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Sony Overtakes Nintendo In Global Hardware Sales For The First Time In Eight Years

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sony shifted 18.7 million consoles, Nintendo 16.3 million

It has been revealed that in the financial year that has just concluded, Sony has sold more consoles worldwide than its rivals Nintendo and Microsoft.

For the first time since 2006, Sony has beaten its Japanese competitor in terms of hardware units retailed. Sony sold 18.7 million PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSP consoles, while Nintendo shifted a still impressive 16.3 million Wii U, Wii, DS, 3DS and 2DS systems.

Microsoft — which doesn't have a handheld console on the market and barely has a presence in Japan — sold 11.6 million hardware units.

As our friends at Push Square point out, the PSP is being discontiunued and the Vita continues to struggle, so Sony's time at the top of the hardware pile could prove to be shortlived — especially when you take into account that the Wii U is currently outselling the PS4 in Japan.

Even so, it provides a sharp reminder that the days of Nintendo effortlessly overshadowing its rivals in the console arena are sadly at an end — or perhaps just on a short hiatus.


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Peach64 said:

I'm sure we'll get updated shipped numbers from all 3 during their E3 presentations. I don't think PSP or Vita contributed very much to that Sony number. Vita is dead everywhere but Japan, but even there nothing is selling enough to make much difference to global figures.



8bitforever said:

Funny because the new Vita model sold out when it released. I wonder if sales have changed in the US or if that was just a reaction to a new model. I love mine and am very happy so I will never understand the fuss. To each his own I guess.



cfgk24 said:

Problem is, I own 4 3ds consoles so u count as 4 hardware purchases but only by each software once. (except Korg M01d)



Shambo said:

@cfgk24 And I own 3 3dees have had 2 more, but those were a launch-day aqua blue that made place for a launch-day blue XL, and that one made place for a Pikachu XL. Both Zelda systems remain boxed in my Zelda collection.



the_beaver said:

That's good. Nintendo needs some pressure to do things better. And faster.
With the WiiU they are taking too long to deliver the hits. Mario Kart should have arrived much sooner, and the new Zelda should be released this end of the year. Hyrule Warriors, X and Bayonetta will be very good games for sure, but they are not going to sell hardware...



BertoFlyingFox said:

Awesome, I imagine PS3s and PS4s are selling decently now and the PSP was a nice little beast when it first came out, some more software for that system would've been nice though.

This means that the competition is heating up and having Nintendo backed into a corner can be a good thing. Hopefully everything they reveal at E3 sparks people's interest.



Nintenjoe64 said:

e3 is shaping up to be good but with so much at stake for all 3 companies, I have a feeling that hype will be the main agenda. Sony will probably spend their day gloating and promising stuff from the last e3 that we're still waiting for. MS will probably announce a ton of multiplatform games that used to be Sony exclusive and Nintendo will probably reinvent the wheel but get ignored.



The_Ninja said:

I'll bet all my money this will change once Nintendo releases Zelda U, and a maybe a new Star Fox and other franchises that Nintendo forgot.



ModestFan93 said:

@the_beaver Dunno it's Zelda and a Musou game. I know several fans of the series who are considering getting one just because of the crossover. Saying that no consoles will sell is a little silly.

Good for you Sony, now let's hope they don't let it go to their heads.



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 Doesn't matter to Microsoft what happens really. Worst (Best ?) thing they half the RRP for the Xbone. (They did to both Surface Tablets and it didn't really make any difference to the profits they made). Even taking a £400 loss for 11,000,000 Xbones would make basically no difference.



2Sang said:

Sales numbers speak for themselves as which console is better. Just as the wii was superior to ps3, ps4 is superior to wii u.



PJR0cks said:

@the_beaver I wouldn't buy a console for Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta, but I know people that would, you're right in saying they won't give it the 600% boost that MK did, but once there are 5-10 very strong unique exclusives in a console then gamers will start to come around. specially games with online modes and re playability, I don't know if X will be in that category but I'm really hoping for a strong MMORPG with a great community.



