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Final Fantasy Explorers Official Website Opens

Posted by Kerry Brunskill

Another beautiful 3DS RPG to preorder

It may be plastered with "coming soon" placeholder boxes and "to be confirmed" text where we were hoping for release dates, but what little there is on the freshly-opened Final Fantasy Explorers Japanese website offers a tantalising glimpse into what could be another great 3DS RPG, and hopefully a fun multiplayer experience too.

Four classic Final Fantasy jobs are shown - Knight, Black Mage, White Mage and Monk - with the description text confirming that they all still adhere to their typical roles within this exciting new world. Traditional Final Fantasy summon Ifrit is also shown, although exactly how these oversized mystical beasts will be incorporated into the gameplay is currently unknown.

Are you looking forward to this game? Do you like what's be shown so far? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Kiz3000 said:

Remins me of DQ9, in a good way. Hopefully we get lots more info soon.



Dreamz said:

Is it too much to ask to get one of these on the Wii U? The 3DS already RPGs out the disposal crevice compared to the Wii U, which has



Magikarp3 said:

Dibs on White Mage!

I must be the only person who finds playing White Mage fun



RainbowGazelle said:

Looks cool. I'd better get a move on with Bravely Default. I've got the Collector's Edition, but still haven't started it yet.



Yai said:

Looks great! Hopefully this won't take forever to reach the West.



Prof_Clayton said:

Looks interesting, but vaguely at this early point. Pleased to hear this was announced nonetheless!



Ronoh said:

Hope this isn't microtransaction-riddled. You never know these days with Square-Enix.



Dpullam said:

I have a decent amount of interest in this game, but I'd need to see more before I could get excited.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'll say it here as well, is there a gameplay trailer for this. All I've heard is what's in the forum topic. Would like to see this for myself to make a judgment on how good or bad it looks. I love my rpgs but won't blindly like everyone of them.



ikki5 said:

this has me interested, though I hope we'll see a Wii U game sometime...



ModestFan93 said:

White Mage looks like a Seer! So looking forward to Final Fantasy meets Monster Hunter having Dragon Quest over for food and glorious fun times!!!!



JJtheTexan said:

Do we have any indication at all that this will come West? I would assume so, given the success of Bravely Default, but with Square Enix, one never knows.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Doesn't impress me. The character designs are almost 1:1 taken over from one of their F2P mobile games, so there's no telling what they're brewing right now.

I'll watch this with extreme caution and faintly hope that, after almost 6 years of constant garbage, Squenix finally manages to do something right again.



LazyShell said:

I'd just like to see this game in action in order to make a better judgement on it. I mean still pictures are nice and all, but they really show nothing of the gameplay.



lamco said:

I really like final fantasy spin offs, but SE being SE, i should control my hype.



AVahne said:

Hopefully it's a MH-type game. It'll be nice to get more variety in this genre on 3DS. Usually I end up having to resort back to Phantasy Star Zero for DS when I want to play a co-op ARPG that isn't MH.
Of course I can just play my PSP or Vita, but my 3DS tends to be by my side more often.



User1988 said:

Honestly, I'm more excited for Bravely Second. It feels more like a traditional Final Fantasy game to me than any current FF game. But considering what SE said about going back to it's roots a while ago, I'm hopeful that this game will be just as good as FF9 and X-2 (my favorites )

Also, is it just me or are these characters designs... Unimaginative? They look like typical RPG characters instead of the amazingly stylized FF characters I'm used to. Actually, the designs for Crystal Chronicles are my all time faves. I'd love to see a game with that style again!



dougphisig said:

So sick of the art style for their characters nowadays. I wish they'd return to sprites or something better looking art wise for character design.



AltDotNerd said:

Remember when Final Fantasy was at its peak of quality on Nintendo systems? Then it was as good on Playstation, then it started to suck? Now it's good again, but on Nintendo systems!



audiobrainiac said:

@User1988 I agree. Bravely Default has way more style to its characters. These designs look kind of....generic. But then again, maybe they look generic because classic final fantasy games kind of cornered the genre for a while. Personally i'd like to see more Final Fantasies like 7-10. Final Fantasy 8 was my favorite. I'll probably get this anyway



DarkCoolEdge said:

I like those character designs but the game doesn't interest me. Give us something fresh SE (or DQ VII).



DarkCoolEdge said:

@AltDotNerd Seriously? Can you tell is good just looking at these designs? Because the latest FF games on Nintendo consoles are average at best (Crystal Bearers, Echoes of Time...).



ZenTurtle said:

They look like the cute FF Crystal Chronicles characters, all cute and round and baby-faced



Windy said:

It can't come soon enough if its Final Fantasy with Dragon Quest mixed in. Online Co-op is all I want to say. Let's go Square! Sega did it on the lowly DS with Phantasy Zero online. Now its your turn with Final Fantasy with some awesome co-op. Online co-op has seriously gone in reverse since Phantasy Star Zero was released.

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