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Nintendo of America Announces StreetPass Weekend and Nintendo Zone Shake-Up

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

You should also take your 3DS / 2DS to your New Year party, apparently

The 3DS may have blazed ahead with tasty sales figures this year of the back of major retail game releases, but it's easy to forget that it has more to offer. StreetPass is still cited by some as the best thing since bread was first sliced, and is a concept that's spawned many meet-up groups around the world; in essence, it helps to bring gamers together.

Nintendo of America is aiming to raise awareness and buzz around the feature on the weekend of 14th/15th December, announcing its StreetPass Weekend. The main feature of the event is that the data stored in Nintendo Zone points — these now distribute hits for the last six visitors that have passed — will be mixed up around North America. Rather than receive hits for other 3DS owners in the same state, gamers in the region can pick up data from others around the full continent.

The trailer below also advises that you take your 3DS / 2DS to events such as New Year's Eve parties; we're not sure that's the best idea, really. Are you planning to target some Nintendo Zone hits next weekend?

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Pichubby said:

i've never got a nintendo zone streetpass to work, sometimes not even nintendozone. hope that my nearby ones fix this.



Cartographer said:

This actually gets me excited! Me and my kids enjoy going out ever now and then StreetPass hunting. We will definitely take advantage of this! Hopefully this brings more awareness to the feature and becomes a regular thing.



Ronoh said:

@linktothepichu I usually wait a minute or two in the Nintendo Zone to make sure I received the tags. And in some cases, locations that usually work will not have their Wifi enabled at that particular moment which sucks. Also in a few cases, some locations near my home have such low traffic that I think I was the first person to enter the zone with a 3DS since the network update.



SCAR said:

My brother is gonna be happy about this. I can tell you that much...



Arianabtd said:

I'm very excited, since I don't get streetpasses frequently nintendo zone locations are my only option for getting them. So this is pretty great for me.



SuperCharlie78 said:

We should talk about HomePass...

and the four DLC games are awesome, I'm looking forward for more content.
BTW, here in Italy, since the 6 hits upgrade, you take hits from all regions and sometimes from other european countries.



GalacticMario28 said:

I'd like to take advantage of this, but I live in the middle of nowhere, so there are no Nintendo Zones around for miles. Oh, well.



millarrp said:

I plan to take advantage of this, hopefully the weather warms up to the point where I can venture out



bluecat said:

@linktothepichu Yeah as Ronoh said, it sometimes takes a few minutes. Best luck I've had is at Starbucks since its pretty much mandatory that their WiFi work so people will come and use their laptops there. XD



Mainer82 said:

I usually drive around a McDonald's once (I don't have to go in for this to work) and pick up the street passes, I've been doing this more lately in an attempt to get Shadow Links for ALBW.



Spoony_Tech said:

@linktothepichu I've have plenty of problems as well but the one place I don't seem to have any problems is Home Depot. I got 15 there the other day. I believe they have at least 3 wifi spots to cover the whole store.

Yep I've been streetpass obsessed over the last couple of weeks. Almost done with the puzzles, Monster Manor, and Warriors Way! The local Home Depot is probably starting to wonder why a car is just sitting there then leaves without coming in lol. I did however buy a couple of thing some of those days!



Windy said:

It's great that they started the streetpass zones with ATT wifi. Before it started I got like 20 streetpass hits in 2 years time. Now I get 10 streetpass hits a day. It's working great and my work is a streetpass zone I hope they don't shut it down like they did swapnote



SethNintendo said:

I've never been able to get Nintendo Zone to work. I would try to load it up at a supposed Nintendo Zone location and it would take about 4-5 mins loading (something?) then I would get some error message. Perhaps the McDonalds location isn't a Nintendo Zone but I believe it is. I've given up on it after getting 3-4 failed attempts. Plus, I hardly eat fast food so I'm not going to go there just to get another failed attempt. I might try one more time just to see if I get any street passes.



luigifan2000 said:

i remember passing by a mcdonalds and getting a streetpass from somebody from a place off the map.



MagicEmperor said:

My local McDonald's Nintendo Zone must have become defective or something, because it has stopped giving StreetPasses. I used to go there to and from work to get hits, but it seems that well has run dry. A pity of that lasts forever; I could use this Weekend event!



Linkuini said:

My my, I sure do get a lot of StreetPass tags here at my engineering college. It adds a fascinating strategic dimension to Monster Manor, I must say. La la la, such a shame so many of you are missing out on all of this fun I get to have.



ikki5 said:

Nintendo Zones in Canada are pretty much useless. There is next to nothing on it. Can't watch the Pokemon episodes because they are not available in my region and the rest is all trailers and such.



triforcepower73 said:

I've gotten a few Nintendo Zone Streetpasses before, but I can never get the actual Nintendo Zone app to work for some reason.



sinalefa said:

"The trailer below also advises that you take your 3DS / 2DS to events such as New Year's Eve parties; we're not sure that's the best idea, really."