2Sang said:

@NintendoMonkey Never gonna happen. Wii u will never pass ps4 in sales numbers, especially if the ps4 wins over xbone this e3. We'll be lucky to have more sales than xbone, and even that is very unlikely.

@unrandomsam yes. yes they do, that's why the sales numbers are so stressed in the industry. Also, neo geo was nowhere near snes or genesis (or ps1 but to be fair ps1 came out 4 years after neo geo did).



somari said:

@2Sang so you go by on sales for which console is better, if thats the case then the first ever xbox is better than the dreamcast, (even do its not) and beside the wii u is selling better than the ps4 in japan.



Link506 said:

@NintendoMonkey I personally think the Wii U will never pass the PS4. It had a slow start which hurt it right off the bat and so did microsoft. So in terms of first appearance, Microsoft wins easliy. But the Wii U will still be a great console we will remember like the gamecube.



Einherjar said:

@2Sang Absolutely Letting people play my games via streaming and uploading my playthroughs as the gazillionth LetsPlayer are features, that revolutionized gaming and brought it to a new high xD
In all seriousness, the PS4 (and the Xbone for that matter) have nothing going for them except their names at the moment.
Ask random, non gamer people if they own / owned a PlayStation and the answer is yes. Why ? Because its a playstation and its known to host games for the masses, like Fifa, Need For Speed and Call of Duty.

Just look at it from another direction: Some of the worst Movies, Music and Book have insane sales numbers just because they are hyped to the death.
By your logic, the Twilight Saga must be superior to other Films and Book just because of its sales numbers.

Sales numbers are just that, they tell us how often a product was sold. WHY is the much more interesting question, but it gets rarely answered.
Just remember that there were people who bought multiple PS4s at launch just to bank on the fact, that they could sell them on eBay for ridiculous prices SHOULD a console drought happen (which did, and according to retailers, its was artificially created by sony) These purchases count into the sales numbers, but you dont know if these consoles ever left their packaging Thats the WHY question.

If you ask me, the WiiU will probably never surpass these thresholds. The industry and the media around it said, that the high tech consoles are the "cool kids toys" and thats what the masses go by. But like i and many others said before: This has nothing to do with quality or superiority. Its just horde behaviour. Cattle will always go to where the grass is the greenest, and thats always on "the other side"



2Sang said:

@Einherjar I can respect your response, but disagree to an extent. While I'm no twilight fan, I have to suspect that the movies were very high quality and superior to most independent low budget films. Of course there are exceptions, but general rule is that the market is right and picks the superior product.



Mario-Man-Child said:

I'd love if M$ dropped of of the games business. The only companies I want to see is Sony and Nintendo.

We'd see a very different Nintendo if M$ would just go away.



PJR0cks said:

I think @NintendoMonkey was saying that Wii U/3DS can beat PS4/Vita next year if Wii U picks up not that Wii U will outsell PS4.
I don't also agree with popularity meaning quality, @Einherjar movie example says it best (I hate the twilight Movies)
and @2Sang twilight sucks for someone who knows a good movie, and there is no superiority and high quality to be found, but I can understand the general appeal.
you don't see movies winning the Oscar and other Awards, becoming best sellers, and the same goes for games as well.
I'm not saying that the Wii U is better compared to the PS4 (although at least right now it does have better exclusives), but I definitely don't think that these current sale numbers are a fair estimate of the consoles worth.
As for high numbers, there are a bunch of casual games being played by millions of people every day on mobile phones that doesn't make them better games, at least for core gamers.



unrandomsam said:

@2Sang PS1 couldn't run Neo Geo games properly. They are rubbish on it. (The Saturn could). The best console is almost always not the most popular.

Best 8 bit is the TG16
Best 16 bit is the Neo Geo
Best 32 bit is the Saturn (Which can be seen by how gracefully the good games on it have aged).
Next anything other than the PS2.
Then PC better than everything. (With Wii U as a reasonable compliment to it).



thesilverbrick said:

@2Sang Sound logic. By your reasoning, McDonald's makes the best food on the planet. After all, they're the world's most successful restaurant...



