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Heart Forth, Alicia Successfully Hits Wii U Kickstarter Target

Posted by Alex Phillimore

3DS version still on the cards

Successful Kickstarter project Heart Forth, Alicia, a '90s-inspired 'Metroidvania' RPG, has hit its Wii U stretch goal of $200,000 and will now be coming to the system.

Wii U owners will have the opportunity to play the mystical retro-flavoured game about a young wizard on her journey to stop an evil Spirit from consuming her homeland.

A 3DS version is listed as a future stretch goal should the campaign hit its next console target of $245,000. With just a little over 30 hours remaining and approximately $205,000 raised at the time of writing, however, this seems unlikely; given the popularity of the project, however, there's still a slim chance.

Will you be picking up Heart, Forth Alicia on Wii U when it arrives next year, and do you hope the game hits its 3DS stretch goal?

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Mikeopferman said:

Definitely want this for the WiiU! I'll wait till it comes out though. I don't want a PC code.



Yoshi said:

@Mikeopferman Yeah, it's a little weird, you have to pledge enough for a free PC code, and then pledge $5 more for a console copy.



Gerbwmu said:

2015 seems to have a lot of different style software hitting the Wii U. Hoping some of these Kickstarter games are gems



Iggly said:

Sweet, I was a bit worried that this Kickstarter's goal wouldn't be acheived. As much as I'd love to get a 3DS version, I was planning on getting the Wii U version regardless if the 3DS stretch goal was met or not.



EverythingAmiibo said:

SERIOUSLY, STOP OVERUSING THE 'METROIDVANIA' TAG!!!!!!!!!!!! This is getting beyond ridiculous, if it's a 2D platformer, it's now metroidvania. Oh, and don't forget, it's inspired by retro games... so original.



EverythingAmiibo said:

FTR, this game looks great, I may end up buying it if the price is right. It looks actually, truly, intriguing for once



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@unrandomsam Depends on the dictionary. Merriam-Webster defines wizard as "a person who is skilled in magic or has magical powers" while Oxford defines it (in relation to legends and myths) as "a man who has magical powers."



MAN1AC said:

Congrats to them.
I rather play it on my 3DS so hopefully it hits that goal too.



Ryno said:

Would rather play this on a Wii U then on a 3DS. Glad the Wii U goal was before the 3DS.



lividd3ad said:

@unrandomsam There isn't really a female equivalent to the word "wizard" anymore, seeing as "witch" has mainly negative connotations. I like the gender neutral word "mage" honestly.



accc said:

I'd rather have it on the 3DS. Why does the stretch goal for that version have to be so high?



Hortencio said:

Feel like a real "witch" for not kickstartin' this one, but it looks to have tremendous potential. Maybe not a Day One buy for me, but definitely on my own personal 'Watch List.'



Radbot42 said:

It does look good, but for some odd reason I just got really sick of the retro look, and I love retro games especially 8/16 bit. Maybe I've had to many of them lately.



ricklongo said:

Awesome! I didn't pledge because it looked like it was gonna make it anyway, and my budget is limited, so I like to pledge where it counts more (plus, there's the weird +$5 for a console copy thing). Still getting this as soon as it's released.



Mr_Video said:

This game looks really great! I've always had a soft spot for games that still use pixel-art, I've always found something charming about them appearance wise. This is definitely on my radar.



Nomad said:

Doesn't look too bad, might have to keep an eye on this one. I don't think I've ever seen a sprite explode in a such a gory bloody mess like that before.



Action51 said:

Oh my god....effing beautiful!

Yes...this looks like exactly the sort of game I would enjoy...So many "indie" games have an inconsistent art style or crudely drawn and unappealing 2d art...this is so faithfully 16 bit and just beautifully designed and animated.

Yes yes yes yes yes! Unless this game reviews really poorly all around or suffers from fatal flaws, I'll be buying this!



darthllama said:

I gave a pledge. Would like to see it reach the 3DS tier, though unlikely. The game style would work great on a mobile, and I prefer my 3DS to my Vita. Glad to see the overall support though.



Windy said:

3ds Version gets my money. No Wii-U until Dragon Quest X is a north American release.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Vriess Not exactly. By pledging 15$, you get the PC version as a download code. Adding 5$ will get you a console download code as an addition, not as an alternative. So, you're paying 20$ for two codes, and you can always try selling the PC code for 10$ or so to get a cheap console download.



BF-Medic said:

As @Kaze_Memaryu says, everybody who wants this game should pledge 15+5$, and just try to sell the PC code.
Win/win, and we might even get this on 3DS as well



CaviarMeths said:

It's nice to have options, but I think I'll stick to getting this one on Wii U. Can't wait.

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