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Photos With Mario Available for Free Now in North American eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not exactly a high profile launch

Photos With Mario, previously released in Japan alongside AR cards sold at retail, has dropped onto the 3DS eShop in North America; it's free, so no complaints here.

This is rather like a dedicated and improved version of the original AR card app, as you simply pose and snap pics of various characters for your viewing pleasure. We suspect most will simply find images of the original AR cards — a selection is below — on monitors and produce the effects that way, though Target will reportedly sell three official cards for $10, for collection fans.

There's no release date — or product page on the 3DS eShop — for Europe as yet, so this is a new free treat just for North Americans at this point. You can see some of the characters and cards available below; will you be snapping some Nintendo mascots in this app?

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EverythingAmiibo said:

I saw a video of it on GameExplain. It's a shame it's not out in UK 'cause it looks kinda fun! They do realize that nobody is going to buy the cards right?



Megapokepaul said:

i am going to print them now , no need to buy them they are in big format here so it s perfect.



Kolzig said:

Please please please come to Europe and soon.

Been waiting for this one ever since I saw it in Japan when my wife's friend demonstrated how that works with the 3DS camera.

Same with the Chibirobo AR app, come on Nintendo of Europe and Shibata. Release these in Europe already...



LordJumpMad said:

$10 dollars just to snap a photo with Mario?
You're better off printing them, then paying that much for paper cards.



Darthziggy said:

FYI it shows up on the second page of the "Applications" button on the eShop (bottom row, all the way to the right). Not sure if I'm willing to drop $10 for three cards, but figured I'd download it anyway in case they charge for the app later.



KodyDawg said:

It's free, so why not? Also, no one, including me, is going to pay for those cards at that price. Lower it to $5, or put it on Club Nintendo, and I MAY consider it. Until then, I'll just print 'em out online.



C-Olimar said:

You guys do realise the cards come with eShop credit on, right?
You're paying $10 for eShop credit and getting the AR card as an added bonus.
At least, that was the situation in Japan...



PHDragoon said:

I think it might only be on the eShop in the States here in North America. I cannot find it on the Canadian eShop, I looked in Applications as @Darthziggy said and did a search on it and the search turned up nothing..



ejamer said:

Just came to post the same thing - this is (apparently?) only in the US because it's not in the Canadian eShop.



Xyphon22 said:

If you read the description of the game, it sounds like they come free with $10 eShop cards, but only Mario, Peach, and Goomba will be available here.



BertoFlyingFox said:

I would get them if they're linked to the NFP stuff in some way. Maybe have them used in the plaza games as modifiers or special characters you could hire with play coins.

If it's just a bonus for buying an eShop card....well that'll work perfectly for me.



kuribo4 said:

I knew it from the art! This was made by the Galaxy/3D World team. And that means I need it. But I live in Europe -.-



2Sang said:

If it's free, I'll take it. Will it come with club nintendo coins?



noctowl said:

@sinalefa what are you talking about? Of course it could support it with software. It's not like it's something that needs to be programmed into the hardware



EverythingAmiibo said:

@faint did you read the article? "though Target will reportedly sell three official cards for $10, for collection fans" this does not in any way say "e-shop cards", what it reads as is that you can get 3 of the AR cards for a tenner from Target. I believe you, but this article mentions no such thing.



sinalefa said:


And how are you going to shoot the cards without an outward camera? It could be done with the inner camera, but it would be so cumbersome (you could not even use the buttons on the Gamepad) that it would not be worth it.



AlexSora89 said:

Now, I'm gonna be a bit bitter, but it's amazing how much stuff is surfacing hust now, that should have been available at the console's launch.



RickyWill said:

Thanks for posting the pictures of all of the cards. Now I don't have to buy them, as it works, and they're all saved to me mobile device.



