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Monster Savings To Be Had On Nintendo UK's Online Store, But You'll Want To Be Quick

Posted by Damien McFerran

Update: Prices are now back to normal

UPDATE: And that's that. In a matter of minutes, Nintendo UK appear to have fixed many of the prices. If you got in before that happened, let us know if your download code has been honoured.

Original story: Nintendo's online store has gone discount-crazy, with many leading 3DS and Wii U games being sold for much less than the RRP — although it's worth pointing out that these are digital downloads and not physical copies.

At the time of writing, the following games are for sale:

Pikmin 3 (£8.95)
Wonderful 101 (£8.95)
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (£8.95)
LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins (£6.95)
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros (£7.95)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (£7.95)

We're not entirely sure if these discounts are intentional, but we've seen reports on Twitter than sales are being processed as normal. We've reached out to Nintendo UK for comment, and will update this story if we hear anything else. In the meantime, be quick to grab yourself a bargain.


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UberHund said:

Saw this on the Twitter feed so put through purchases for Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3. Definitely wasn't going to buy either at full price (I don't buy a huge amount of games), but for under £10 each it's an absolute bargain. My codes haven't come through yet, but here's hoping they come through without issue.



Cipher said:

I've purchased Mario & Luigi and apparently the download code is going to be "dispatched" via email tomorrow. Maybe they're going to announce some sort of sale tomorrow. For sure, it's the first time any digital downloads have been added to the Nintendo UK Online Store.



Peach64 said:

I'd love it if this was intentional to bring them closer to XBLA and PSN sales. Going to purchase Mario and Luigi. Would love to gift AC to my brother.




Yep, I found this and posted it on the News forum though doesn't look like anybody reads that!

Also, the coloured cradles for 3DS XL are now on the UK Club Nintendo!



NIELS_ said:

does anyone know if these codes also work in other EU countries say Belgium?



Byuu said:

Where do you find digital copies? I only see physical copies right now.



UberHund said:

@nielsadventures : i believe the locking is simple NA, PAL and JPN so you should be fine.

It looks like this is at least a partial error, as Jack says... Pikmin has gone back up, as has Animal Crossing.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I was looking to buy Pikmin 3, but as pointed out it has jumped back to £39.99. Wonderful 101 is massive, I don't think I have enough storage for it on my Wii U, so I'll have to get it physical. I'm feeling blue, now...



Peach64 said:

Ahh, price error after all. I hope they honour them but not holding much hope.



Cipher said:

@UberHund @Peach64 An error it may be, but Nintendo's honouring purchases - I got Mario & Luigi for £7.95 and I've received and redeemed the code. It's downloading as we speak.

Just in case anybody gets charged full price (though I'm sure that wouldn't happen), might be best to err on the side of caution, take a screenshot of the order details showing the lower price.



antonvaltaz said:

Dammit, too slow to get Wonderful 101 - went upstairs to get my wallet, by the time I was back they were out of 'stock' for the download codes.

Still got Mario & Luigi for £8 though, so not all bad...



DuplexGemini said:

My download code for LEGO: City The Chase Begins has arrived and is currently downloading.

Bagged myself 4 other games from the temporary deal and is still awaiting the codes, I assume they'll arrive through.

I seriously wasn't expecting that today

UPDATE: The codes for Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 have arrived, though currently my memory is a bit full and I can't seem to access the eshop atm. It's probably a high amount of traffic on the store I assume. Still waiting for the M&L: DT and DKCR 3D codes.



Gerbwmu said:

Those were some amazing deals for anyone who got them.....Think I would have purchased all of them and sold my physical copy of W101......if I lived in the UK anyway



Damo said:

@Peach64 Thanks for the update - so you got the codes without any trouble? We're hearing reports that some people ordered but are still waiting...



antonvaltaz said:

I'm still waiting for my M&L code, but only bought it a few minutes ago, maybe the sudden rush has delayed things...



UberHund said:

Check your junk mail in case they end up there, mines a bit overzealous and I didn't spot that my 2 codes were misfiled for about 10 minutes. In total it was about 25 minutes between getting confirmation and getting the codes, so the 30 minute timeline on the site is pretty accurate. It seems if you got confirmation you're golden though.



