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Nintendo Confirms Club Nintendo Promotion for Free Pokémon X Or Pokémon Y Download

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS or 2DS and one game required

Late last week a promotion leaked by Toys "R" Us emerged, in which new 3DS owners would have a chance to grab a free download of Pokémon X or Pokémon Y. Nintendo of America has now officially confirmed details that reiterate the promotion as targeted at new owners, or alternatively those that simply haven't registered their portable system yet.

To be eligible for the free game you need to be in the North American region, first of all, and have a Club Nintendo account. You also need to hold off on registering the relevant products until 1st March — the promotion runs from that date to 31st March. You have to register a standard 3DS, 3DS XL or 2DS on Club Nintendo within that period, and then register one of the following six games using either the pin card included with the boxed copy or a download copy via an eShop account linked to the relevant Club Nintendo login.

If you register both the hardware and one of these games in that window you'll then have a chance to download either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y; you login to your Club Nintendo account and choose "Select Your Free Game" in your Club Nintendo To-Do list — you must claim your download code by 30th April and download the game by 31st May this year.

With the Toys "R" Us promo leaked last week, it looks like Nintendo of America will advertise this promotion towards potential new owners via retailers as well as online, though this could be a chance for existing 3DS owners that have unregistered hardware and games waiting to be claimed. The key point is that hardware and eligible games registered before 1st March will not be eligible.

Check out the official promotion page for more details. Will you take advantage of this, or do you perhaps know others that will?

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User Comments (61)



pkee said:

Great promotion, if I didn't already have one this would entice me, Pokémon games rarely lower in price, more of an incentive.



tsm7 said:

Some of these promotions kind of make me feel like I'm being punished for already owning a 3ds and games. Can we have a thank you for being a loyal Nintendo consumer promotion?



Adam said:

Well, this is the first time I open a Nintendo product and don't immediately register it. Glad I sat on this code all month now. Not sure I really feel like tens of hours of walking back and forth pressing A to grind, but it's at least good trading fodder if I don't download it myself.



freaksloan said:

Well that sucks! Last month I bought my 2nd 3DS XL and a 2nd copy of Animal Crossing and MK7 and I registered them all already.
I already have X would of been nice to get Y.



rjejr said:

Knowing this is country wide and not just limited to TRU makes me feel better about the deal. Though it still feels like it's more of a promotion for Club Nintendo than either the system or the games. Can't be too many people who want X or Y who don't have it yet, but it's March, nothing else going on, so better this than nothing.

Anybody think Nintendo will ever tell u show many copies of X and Y get given away from this promotion? I guess if there is a spike in 2/3DS sales in March it's this and Yoshi. Well and Cut the Rope for $30.



Burning_Spear said:

Wow, I've got unregistered 3DS consoles, and I'll bet I haven't registered at least one of those games. Free Pokemon for me!



Whopper744 said:

Personally it does kind of stink when the ones who buy the systems as soon a possible not only get a higher price, but miss out on stuff like this. I will say, Nintendo did give us an ambassador program once though.



Sir_JBizzle said:

So my XL is linked to my Club Nintendo account, am I SOL concerning this promotion even though I haven't entered the pin that came with it?



ikki5 said:

Lets see... those those games are already registered on my Club Nintendo.... Plus there is 2 copies of pokemon X and Pokemon Y on my Club Nintendo as well....( well between the family account )

Seriously? Punished? That's kind of a pathetic way to put it. You know that promotions happen and the people that don't have the game now are those that could not afford it or their parents won't buy it for them. You got to play it way before them and and got to experience it all. This is almost like saying "Aww man, the game got reduced in price a year later, I got ripped off when I bought it at launch". That kind of talk is just sad and really shows how greedy of a person you are.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ikki5 of course there's those like me, who could afford to get it and just didn't for whatever reason but I do agree with you on the whole "entitlement" issue. I'm sure there will be other promotions for current owners to take advantage of...



DefHalan said:

Well I just got a 3DS XL, just have to wait to register it. Which game should I get? Lego City Undercover: The Chase Begins, Yoshi's New Island or DKCR3D (I already have DKCR on Wii)



Jampie said:

Oh nice. People could also go to Target this week (Feb. 23 to Mar. 1) and purchase a 3DS XL and get a $30 gift card, which they could use towards one of those six games. Then hold off until March 1st to register them~ ;D The Limited Edition M&L:DT 3DS XL is also eligible for this gift card offer I think (according to Target's Weekly Ad online...) and it might even make the deal better since it comes pre-installed with the M&L:DT game and is the same price as a 3DS XL. Although it may not be as easy to find... since it's been out for a while.



