both systems (unless I can snag a major deal on 1001 Spikes) and I will not even think twice about it. This game was an absolute delight and I am totally hype for this.



Jazzer94 said:

I think I'll need some additional content to double dip though I do adore this game.



DreamOn said:

Double dipping! Would be even nicer if there was something little extra to the 3DS version!



JustinH said:

Great game. Not sure I'd double dip, but if you haven't played it, by all means grab it on Wii U. It's great.



NImH said:

@sinalefa what is wrong with you? This is easily one of the best games on the eShop.
I really hope there's additional content and a graphical update. That would sell me on the double dip immediately.



cyrus_zuo said:

LOVED on the 3DS...
...but I don't know on WiiU, there are so many titles...
...I'm more likely to put my money towards something I haven't played yet.
...I just feel bad about it now.



Kifa said:

I'm not going to double-dip, because why would I? It's the same game, only in a non-portable form. And I really don't care about any graphics enchancements thwey may or may not put into it. Would prefer a new game in the universe to be frank...



sinalefa said:


Two words: huge backlog.
Other two words: impulse buy.

In any case I supported the dev and have a game waiting for me. In fact it would amaze you how many 3ds games I have unplayed. Albw, fe:a, new leaf, dream team, to name a few



Iggly said:

I think now is the best time for me to finally pick up this game since these kind of games are best suited for consoles(Or atleast in my opinion). Though it may take a while since there's so much I still need to buy, Mario Kart 8 for example.



TwilightAngel said:

Yes another game that im getting at day one and this game is so great im getting it twice. To see what they changed or just play it all over again.



Genesaur said:

Well, that's a shame. I was really hoping for a new game. A sequel, at least. If it's just an HD remake, I'm gonna be very disappointed.



Liquid_ice said:

I want it... SteamWorld Dig is a fantastic game that deserves to be released on Wii U in HD! Can't wait for the next game in the series! My 3DS needs some new digital content.

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