Bulbousaur said:

Unsurprising with the Wii U not doing well and the PS4 being the fasting selling console ever.



Mahe said:

Changing of the guard. This is what happens when Nintendo has lost their way and relies on terrible ideas like the Wii U's Gamepad.



HylianJowi said:

@2Sang The market definitely represents the "superior product," in that it usually reflects products which have had the most effective marketing. On the other hand, being a "product" is only one facet of something's worth; as cited, Twilight — even with sky-high sales numbers — is a schlocky, unintelligent pile of dung. On the other hand, some low-budget indie films may be ignored by the general public but contain high artistic merit and even wonderful entertainment value.

My point is that if we only allow sales numbers to dictate what is "superior," we end up with a lot of phoned-in products and cheap imitations looking to flood the market with similar (usually lame) ideas. As of now, the video game market is full of me-too products with enormous marketing campaigns and bazillion-dollar budgets that, in the end, do little to change the way we think about our entertainment. Do we have to change? No, but a stagnant industry is a great indicator of a broken industry.



Rafie said:

@Einherjar You know I disagree with your sentiments, but respect your logic explaining it.

You know that the same thing can be said about the Wii U being sold on just it's name to now, right?! Of course we know that's true. Also the fact that the PS4 and XB1 are selling because they have quality that consumers are looking forward. Downplaying it won't get you anywhere, but an argument/debate from other crowds.

Now as far as Sony outselling's good for competition. The Wii sold over 100 million (although it's not the most popular console amongst the 3) WW shows that capabilities with Nintendo are still there. However, the fight with the Wii U and PS4 in Japan isn't over. As soon as more JRPG's start pouring in, the battle will shift. I think it's good that the Wii U is doing great in Japan and PS4 monopolizing won't happen ever. It's a good time to be a gamer right now though.



arrmixer said:

You make a valid point but I think what is missing here is that the gaming industry is part of the entertainment business. Thus, what matters in the entertainment is what the market wants not what is considered to be the best work necessarily. That's just reality.



Ralizah said:

@2Sang Many films we think to be classics today like Citizen Kane and The Wizard of Oz were box office failures at the time. Does that mean they were inferior to the generic comedies of the time that are now only of interest to old film buffs but often did better in the market? If a product sells well, it can tell you a lot of things: The product was probably well-priced, the marketing for the product was successful, the product probably tapped into and exploited existing social trends, etc. This says little about the quality of the product on its own, however.

I'm not saying sales don't matter, because they do, but there is nothing wise about following the market leader like a lemming.



mercurio2054 said:

@cfgk24 it's just like lots of people in the first 2 -3 years of Microsoft and Sony xbx360-ps3... they get like 2-3 consoles because of hardware issue



Einherjar said:

@2Sang Especially with movies, you cant really use the production quality / budget in an arguent. That would make the newer trilogy of STar Wars films superior to the older trilogy, and im pretty sure MANY people would beg to differ about that.
But then again, these films cashed in pretty heftily. NOt because they are good movies, but simply because of their name.
With games (and any electronic entertainment things in general) you have another factor: Hardware.
Even back in the day, hardware alone was a selling point. Remember the Atari Jaguar ? Its whole marketing camaign was build around that and yet, if was by far the inferior console of its time.
Now, look at the PS4. You have both, the well known brand name AND the hardware argument and yet, the console itself is nothing special. Why does it sell so well ? For the same reason so many people saw the Twilight movies: The media told them it was the next best thing.

