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3DS XL Owners Rejoice! Power-Up Pouches Arrive on Club Nintendo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

They're powered up and stuff

Occasionally we post on new additions to the respective Club Nintendo catalogues in different regions, because as loyal gamers that spend a lot of money we like to get the odd "free" treat. Nintendo of Europe is the latest to offer you some bang for your stars, adding "3DS XL Power-Up Pouches" on its Club Nintendo page; we'll forgive the inconsistent use of a hyphen in the names...

These will set Europeans back 2500 stars, with the product description as follows:

This soft draw-string pouch with lined interior, decorated with iconic Mario power-up images, is the ideal way to store your Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo DS or any precious items you have to hand!

For our money these could do with having slightly bolder colours, but perhaps some prefer subtlety. Will you be bringing the Club Nintendo servers to a crashing halt by jumping over to the website to secure a super-duper-power pouch? Let us know in the comments.

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ikki5 said:

well.... it's interesting... I'd rather the cradles though. Not like I can get either anyway now



BakaKnight said:

They look nice I guess ^^
But I already have where to store my 3ds, plus I just got the Luigi relax set and a white cradle, my sky have very few stars left >.>;



Shworange said:

I do like that they've been getting new stuff on the club over the last few weeks. Between the Luigi statue, 18 card game holders, xl cradles and this; it's a good move.



J-Manix98 said:

I got one of the pouches on CN when they were in NA. I like it alot! The seem to have redesigned it though, mine had a pic of a little pixel Mario on it, and was made of a suede-like material.



kotah22 said:

Well, I've just received my blue cradle and I'm gonna get myself the light blue pouch as soon as I collect enough stars.



6ch6ris6 said:

i have an older one in red. love it. always carry my 3DS around with it.
if you have enough stars you should definetly get one of these!



WYLD-WOO said:

I would get one but because of my XL hand grip, it won`t fit in. At least, I dont get the dreaded DS claw anymore.



snoox said:

Dang cud the emblem designs be any more boring? They shud have big fun mario, yoshi, peach, etc designs



TruenoGT said:

I've got an older red one as well and they're pretty nice. Nice way to carry your system around in a pocket without adding much bulk.



Laxeybobby said:

Great stuff, just spent my hard earned stars, 7000 of them, on the 3DSXL cradle and one of these pouches. Been waiting for months for some good Club Nintendo gear.



unrandomsam said:

I want the Hori monster hunter grip from play asia but it needs to drop by about 7p before I will (Otherwise if I get hit with import duty it will be double its price)



Pro-N-Gamer said:

Luigi coin & Luigi's Mansion 2 figurine satisfied me enough already.. Keeping my 3800 stars for something better in the future



Anguspuss said:

if anyone is looking for extra points I have
3ds steel driver
wii sports resort
and nintendo land as well



DarkKirby said:

Options are nice, but when I take my XL out, it needs more protection than a fabric pouch, and it doesn't fit in my pocket (without getting pressured). So I have to carry around a belt attached XL case.



Uberchu said:

2 blues and a gray but no reversing? Lamesause.

Should of been 2 shades of Luigi Green with one reversible red, and one reversible blue.



KnightRider666 said:

@ChuKuNezu: These are actually an awesome way to protect your system in your pocket, believe it or not. I don't even think these are available anymore in NA.



JubilifeRival said:

I was like YES! And then I was like ohh…. Europe… xD. We use coins here, are those basically stars? 2,500 coins is way too much if that's true.



Emblem said:

Think i'm gonna order one, only things i've got in last couple years have been the Pikmin keyrings.



allav866 said:

I've been thinking of upgrading to an XL. It'd be perfect if this came to the US Club Nintendo shop as well.



smikey said:

I'll save all my many stars for the next limited edition statue, got the nintendo character one (mario bowser ect) and the luigi mansion one (which came in less than 2 weeks too they are normally really slow)
I have around 10,000 stars at present and around 12 game to register + some e-shop games to register too so I hope we get a new statue soon maybe a dk one next.
unlikely to use my stars for much else unless it really draws me in which these dont



Azikira said:

Still waiting for the US store to carry SOME sort of safety device for 3DSXL



GamerZack87 said:

Wow, 2500 Stars? That's the same price as the Game & Watch Collection games on Club Nintendo Down Under! Maybe the pricing structure works differently there than it does here.



babyguess said:

These will hopefully hit the Club Nintendo of North America soon. Year of Rosalina would be nice since she's on most of the recent first party titles.



DatFunkySmell said:

I could certainly use one of these. I've been carrying my system around in the little pouch that it comes packaged in the last few months.



ToniK said:

Nice things again. As a citizen of Finland I can just watch you guys ordering this stuff. On Wii I was at least able to gather stars and use them to "buy" WiiWare and Virtual console games. Now I can't even do that.

Or does someone have any ideas? I do have stars on the UK Club Nintendo, I just can't use them.



elstif said:

Why can we get some VC games like in the US?
It will be nice for us gamers here in EU and very easy for them, just send an email with the code and no real cost for them to give out some old games to Nintendo supporters.

I lost all my stars (GC, GBA, DS and wii consoles and games) when they changed websites a few year ago (big mess), had to create a new account. They used to give GC games at the time but they were always sold out...
Now I have quite a lot from Wii U and 3DS and I fear all my stars will expire or I will have to get something lame out of them
I never manage to get anything nice from club nintendo and I own all their consoles and hundreds of games. I always say to myself: keep registering the games, one day I´ll get something nice out all these...



Anguspuss said:

got mine today & its really nice exellent quality. Nicely padded & iner layer is reinforced as well

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