Peach64 said:

@Damo They came through exactly 30 mins after the email confirming the order. Separate email for each code.



rjejr said:

Considering how poorly the Wii U is doing in the UK - did it really sell less than the Vita last year? - then even if these prices were in all likelihood an error I hope Nintendo sees that games can sell if you put them on sale. W101 sold so poorly it probably needs to be at that price, or close to it.

And they should honour the prices, between the low Wii U UK install base and the limited amount of time these were on sale how many were sold? Enough to PO your Wii U owners? They probably weren't going to buy Pikmin 3 and W101 at full price now if they haven't already. Even Animal Crossing must be slowing down by now.



Bulbousaur said:

DANG IT. I might have gotten these if it wasn't in the two hours of the day that I just happened to not have a computer near me...



WiiLovePeace said:

Darn, I would've loved M&L or LCU: The Chase Begins at an extra cheap price. Sadly I just got back from work. Oh well, maybe next time,



Nintenjoe64 said:

I feel like I missed it by seconds. I could only justify W101 and that would have meant I needed to buy an HDD but when I got there the only one showing was Pikmin and it was sold out!

It would be nice if this taught Nintendo that if they put all the games on the VC and did random discounts they would still be able to sell old games just as well as they can with their drip feed tactic. I wonder how many W101 sold today (also how many ZombiUs sold when it was £7.99 on the eshop....)



JackPepsi said:

Managed to snag mario and luigi dream team, but missed pikmin 3 and DK returns - hope the dream team code comes through.

I hope it sparks an idea of reducing some estore prices, most of the estore pricing is higher than retail and locked to console (rather than an account, which horrifies me).



JtotheY said:

@JackPepsi It is horrifying, every time I want to purchase a game that costs over €20, I start to get scared that IF my Wii U breaks down, I've got nothing left.



ejamer said:

Sweet deal. Hopefully Nintendo honors the mistake (at least it looks like a mistake) and everyone gets to keep their cheap games. I'd love to grab Pikmin and Wonderful 101 at those prices... although still prefer physical copies over digital.



MadAdam81 said:

Just missed it - and living in Australia the codes would work (I think) but if not, I'd give the code away and not worry about losing such a small amount of money.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Not exactly the same but have loads of dirt cheap Wii U games, most going cheaper brand new than second hand. I am tempted by £31 for Wii Party U + Remote. For those who want to play CoD, BO2 is only £15 now.



Peach64 said:

What's kind of cool is these might count towards the chart. I know digital downloads don't, but I thought those codes sold by Game did. Since these are ordered through a retail website and 'dispatched' after the point if payment, it's a little different to the direct downloads through the eShop.



Gerbwmu said:

@Nintenjoe64 - I picked up at 2TB Toshiba HDD at BestBuy for $50 and I'm glad I much space that if anything comes up on the Eshop I want I don't have to worry. Tough luck on missing out on W101.....its an awesome game once you get a few levels in to get a feel for the controls



BigBluePanda said:

Ah, I kept trying but it kept saying there was errors with my card details every time I tried to pay oh well



Reala said:

Having had the misfortune of dealing with the nintendo store UK myself; I'm all too familiar with how clueless and incompetent they are, so this price mistake is hardly a surprise, happens a few times on steam too actually.



capriboy said:

Club Nintendo reward... where are the new games?
Baloon Fight and Lost Levels until Jan 12... now Jan 13...
Someone asks the trainee to update the games!



Platypus101 said:

@JtotheY my Wii broke down... Was fixed. All games were replaced, although only one game came back without save data. Not much to worry about really.



unrandomsam said:

Even at those prices it is still double what Tesco offloaded tons of stock at. (They were selling DKCR 3D at £3.75)



felix330 said:

Anyone else still didn't get their code? I'm starting to doubt my order will be honored.



MJKOP said:

Dog gone! Wish I got to take advantage of that!! Well done to anyone that did!



LittleIrves said:

Though it'd be nice to see this as a test for huge steam-like sales, I really think Nintendo is scared to do something like that regularly, as it teaches consumers to just wait for the inevitable reduction and never buy anything full price. The market is changing so drastically, though, that maybe it's the only way to get people's dollars anymore... Worries me, to be honest, when people value games so poorly that $20 is seen as expensive.



jimolya said:

Managed to order W101 over three hours ago but no code yet! Still saying "Order processing" and "awaiting stock pick" on my account. Hope it comes through!



Doma said:

Congrats to those who got stuff. This kind of sale goes against everything Nintendo stands for.