@Mahe You sound like someone who never played with a WiiU The gamepad is the best thing about the system. When used right, the second screen is a real game changer, off-TV adds a lot of convinience and as a controller itself, its very comfortable.
And they lost their way ? Last time ive checked, Nintendo was the only company who tried something different every time they released a new system.
Each home console they released featured a non standart controller:
The NES broke the "1 button rule", the SNES upped the ante. These are the two more sane ones.
The N64 introduced an analog stick and a controller design, that offered, well, lets call it "two modes to play", depending on how you held the controller.
The Gamecube introduced analog buttons and went for a more ergonomic design, with different button sices and shapes, staying far away from what is now refered to as the "PS Button layout" which on the other hand, is just another SNES controller with two aditional shoulder buttons.
The Wii went on a rampage, introducing a whole truckload of input devices, the main one being the WiiMote, which trippled as an NES style controller, a pointing device and a motion controller. And yet, there was the classic controller, to further broaden up the playability.
And now we have the WiiU, using the entire Wii controller armada and featuring a setup, reminicent to the DS: Second screen, touch based interface, standard button layout.
Nintendo would have "lost THEIR way" if the classic Pro controller would be the WiiUs standard one, when they would just role with stuff the industry labeled as "standard, must have or middleground"

@Rafie Define Quality. When you talk about games, the WiiU still trumps with a more colorful library of original titles, while the other two systems feature technical superior games, yes, but stay more in tried and true waters with them, offering "more of the same". And im not refering to sequels, im refering to new IPs, which there are few on every system.
When you refer to the system itself, i dont see why the WiiU offers "less quality" that the other two devices.
True, the WiiU is no multi media device, but its not advertised as one, and that is reflected in its asking price.

Also, im not downplaying anything. This isnt supposed to be a fanboy rant. By no means. Of cause im biased towards nintendo systems, thats the reason why im here, but i chose my systems based on the games they offer. And because of that, i dont own a PS4/Xbone.
Anything they offer can be found on a PS3, which i own 2 of. Its exclusives are by no means as strong as nintendos at the moment.
When the PS4 starts offering exclusives and / or new IPs that makes buying the system absolutely woth it, because you cant get these experiences elswhere, kudos to them. But at the moment, they offer pretty much nothing worthwhile, not for that asking price.
If you own a PS3, the PS4 is (at the moment) pretty much obsolete for everyone not simply looking for graphics.



I-U said:

This is kind of expected. While Nintendo for the most part is straight with the 3DS, they aren't doing a good job with the Wii U.



Rafie said:

@Einherjar Okay I'll bite. I can very well say the Wii U has nothing but rehashed titles from previous series with an exception to some games like W101, ZombieU, etc. So I will admit right now the Wii U has maybe 2 or 3 over it's competition that's completely new. See here, the question isn't about quality here in this argument. Quality is going to be subjective towards each consumers view. Just like you went on about the rivals offering "more of the same", then fans of the competition can rebut with Nintendo games offering "more of the same" as well. Yes this is about about both hardware and software. The Wii U doesn't have to be a multimedia hub, neither is the PS4 to a lesser extent. The only one that's advertised as such is the XB1.

Also I will have to disagree with your stance in whatever is being offered on the PS4/XB1 can be found on the PS3/360. Not every game is like that. In fact there are plenty of games coming that completely skips out on the last gen entirely. Oh and please clarify what you mean by exclusives not as strong as Nintendo's atm? I mean I'm actually curious. I say that because exclusives in terms of quality is again...subjective. Quantity of exclusives certainly goes to Sony hands down.

Einherjar I don't want you to think I'm just picking on you. I just didn't agree with what you said and felt I should offer another point of view. You don't have to be a bias Nintendo fan to be a fan of the system. I'm certainly not biased towards any console. I play the games, not the consoles. I am, however, bias with the MK series. I can admit that one as well.



Sean_Aaron said:

An interesting footnote, but no bearing on media coverage generally. Even if Nintendo was outselling rivals right now it would be ignored by the general gaming press because we all know Nintendo doesn't make "real" gaming platforms.

Move along, nothing to see here...



