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Wed 12th February, 2014

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Ephidel commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

I love my amiibo, but to be honest I think I went overboard and bought into it too early. The collector in me wants them all, but I can't buy all of them 48 characters is a lot of money, so I think after spending on most of the first wave I'll be more picky. As far as amiibo and smash go, I enjoy them, I picked up different tactics because of them good training tools. I am also building some kind of relationship with them, I care enough to name them after mythical characters based on their characteristics.



Ephidel commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I like the idea IMHO.
While not THE reason to purchase a Wii U, it certainly adds to its value. I also think that it's a sign of things to come.

Nintendo tends to be slow at accepting new technologies because it spends its time mastering what it currently has, limitation can bring creativity; they are content creators, entertainers, not necessarily a technology company such as Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo survives out of selling its content, with that said, as technology gets cheaper and more efficient they will inevitably gravitate towards a unified console/portable platform, and some sort of unified account system, given the rich videogame history.
Isn't the Wii U essentially a home DS?
What about its move to unify the portable and console divisions?
By esentially having portable titles in a home console, it sets the foundation for a central hub.

I also enjoyed the last attempt to play GBA games on my TV (Gameboy Player.)
Besides, as a gamer with multiple platforms, I'm always happy when the games come.