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Play: The Nintendo Life Mario Kart 8 GP Is Now Open

Posted by Damien McFerran

Come join our rolling tournament

As we all know, Mario Kart 8 is now available worldwide, and many of you will already have spent countless hours navigating its various courses and taking out rivals with red shells.

With the view of bringing the Nintendo Life karting community together, we've opened up a rolling tournament called Nintendo Life GP, which will run constantly with results resetting every Wednesday. The tournament is open right now, so feel free to join in and race to the finish with your fellow Nintendo Life readers.

The tournament code is: 6347-6219-4703

In addition to this contest, we'll be running separate Mario Kart 8 community nights in the near future, so keep your eyes on the site for updates.

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Raylax said:

I'll be there from about 9pm. Work and family visit to get through first. Sigh, responsibilities



smikey said:

At last glad Nintendo life will be throwing a few tournaments out there.
I played in the opening weekend one (quite badly as i'd barely played any tracks thanks to the Late Nintendo store delivery)

Hope you'll throw out varying tournament types too like No weapon races ect
(getting sick of the usual madio kart hard luck on the last lap treatment)



Emaan said:

Happy to see us start up our own tournament. I'll be racing. Watch out LZ!



Gerbwmu said:

Ok....3 things I've learned by racing a few tracks.
A) I need to play more and watch my son play less if I want to compete
B) Do not let my sons choose the Kart
C) Time Trial track exploration is a must because I have a feeling I'm missing out on a lot of short cuts



Mikes said:

Dang! I'm at school right now. >.>
Well, I'll probably race when I get home today, if I'm not too tired. ^^



MadAdam81 said:

Am I the only Aussie that cannot connect to any online game? The best I've had is watching a race already in action.



Gerbwmu said:

I've noticed a few NL staffers racing......wondering how the productivity of the office has been since y'all received MK8



KingCreezy said:

I'm gonna get in on this for sure. Had some great races in the weekend tournament. Still gotta figure out that leaderboard though. It reset our scores after 1030 points.



elstif said:

I´ll try to join in but if everything goes the way it did the last few days I wont be seeing you.
I tried to connect and join races/tournaments online at least 100 times since release and I only got into 3 races. I played 10 minutes online in 5 days

I´m very upset about the crappy online service Nintendo is giving with Mario Kart 8, after they closed the services for Wii I thought they were going to put all the resources for this

I have contacted them and they only try to blame it on my local connection which is just fine for everything else. After I argue and prove my point they said that because is a popular brand new game the online services might be saturated (full). Sure, so should I wait util the hype is gone and nobody plays anymore so I can play online alone? Or maybe more people will buy the game and then it will be even more difficult to establish a connection?

I am truly pissed off, I had a better experience playing Age of Empires II online with a Pentium III and a 56K modem dial up connection in 1999.

This all might be due to my location, servers are probably in the US and Japan and connections from Europe might be the last in queue.

Anybody else is having problems getting into races/tournaments?



ToniK said:

I'll check it out later! This is my first online Mario Kart experience so I'm still learning. I've done ok except today I didn't stand a chance with Koopa Troopa He's just too slow I guess. I did better with Rosalina.



RedYoshi999 said:

I'll join in tomorrow. Just finished up from a couple hours online. No connection issues whatsoever today! Only had 2 disconnections in total since release. That's with Australia's subpar internet too.



argh4430 said:

Well, after lurking the site for months, I finally joined, and also participated in the tournament. You people are excellent. Looks like i'll have to continue brushing up my skills!



Ralizah said:

Cool. Was unable to participate in the opening day tournament, but I'll definitely check this out tonight after work.



Freeon-Leon said:

Since my internet connection sucks I'll be there 'til midnight ET. Hope some of you are still awake!



FrozenLink said:

@LinkIRule Yeah I am in the same races (Name is Adam-T) and Alpha is insanely good! Seems to know every little short cut, whoever you are I am impressed!



HawkeyeWii said:

@elstif I have terrible internet and have absolutely no problems getting on. I have found games within a matter of seconds. Idk what your problem is.



whodatninja said:

I recommend it! It's really cool playing with mah Nintendo Life peeps I'm Andreas btw! (Probably shouldn't reveal that, since i'm pretty shite lol)



whodatninja said:

I'm often disconnected so if i just disappear out of no where, that's probably why lol

Nintendo, sort this out!



Pahvi said:

Tried for two games, noticed that I suck badly. Ah well, for every winner, there's always at least one loser.



daniruy said:

I am REALLY RUSTY... Hehehe. Need to train more. You guys are obliterating me...



MJKOP said:

I'm MJ, I've never played much of anything online in the past but I've had almost zero problems playing MK8 thankfully, great fun



Mikes said:

Alright! Now that I'm home, I can join in. I hope I don't get another one of those communication errors out of nowhere.



Iggly said:

I'd love to join this tournament, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting Mario Kart 8 on Friday so I'm not sure if that would still be enough time to score well in the ranks.



Mikes said:

I'm done for today. I'll probably race there another time during my free time.
Curse you Jeremy! I will surpass you, someday!



YoshiTails said:

Overall sucked at this but managed to shell Tom twice so I'm happy - it's the tiny victories that count.



luke88 said:

@elstif That's so frustrating. I've had quite a few problems but nothing like what you've described. I must say my wiiu struggles to connect way, way, more than any of the other consoles/devices I've got next to it. Do you have problems with Netflix etc. etc? Either way, I hope the situation improves for you.



Jeremyx7 said:

@StaticWind lol, sorries :3. Which name do you go by on Mario Kart 8?? Feel free to send me a friends request so we can play more often. I want to host a full room with a 12 race grand prix 'friends' tourney at some point.



Stu13 said:

I popped in for a half dozen or so races. Won the first one, then got thoroughly trounced in the rest. Had a lot of fun, though I really need to familiarize myself with ALL of the courses before attempting that again.



MadAdam81 said:

@luke88 I haven't been able to connect either, but I've had no problems with other games on Wii U online., although Wii Sports Club Tennis didn't cope well.



Gameday said:

Just added the code seen 3 peeps in there with some bots and then got dc'ed..



elstif said:

@HawkeyeWii My connection is good, I have 30Mb down 5Mb up, last night I got the error 3 or 4 times and then mange to get into the tournament. I was able to play for over an hour no problems.
For the most part I got my ass kicked but it was fun.
@Jeremyx7 Hey Jeremy, I played the last few races when you where in. I´m rusty but I´ll try to get online tonight (evening for you I guess) again for some action. Playing as STV



Gma-X said:

Anyone see "contrite" playing today? I want to race him again, we were going head to head on multiple courses and that was awesome.

@Contrite My Mii is Arjuna, NNID Gma-XAE. When will you be playing again??



Yai said:

Just tried this out for a bit. I am Hanae in game. You guys are good xD



B3ND3R said:

Time to bring the heat! Look forward to racing you guys! (NNID: Bendercade, Mii: Andrew)



Gma-X said:

@Contrite Yeah that was me. We had some interesting rounds. I'll join in a bit later, have to do some college stuff first :s

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