MAB said:

The most important thing to understand is as long as the MAB doesn't waste his time & money on a PS4 then everything will be alright... If I want to watch movies instead of playing games then I will hire some movies (non Twilight movies)



unrandomsam said:

@Einherjar The PS4 has the good indie games on it and in a timely manner (Like e.g Transistor). Almost all of the Wii U indie games are rejects.



GuruOfGreatness said:

Congratulations Microsoft on your 5-6 million units, congratulations to Nintendo on your 6-7 million units, and of course, congratulations to Sony on your 7-8 million units.
Each company has produced a very good, powerful gaming machine, that, instead of being vilified for by stubborn fanboys for their weaknesses, should all be praised (and enjoyed) for their strengths. Regardless of the numbers, and whose in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, as long as you enjoy your chosen console(s), what does it matter how many more millions the competition has sold? If you were an avid Sega Saturn fan back in the mid-late 90's who loved their console and wore it out to death, did you really care by the end of that gen that the original PlayStation had slaughtered the Saturn in terms of sales?



Lobster said:

Can I just say this was an interesting comment section to read and I'm glad NL doesn't devolve into trolling and name-calling within two posts like most other sites that let you post comments?



alwaysasn said:

That's good for Sony. It's too bad that they're still in a financial situation that makes Nintendo look like it's rolling in the dough.







WanderingPB said:

Whats wrong with Sony taking the lead? Seriously this to me sounds like good healthy competition to me the only difference is the subjective spin fanboys put on it. If nintendo was the only one making games we as gamers would lose. We need the different companies to push each other to create great games and new IPs. There used to be a time where we all played games because they were fun regardless of the console…this fanboy bias attitude is whats wrong with gaming today



Einherjar said:

@Rafie Hey, no offense taken I relish a good discussion
Youre absolutely right, in that things like quality etc are completely subjective.
Also, its also true that what nintendo is offering is mostly "more of the same" as it has always been. Mario World, Mario Kart etc.
And like you said, arguing about which exclusives are the best / are the better ones will just go in circles.
When i say that i think the the quality and polish offered by nintendos current first party games are unrivaled, others will argue that the PS4s exclusives like Kilzone and Infamous are top notch.
Each to their own.
But games like Knack and Killzone, that were hyped to no end definitly didnt deliver what was promised. That does NOT mean that these games are bad per se, by no means, but they are mediocre at best.
Again, subjective.

@electrolite77 Define fanboy Also, if im not mistaken, calling someone a fanboy on a NINTENDO fan site who clearly stated that he is openly biased towards nintendo consoles does make you a fanboy too Just from a different camp.

@unrandomsam You must be one of the people who believes the harmonica of indie games being the saviour of this industry. Just because a game is labeled indie, doesnt make it instand gold. If Sony snatches a deal with a good indie dev with an awesome game, cool
But just praising them for having "lots and lots of indies" isnt going anywhere. And "reject", well, i beg to differ



JosieC84 said:

Although i have been a Sony supporter since PS1, i think the PS4 is really overrated. It doesn't haven't have many games that appeal to me at the moment. Alot of the games happen to be also released on the PS3.



GuruOfGreatness said:


Thank you. We are all gamers, and all have that one thing in common, we enjoy gaming, and therefore, I see no reason for ANYONE to show hostility against a fellow gamer, whether their favourite, chosen brand is Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft.



eaglebob345 said:

@Einherjar I see you're saying about the sales, popularity, etc. I usually go both Nintendo and Sony, but the Vita and PS4 have extra pricy things that I don't want to have to deal with (proprietary memory cards for Vita, subscription fee for PS4, and no bacwards compatibility for either). Also, the only reason I even had a PS2 and a PSP were for the KH games. No PS3 because it does not have KH3, the collections are not worth buying an older console for. I would have a PS4 now if it was backwards compatible, but since it isn't, I will wait for KH3. The only reason I don't have Xbox consoles, besides the subscription fee, is because I am just not the target audience for most of their games, as I am not for most of Sony's games. However, @Rafie is right, the quality stuff is subjective and the PS4, XB1, and Wii U have/will all get games that their 7th generation counterparts will not.