Haxonberik said:

Thankfully I've held off from registering a lot of my newer products to CN, including my brother's 2DS, so I'll get the game for sure, but me and my brother already have both and I don't feel like replaying... Maybe I can gift it to a friend?



allav866 said:

@DefHalan I already have everything except Lego City: Undercover and Yoshi's New Island. If I take advantage of this, then I'll probably get the latter.
As for DKC: Returns 3D, it adds an easy mode and 8 levels, as well as stereoscopic 3D and local multiplayer (not download play, unfortunately). The downside is that it isn't as visually impressive as the Wii version, sacrificing framerate (30fps) and lighting effects to fit on a 3DS cartridge. Also, multiplayer isn't as easily accessible, but since you have the Wii version, it'll only be an issue if you want to play those extra levels with a buddy.



Morpheel said:

I have an unregistered console a a game, but oh! Club Nintendo is not interested in my codes.

Too bad for them.



Yomerodes said:

DAMN...Nintendo sure know how to make me get games that I was not going to get it in the first place.

I have at hand an unregistered code for a 3DS...but, while I have Animal Crossing, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, they are already registered, or can't be registered anymore. Meanwhile, I have unregistered codes of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, the game can almost two years after Mario 3D land what arbitrary reason left that game out of this promo?

At this rate, I will have to donwload Yoshi New Island (I have DK on Wii already) other words, get Yoshi and Pokemon for the price of just Yoshi...the issue is that I was not THAT interested in getting any of those two games at full price, but the perspective of getting TWO new first party games at the price of one is difficult to ignore...oh, decisions, decisions.



simonhwsn said:

I have unregistered codes of a 3DS XL and animal crossing, but already have pokemon y :/



Sir_JBizzle said:

@babyguess Thanks. It did explain a bit. It at least tells me that linking and registering are two different processes, at least in the case of the 3DS. The Wii U did it automatically. I have never registered any of my other Nintendo systems, so I thought the 3DS did the same.

Since linking is one of the steps, I hope I still qualify by finally registering my game and system. Though now for a really important question, guys. Pokemon X or Y??



Yomerodes said:


Since I too live in Latin America I got what you are saying...that is the reason why I told Nintendo in all my procedures a little white lie and set my region to U.S.A. ever since I got my first 3DS in 2012, and also when I created my NNID...cheaper games and more promotions, with little to no drawbacks.

Now if only one of my multiple first party games was eligible for this promo, curse you Nintendo.



Megumi said:

...Well I could always get X and sell Y now that the Bank is here. lol



tsm7 said:

@ikki5: Thank you for reminding me why I don't like the internet. I'm entitled to feel or have any opinion I want. If you can't be respectful of that you shouldn't reply. I was expressing disappointment of not being able to partake. That does not make me "pathetic" or "greedy".



MuchoMochi said:

Good thing my 6 year old sister has a 3DS, I'm going to use her 3DS code and buy Yoshi's New Island free Pokemon X for me!



freaksloan said:

I found a new Nintendo 3DS Cobalt Blue with Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for $169.99 with free shipping and no taxes. So might have to buy my 3rd 3DS XL and MK7.



Gold said:

If you already registered a 3DS and one of those games, does that count?



Yomerodes said:


Hahahaha,.,.no. That would be almost like giving free pokemon games to at least 50% 3DS joke, Mario 3D Land, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart 7 are that popular.

This promo is obviously designed to spur the system sales in infamously slow month in this industry, and being the end of the fiscal year a big point to get all the extra sales possible. The promo is not designed to garner the sympathy of the persons that already have the system.

But of course, Nintendo can't avoid that some (a vast minority) of already 3DS users have by coincidence some unregistered codes to enter into this promos. I for one have a system code and multiple first party titles codes (Ocarina, STar Fox, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus)...but rotten luck, none of them enters in the promo (I have 3D Land and New Leaf, but both already registered). This promo is going to give them at least one extra Yohsi New's Island sale, mine.



