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Video: Smash Bros. Characters Recast in an Attack on Titan Opening

Posted by Tim Latshaw

No giant monstrosities were harmed in the making of this video

Super Smash Bros. and Attack on Titan both dwell firmly in the realm of the grandiose, but it may still seem a bit farfetched for someone to attempt a mashup. After this video from YouTuber AmazingArtistYellow, however, the concept becomes much more believable:

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According to AmazingArtistYellow, the video took 6 months to create and includes original hand- and mouse-drawn animation. Just about every Smash Bros. series fighter known during the work period of this project is represented, although the creator apologizes for not including Dr. Mario or Zero Suit Samus.

Seriously, AmazingArtistYellow, you are more than forgiven.

Do you think a mashup like this could have legs in real life? What else would you like to see the Smash Bros. crew featured in? Let us know below.


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NintyMan said:

I just shared this on the Smash Bros. Wii U thread a couple of hours ago. It is really cool and makes me want a Super Smash Bros. anime.



rjejr said:

OK I get that it's an anime version of SSB, but what's Attack on Titan?



Bulbousaur said:

Awesome, reminds me of those Soul Eater-Brawl videos that came out a few years ago. I remember those being pretty cool.



Benjelo said:

Grrrr I had my hopes up but I am honestly disappointed. The animation and stuff was really good, but the only thing included about attack on titan is the theme song. Where are all the titans????



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@Benjelo The opening of Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan's japanes name, which I prefer because of grammar) was redrawn with Smash characters, that's the thing. It's not a mashup in the traditional sense, it's a SnK opening with non-SnK characters.

But, while I hate SnK, I gotta admit that this is rather awesome. Clean drawing, good animation (though they obviously decreased the frames to save work), and a fair amount of detail for a fan production - admirable effort, and a great result!



mudmask said:

This is great... makes me wish we had the next season of Attack on Titan AND the next installment of SSB. Someone somewhere should start throwing a lot of money at this guy.



Bender said:

@rjejr It's pure awesome. There should be an article on the game somewhere here showing gameplay of the 3DS title... If you can, there should be episodes available on Crunchyroll



Ralizah said:


No way. Apart from the wall revelation at the very end of the season, the anime is even better than the manga. Very intense and visceral.



Remisio said:

Just an extra thing... Some people have picked up Bravely Default early at GameStop... So yea... There's that I guess... HERE IN CANADA.



HopeNForever said:

Sure is an awesome piece of fanimation. Although, some of the available characters appeared obscurely and for split-seconds, so I could not spot them all the first time. Still is a great piece of work though.



FriedSquid said:

This is extremely well-done for a piece of fan work. Granted, there were bits about it that I think could have been better or worked on, but he did a great job of implementing so many characters into this.



3DSfan134 said:

By comparing this with the real intro, both of them are not actually the same but they're EPIC.



Objection said:

A lot of hate on here for Attack on Titan. Why? It's a really-well drawn, well-paced adaptation of the manga. It ends abruptly but it will likely have a second season (based on the still-running manga. Interesting that so many prefer the manga, as it does have the original great twists and all but the art is pretty mediocre.) As for this video, I also wish it more matched the SSB characters to the original opening, similar to what someone did with TF2 but it's still good animation.



One-Winged-Pit said:

@Ralizah I really never felt the intensity in the manga that I do with the anime. People do not even know what they are talking about, just those constant whiners that prefer manga over anime or sub over dub regardless of anything. I have seen people say the pacing in the anime is a page an episode, when actually each manga issue is one episode.



SebCroc said:

@One-Winged-Pit, Yeah, I don't get it either.The anime really brings the theme and atmosphere of AoT to life. I absolutely love the series.
A comparison between the manga and anime of the SAME STORY is just non-nonsensical.



Cinaclov said:

@Benjelo I agree. Whilst I know full well how much time and effort goes into creating something like this (so it's difficult for me to be too critical) I think it's a big missed opportunity not to have villains like Bowser or King D' in place of the Titans in this (with Ganondorf as the armored giant? ). Especially as they're all posing in the video thumbnail that it starts with.

But otherwise my only real complaint is with how the different elements work with the pacing; It's a great idea having Pit fly in on the "wings of freedom" part of the song, but it would've worked so much better (and have been less work to animate) if it'd been a lingering shot of him soaring along, especially after the quick cuts leading to it. Instead the character did some complicated movements whilst flitting off and around the edge of the screen. In some cases simplicity works best. There's a few other small moments like that throughout imo.

But, as I said at the start, it's really easy to criticise something like this without considering that someone spent 6 months creating it, and overall I'd say it's certainly paid off. The animation quality is really fantastic and as a celebration of Smash' I've seen far, far worse.



MrMario02 said:

In a way, the only missing character is Jigglypuff.
Dr. Mario is Mario
Zero Suit Samus is Samus
Pichu is speculated to have evolved into Pikachu from Brawl



Gioku said:

...I did notice that it was very short clips for each character, so as to make it a bit easier to do, I think. Looked very nice, though!



Cia said:

For some reason, people always start to hate everything that achieves popularity in a larger scale.

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