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Wed 12th February, 2014

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Ephidel commented on Video: Who Needs a New Sonic Game When You Hav...:

I've seen some people destroy with the inkbrush, but with that said, I worry when there is more than one in my team. All the weapons and perks have their fair uses, it really just depends on the mode you play on.



Ephidel commented on Disney Infinity Producer Brands amiibo Stock S...:

It's not all nintendo's fault. They came to retailers and asked how many figures. Most thought there wouldnt be demand so accordingly Nintendo planned for the demand as requested by retailers. This came from convesartions I had with the management in numerous retailers. The demand for infinty was there from the beginning, and realeasin in more than one platform gives them more reason for higher stock. The othwr thing is that these figures are not nearly as collectible.



Ephidel commented on Parent Trap: amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

I love my amiibo, but to be honest I think I went overboard and bought into it too early. The collector in me wants them all, but I can't buy all of them 48 characters is a lot of money, so I think after spending on most of the first wave I'll be more picky. As far as amiibo and smash go, I enjoy them, I picked up different tactics because of them good training tools. I am also building some kind of relationship with them, I care enough to name them after mythical characters based on their characteristics.



Ephidel commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I like the idea IMHO.
While not THE reason to purchase a Wii U, it certainly adds to its value. I also think that it's a sign of things to come.

Nintendo tends to be slow at accepting new technologies because it spends its time mastering what it currently has, limitation can bring creativity; they are content creators, entertainers, not necessarily a technology company such as Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo survives out of selling its content, with that said, as technology gets cheaper and more efficient they will inevitably gravitate towards a unified console/portable platform, and some sort of unified account system, given the rich videogame history.
Isn't the Wii U essentially a home DS?
What about its move to unify the portable and console divisions?
By esentially having portable titles in a home console, it sets the foundation for a central hub.

I also enjoyed the last attempt to play GBA games on my TV (Gameboy Player.)
Besides, as a gamer with multiple platforms, I'm always happy when the games come.