ChuJelly said:

Aw man, I still have an unregistered New Leaf code, but I've already registered my 3DS a long time ago Wish that you could get one with just the registration of a game. That's that I guess, I don't really need X when I have Y and Z/XY2 will probably be announced within a year or two anyway. I haven't even finished Y yet, in fact... derp.



xav21 said:

My brother and I both have an unregistered XL. I also have Donkey kong country returns and mario kart 7 unregistered. Can I register all four on the same nintendo club account and get two game codes? or do I have to make another club nintendo account?



JaxonH said:

@DefHalan @allav866

DKC Returns 3D is an excellent choice. Really can't go too wrong there. I had the game on Wii ever since it released, and had already beaten the game 100%. But it's just SUCH a great game, I didn't think twice about buying it again for 3DS. @allav866 is correct that the 3DS version runs at 30fps and doesn't look as sharp as on Wii, however, being on a smaller handheld screen, it's super hard to notice. I had no issues playing the game whatsoever. And the 3D, this game was MADE for 3D... It's a superb video game. I highly recommend it on 3DS, even if you do have it on Wii.



Noboty said:

I've a 3DS and a code for New Leaf that I never registered. Free pokemon games for my friends, coming up!



Jllanos22 said:

@tsm7 I agree with u. They should give something to does loyal nintendo fans who are supporting this company in times like this regardless of lack of games or dlc.



Gold_Ranger said:

Nintendo should do it this way definitely.
Its telling those of us that already bought a 3DS and a 3DS XL that "hey, you're loyal, so you get nothing now"

What Nintendo should do is say "Ok, you have it registered already, fine, register these games as well and you can still get the promotion"
And give a list of games to register or have already registered. Maybe 10 or 12 games that need to be registered to be able to be included in this as well.

it just feels crappy that we don't get to be part of any promotions because we are long time loyal Nintendo fans.

The Ambassador Program was fine, but its now 3 years later...
A lot of us have since purchased more than one 3DS, 3DSXL or even a 2DS...



tedko said:

wow, sweet deal for new 3DS owners! and I just realized, for me too! I've been holding off on registering my 3DS XL until next club nintendo year to get me on my way to gold or platinum status, since I'm already at platinum this year. plus I've got MK7 also still unregistered. this is probably a better deal than whatever the gold or platinum prizes will be in 2 years, and I might hit gold next year anyway. thanks Nintendo! sorry to people who feel ripped off who've already registered their 3DS and/or bought Pokemon x/y. But obviously this is to attract new owners. And everyone who really wanted Pokemon x/y probably already bought it. They're not going to give the game away for free at launch. I've actually never really been interested in Pokemon, but this gives people like me a free chance to try it out.



LxkagexL said:

I register my 2DS already like 2 month's ago but i haven't register any of those other games can i still get a copy of pokemon ?



Starwolf_UK said:

@Moorpheel In that case then during March make a Club Nintendo account and register the 3DS XL and eligible game. If the Pokemon download code does not work then you have something to give away but if it does work you get a free copy of Pokemon. You might also get enough coins for a downloadable DSiWare game too...

Club Nintendo only ban non-USA accounts if they find out you are not from the USA (I've only heard one case from an Australian using a forwarding service).



NintendoGamer said:

Wow. This is really really really great. Ever since the whole Twitch Plays Pokemon thing I've been thinking about buying either Pokemon X or Y. I haven't played Pokemon in years and I've been hesitant about purchasing X or Y but now I can get it for free. I also haven't used my Club Nintendo account in a few years so this gives me an excuse to log back in and use it again. This is such great news.



RedBeanPorridge said:

Just registered my game code after registring my 3ds xl code yesterday. Still waiting on my code though which is apparently meant to appear in the 'to-do' window :/



UtopiaXD said:

Just got my code, only took about ten minutes. Never resgistered my ALBW Bundle thank god haha was all too easy. Free Pokemon X



cheapogamer4life said:

Just registered my 3ds xl but unfortunately it was to late when I found out that both mk7 and 3d land had already been registered. Oh, maybe this would be a great time to get AC.



desperate4now said:

That is a great promotion too bad I will not qualify but please would anyone give me the codes to qualify if u do n u have the game too I will trade any pokemon with u



desperate4now said:

@simonhwsn u may hate me for begging but im desperate so since u already have the game would u be kind enough to give me the codes so that I will qualify is it possible to pm it to me

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