Don't let those hits make you big-headed...

The 3DS may have blazed ahead with tasty sales figures this year of the back of major retail game releases, but it's easy to forget that it has more to offer. StreetPass is still cited by some as the best thing since bread was first sliced, and is a concept that's spawned many meet-up groups around the world; in essence, it helps to bring gamers together.

Nintendo of America is aiming to raise awareness and buzz around the feature on the weekend of 14th/15th December, announcing its StreetPass Weekend. The main feature of the event is that the data stored in Nintendo Zone points — these now distribute hits for the last six visitors that have passed — will be mixed up around North America. Rather than receive hits for other 3DS owners in the same state, gamers in the region can pick up data from others around the full continent.

The trailer below also advises that you take your 3DS / 2DS to events such as New Year's Eve parties; we're not sure that's the best idea, really. Are you planning to target some Nintendo Zone hits next weekend?