Successful Kickstarter project Heart Forth, Alicia, a '90s-inspired 'Metroidvania' RPG, has hit its Wii U stretch goal of $200,000 and will now be coming to the system.

Wii U owners will have the opportunity to play the mystical retro-flavoured game about a young wizard on her journey to stop an evil Spirit from consuming her homeland.

A 3DS version is listed as a future stretch goal should the campaign hit its next console target of $245,000. With just a little over 30 hours remaining and approximately $205,000 raised at the time of writing, however, this seems unlikely; given the popularity of the project, however, there's still a slim chance.

Will you be picking up Heart, Forth Alicia on Wii U when it arrives next year, and do you hope the game hits its 3DS stretch goal?