eaglebob345 said:

@GuruOfGreatness These fights are the reason why I want some unity in the games industry. I would like to think that these companies have learned how to make quality products and have given it enough thought to not flood the market with the same games like what happened it the 80's, but I can see that EA, Ubisoft, Activision, etc. can't even wait a year for their franchise to breathe. However, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft working together would be a dream come true. Sony and Microsoft provide the parts and they consult Nintendo to build a lean, mean, efficient, game playing machine. Of course, that would be assuming Nintendo learned to play well with others, Sony stops trying to show up the other two, and Microsoft stops trying to control the people that want to play the games.

EDIT: The WiiPlayBox, UPlayBox (a love letter to Ubisoft), or maybe the XPlayU? I can dream, can't I?



2Sang said:

@thesilverbrick Yes but they're more specifically a fast food restaurant, so they are the superior fast food restaurant. You have to be more specific, because by your logic the 3ds is in the same market as the xbone, which it is not. Sure, they're both video game systems, but they have different target segements.



2Sang said:

@somari First xbox was better than dreamcast. Don't forget how amazing the frst halo was. Just because it got old in future xbox systems doesn't discount how great the original xbox was.



2Sang said:

@Ralizah I don't blindly follow the market and don't appreciate the condescending remarks. The market speaks for itself and has spoken. Of course that doesn't mean only the top selling system is good. Only that if you take a random selection of the population, they will likely deem the best selling system as superior. Thus consensus will provide the best product. Consensus may think killing is bad, but if you don't think it is bad, then maybe you are right, but you're objectively wrong from consensus, same thing goes for the market place as the law.



GuruOfGreatness said:


Lol, well although far fetched, it does sound like an awesome idea. But I'd just be happy, if everyone else was just happy with what they bought and wouldn't slag off other peoples choices, but then again, I guess that is equally as far fetched lol



2Sang said:

@Einherjar I see where you're coming from. The media doesn't seem to give nintendo a fair shot in the spotlight unless it's a disney-friendly audience. Then they go and blame mario for school shootings lol. That mario is a bad influence on our children.



2Sang said:

@luke88 xbox had original cod and halo before they got stale. I think you forget how good both of the series used to be. Not to mention DVDs could be played on xbox and not dreamcast.



Gashole said:

It's time to wake up, Nintendo, and get out of that comfortable, conservative bed you've been sleeping on.



electrolite77 said:


Ha ha, I'm just messing with you because you called it a fanboy rant.

What I will say re.Sony and the reason people buy their consoles is based on my own experience and talking to friends and family. The PS4 is unimpressive at the minute software-wise but there's no great secret as to why it is selling. First, it's the most powerful hardware for the price it sells for so it's seen as value. Second and most important, it's because purchasers believe they will have access to the widest selection of games. This means every third-party big hit, a decent selection of exclusives and good indie support. Sony can stand on their record when it comes to doing this as it has happened with all their previous consoles. They don't have to promise it or assure people that 'this time' they'll get it right, buyers trust them to do so, it's that simple.



2Sang said:

@Gashole This to the trillionth power. Nintendo has of late been playing it safe with SM3DW, DKCRTF, and WWHD. They need some risky games like W101, even if they don't create a financial success for nintendo, they create fan loyalty.



luke88 said:

@Einherjar Did it really? wow, I never knew that.

I just googled it and it seems Xbox only got Shenmue 2, is that true? Shenmue 2 was awesome but it didn't have nearly the impact on me that the first did.



luke88 said:

@2Sang Well, the dreamcast's memory cards had those little screens on, and it had that game where you controlled various toys, so...