I bet they're pissed, lol.



unrandomsam said:

@LittleIrves They difficulty has been nerfed so much by Nintendo that in terms of value for money it is terrible. If they released the same stuff at NES/SNES/GB/GBC type difficulty then it would be good value for money for me.



Webby-sama said:


They just changed the Club Nintendo game rewards.

3DS -
Game and Watch: Cement Factory (100 coins)
Spin Six (150 coins)

Wii U -
F-Zero (200 coins)
1080 Snowboarding (200 coins)

Available until 9 February,



sinalefa said:

It seems this is the only way some people are willing to get Pikmin 3 and W101. Too bad because both are awesome games.

I can understand people willing to have discounts, but not having dirt cheap games. That is good for the consumer, not for the developer.



dougphisig said:

FYI for person asking about new games on club Nintendo they are up when you go check rewards even though it doesn't show it on the main screen. Game & Watch: Cement Factory, Spin Six both for 3DS and F-Zero & 1080 Snowboarding for Wii U



capriboy said:

for those who like to collect, like me, is justified by the media pay more (box, booklets, transportation, income from the shops).
What is not justified is to charge the same for a game via download, where the cost is minimal to distribute content.



arronishere said:

Got my code for Pikmin 3, just a shame that all the other games either didn't tickle my fancy or I already had.



jimolya said:

Just got my W101 code after almost 5 hours. So happy that I managed to get it for £8.95



DuplexGemini said:

5 hours later, I have now received my remaining codes for DKCR 3D and M&L: DTB. I already own those games, but I ain't complaining to have them digitally in the event I don't have the cartridges to play them on for a more efficient price than usual.

Pikmin 3 and LEGO: City are all installed, with Wonderful 101 still downloading. I probably could have got another copy as a gift to a person I know, though I don't know too many people who use the eshop much on their consoles. Ah well, happy to know I've caught a nice bargain today .



AmazonianBeauty said:

I'm really glad to have gotten 2 games from this very very brief sale, i bought Dream Team Bros and Lego City Undercover, i thought for a little while i wasn't going to receive my redeem codes especially for the price they were discounted to, so glad nintendo honoured these sales and everyone bought something good



omi65 said:

Got Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, Mario & Luigi and Donkey Kong 3D.

Really didn't expect them to honour the order but downloading all 4 now.



HaNks said:

shame nintendo would never do anything like this deliberately...hopefully they realise that you make more money on pure volume with steam level discounts.



Tritonus said:

Anyways, congrats to all the new Pikmin 3 users, that game is awesome, and for that price too... god! Be sure to get the dlc!

Maybe this will help a little word of mouth on said games.



LztheQuack said:

@HaNks I disagree. Consumers will most likely wait for deals like this to happen again, effectively undermining the original cost



unrandomsam said:

@DarkwingLz Wouldn't undermine the original cost for stuff that is available used only but cheaply. (Difference between them getting something and nothing). They already stopped putting much on Nintendo Selects (Or anything for portables). At the moment the stuff has a premium price but it is so short and easy it is not worth what they ask most of the time.



Kolzig said:

Shame the shop is only for UK, would've been great if this had been available for whole Europe.

The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 and Animal Crossing would've definitely been purchased by me with those crazy discount prices. Lego City Undercover too if it was the Wii U version and not 3DS.

It would be really great to see Nintendo really push The Wonderful 101 for all the millions of Wii U users. That game needs more recognition.



HaNks said:

@DarkwingLz i'm afraid not. pretty much every publisher these days runs frequent, largely discounted sales on their digital content, especially for titles that have been out a while. even on the eshop (ubisoft). nobody would do this if they were making less money overall. it drives sales when they have otherwise dried up or are too slow. simple economics. you get good data from it too, useful for maximising profits in the future.

problem with nintendo is they come at the software market in a different way, keep prices high forever. it can work at retail, but it's not well suited to cultivating a strong digital ecosystem.



felix330 said:

@Kolzig The codes work perfectly fine in the rest of Europe too. I successfully bought Mario & Luigi from Germany.



Anguspuss said:

After getting the pikmen & wonderfull 101 I got the premium £5 voucher as well.
That will pay for trine 2 when its on sale tomorrow



Crafton said:

Got Dream Team, Wonderful 101, Donkey Kong & Lego City =D that's me set for the next few months now!

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