Capt_N said:

I'll be d/ling this in the next few minutes. I'll check out this "e-shop credit" business, that got my attn., though I was still going to d/l these anyway regardless their e-Shop value.



allav866 said:

I put the 3D cameras real close to Bowser's AR marker, and the result was similar to this:



Mario-Fan said:

I was hoping that this would come out for a long time and it finally has. but when i tried to download it the eShop asked for my Miiverse account. so the problem is that my miiverse is connected to a 3DS that is older and the circle pad is broken. I didnt want to transfer my memory from the old 3DS to the new 3DS because i want the street pass memory to stay. and i dont want to delete my miiverse and make a new one because ive heard that i can loose my downloaded games on my wii U, my eShop credit ($) and ill loose the points ive collected on the Digitial Promotion. so i dont know what to do and i really want this Mario app on my new 3DS. if anyone can help or clarify me about something i didnt know about or im wrong about or can help me switch my Miiverse to my new 3DS without a system transfer id really appreciate it.



SBOY said:

I'm from Canada too and try to find it via the app icone then with "Mario / Mario picture / Photo / Photo with Mario" and nothings came out of this...



mullen said:

I'm waiting for the following Animal Crossing and Pikmin versions. I already bought the 6 Japanese version Mario cards for $180 (which only worth $120 as eShop points, but I can't find any other cheaper way to buy those cards in US at that time). Now $10 for 3 cards is much cheaper for me, and I don't think I can easily spend another $120 for Japanese eShop titles. (But on the other hand, if that's $30 eShop creadit for 3 cards, I'll be in trouble again, because I already have more than $100 creadit in US eShop. I still prefer physical game cards except games like tomodachi life or animal crossing).



millarrp said:

It's a shame this doesn't appear to be in the Canadian eStore. For free I would have played with it.



C-Olimar said:

@KnightRider666 They aren't just AR cards, they are primarily eShop cards. The AR is an added bonus.

I knew about the Animal Crossing version, didn't know there was Pikmin! This HAS to come to the UK!



Mario-Fan said:

@C-Olimar So if the streetpass doesn't get deleted if i transferred my memory from my old 3DS to my new 3DS then do you happen to know what happens if i transferred my memory from my old 3DS to my new 3DS?(by the way my new 3DS already has its own memory)



Mario-Fan said:

@NickieBoy i think it would combine the two but i don't want to take any chances. I've done a lot of long time research and it seems like the only way to get my Nintendo ID onto my new 3DS is if i either delete all the memory on my old 3DS or do a system transfer. but i don't want any of my memory from my old 3DS on my new 3DS and i don't want any memory off my old 3DS but the ID. I may just have to try to be patient and wait for Nintendo to update the 3DS to allow people to switch their ID to a different 3DS. If anyone would like to try to help me id really appreciate it. To NickieBoy and C-Olimar i thank you both for talking to me and helping.



Smooty said:

-sigh- the U.S And Mexican eshop are the same on releases, this is game out yet? it's not in my eshop! >.<



Smooty said:

It's so weird, eshop releases are always the same in North America/Mexico/Canada, i don't get it?



ejamer said:

Canada usually gets the same games as the US... but not always. Kokuga still isn't available in Canada, which is a real shame because that game looked really cool. Pricing is different in some cases (becoming much more common lately) and sales aren't always the same.

Worth noting that today is a holiday in Canada, so maybe the game will show up later on. Or maybe not. Who knows.



StarDust4Ever said:

The app is well hidden in the eShop. You have to use the search tool to find it. No need to print the cards. I bookmarked this page on my Wii-U tablet. Just load the image on a tablet or smart device and scan it with the 3DS.



bluewolf85 said:

if you can't find Photo with Mario..... go to Nintendo eshop then go to Search Photos with Mario... easy find it... that's all.. I already found it. I got it.



tommy8353 said:

guys this is so awesome i have a crap load of the ar card pics. 1 question, why is bowser so darn big, i can barley fit him in a chair



Kolzig said:

I wonder will this ever come to Europe?

Seems we won't get this or TVii ever. Also sucks that the Nintendo Image Share tool is still missing Google+ and that's the only one I need.

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