; )



Ralizah said:

@2Sang Two points. First, consensus changes. If you randomly polled people about the 3DS in early to mid 2011 and then again in mid to late 2013, you would probably get wildly different results about how people feel about the 3DS and its fortunes. At what point is the "consensus" on the handheld something we can trust for any length of time? PS3 was significantly behind 360 for a long time last gen, but many people feel that it eventually became the better console due to the accumulating number of exclusives and stellar Playstation Plus service. It's a little early to proclaim the PS4 the best console of this gen. Let's wait and see if its software support is decent.

Second, sales figures aren't all that matter. You proclaimed the Wii to be the best console last gen, presumably because it sold so well. I would say that, whatever profit the Wii produced for Nintendo short term, it put them on the path to irrelevance in the long term by catering to casual gamers, who have since moved on to smartphones and tablets. The Wii U has problems of its own, but the biggest problem is that it has the shadow of the original Wii hanging over its head. Moreover, the Wii's library was filled with shovelware and the machine wasn't powerful enough to play HD games. The Wii was out of the equation years ago in terms of any kind of substantial first or third party support.

I don't mean to sound condescending, but your claims are rather incredible.



Sgt_Ludby said:

Good for Sony; they deserve it. While I've certainly gotten LOADS of joy from my Wii U, I've still played more PS3 and now PS4. I am a lifelong Nintendo fan, but right now I'm just frustrated that they omit features to protect their younger fanbase. I don't want to talk to strangers in MK8, but at least let me talk to my friends during a race!!



2Sang said:

@Ralizah would you care to bet on the wii u ever passing the ps4? Consensus is what we can trust at the moment, and the potential is something we can trust for the future primarily, with consensus being somewhat important at picking the trends.
The wii failed to continue to be a success because nintendo didn't see it being as successful as it was early on. If the wii had xbox 360 graphics, we would still be playing on the wii, but because graphics were very poor on the wii in addition to the slowing the casual game trickle down.



DilMan33 said:

You mean it's taken Sony 8 years to get ahead on mainly the back of 2 'powerful' systems and Microsoft are nowhere in the picture?

Guess this just show Nintendo's overall strength more than anything.

(Actually, make that 3 'powerful' systems, the flop Vita is apparently a 'powerful' handheld! hahaha lol! )



Einherjar said:

@electrolite77 The thing about consumer trust is a good point. Still, having the best hardware and nothing to proove it is too weak to convince me to buy that system at the moment, but thats besides the point

@luke88 I could have sworn it also had a port of shenmue 1, hmm... But it had shenmue, and thats what counts



electrolite77 said:


Oh don't get me wrong I haven't bought a PS4 and have no plans to. I can understand why people are though. The other thing is PS Plus, I've already got a few PS4 games through that and their Cross Buy system. It's something Nintendo have totally missed . They have a great opportunity to do something similar given the strength of the Big N's back catalogue and engender that customer loyalty but prefer to try and gouge customers by making them pay over and over for the same software.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow now, it feels like an opportunity for Nintendo.



DaemonSword said:

Sony (like Microsoft) wants to rule the entire world, and after 8 years, is selling more hardware, over a company that makes its living off of games only. Whatevz, they still will never get a dime from me (at least in games. kinda hard to fight the 1% corporate giant in other types of media though). lol



JusticeColde said:

@2Sang Sorry if this is off-topic, but McD's is superior only because its cheap and it is located pretty much anywhere (kinda like Starbucks, but without the expensive coffee).

Many other fast-food chains have better tasting and healthier food such as Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Subway & Carl's Jr.



Noboty said:

Hopefully, this will encourage Nintendo to stop making dumb decisions (like no cross-buy).



Xjarnold said:

This has nothing to do with the article but I rather enjoyed reading the discussion over flaming going on in the comments



Kirk said:

More great stats for Nintendo.

If Nintendo were to be imagined as a line it would be one that's slowly going down.

That's not me trolling.

That's me saying what I genuinely think would be a very accurate reflection of where Nintendo is right now and the direction it's slowly heading in.



cfgk24 said:

@mercurio2054 lol. Of course! If sensitive optical drive hardware breaks out of warranty, you have no choice but to buy a new one to support all your games you bought already.

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