Of course it is a great idea. If you lose it, you have to buy another one! And if not, you get a lot of streetpasses. Win-win for Nintendo

With that said, I am not into streetpasses. I feel ripped off when I get new ones and I waste them all in Find Mii because no one wears a yellow shirt to beat the ghost that has me stuck for months. Then you turn it off and they disappear.



Gold_Ranger said:

All of the Best Buy's near me have Broken Nintendo Zones Relays.
They keep saying that they will get them fixed, but it's been over a year!



Zemus-DJ said:

Could help, try Logging into there Wifi by going onto the Internet..... you have to sign in and agree to there terms ect..... I noticed it wasn't working for me a few days, did that and now it's been working again



Benjelo said:

I am in a fairly populated location so if I just take a car ride then sometimes I get streetpass tags. I'm glad they have this, I will be sure to go to a barnes and nobles or something to get some regions I'm missing. I actually have like half of Canada from a trip I recently took there but I only have the majority of New England (where I live) so I still have a lot to go



sleepinglion said:

Sounds like a great idea!
I've had luck locally at several McDonald's locations and a few Gamestops.
Usually McD's only shows 3 folks or so, though, and it's pretty rare in my area to get a full 6.



Gioku said:

@Spoony_Tech Yeah, not only was I surprised that Home Depot had Nintendo Zone in the first place (why Home Depot of all places), but it works completely automatically and starts downloading stuff for me straight away, and I was able to play games online there without any setup... talk about weird, lol.



WanderingPB said:

My son and i used to be very big on streetpasses but after being bombarded with hundreds of streetpasses at the Pokemon XY launch event in NYC we are more relaxed about it all together.

I hope they release an update to add more to the streetpass games because we're just about done with all of them unfortunately

@sinalefa once u clear Finding Mii and start Finding Mii 2 u can hire old allies (which means everyone and every color u have ever tagged) for play coins that should help some frustrating encounters



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

Our local AT&T Mobile store and McDonald's don't work but Home Depot, Barnes and Noble (with a Starbucks), and Best Buy work great. I'll hit those places next weekend.

Oh, our local Best Buy had about 50 Wii U consoles in stock the last time I was in there. They were just piled on the floor. Not locked in a cabinet. I was tempted. One of these days I'm going to buy one.



Kolzig said:

Would love to have this mixup concept also in Europe. Sounds like fun!



CureDolly said:

I am rather out of things where I live so I don't think we have any of these things. When I was in Japan I would get as many streetpasses in a week as I get in a year here - and I was in a quite rural area.



spinthelights said:

@ninjapenguin1 That's a shame - driving along I-90 through MT I get StreetPasses from people all over the US who are driving through or visiting, and the Starbucks, McDonalds and Barnes & Nobles in most larger towns give me hits daily. In my local area there are a few regulars, which is actually pretty cool as the personal greetings have become entire conversations with local strangers.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Pretty excited about this! I get ~5 StreetPasses on campus a day and get ~3-5 per Nintendo Zone in my immediate area (of which there are about 12). One of the McDonald's wouldn't work at first but I get Relay hits all the time now from that one. While StreetPass Relays aren't an exact science, I've ALWAYS found that if you're getting Internet connectivity full-blast at a Nintendo Zone location but can't get the green light denoting StreetPass hits, simply shutdown/restart your 3DS/XL, wait for about 1.5 minutes, and you'll get the green. Always works for me.



ericthecheese said:

I'm super excited about this. It's amazing that something so simple like filling out a Region Map and collecting puzzle pieces could be so addictive. I routinely get multiple relays from four area McDonalds, and the Barnes and Noble is inside a Simon Mall in my area, so I walk away with multiple hits when I go there. Whoever came up with the Relay Pass idea was a genius.



theblackdragon said:

Home Depot, Ruby Tuesdays, and McDonalds... those locations, i get it (kinda — at least the local Home Depot is right next to Target and Best Buy). But the Greyhound station? Really? I suppose they don't realize the bus station here in town is where the local fuzz go to catch all their drug dealers and prostitutes, lol. Here's hoping no one gets mugged for their 3DS trying to get those Nintendo Zone hits!



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Nintendo should really update StreetPass Mii Plaza so that Mexico has a region map. I've met Miis from different areas of Mexico yet there's no map to show for it. Yet, I've met at least 5 Miis from Anguilla (a place I've never even heard of until I saw it in my Plaza); apparently, there are a lot of Anguilla implants in my region. =D



SMW said:

According to the map, the McDonalds I go by every single day has a Nintendo Zone. I guess driving by or sitting at a stop light isn't close enough! lol

I'll try to hit up some real Nintendo Zones for that weekend, though!



Kitsune_Rei said:

That's really cool, but I wish it was like that more often and not just this two day event!
I am fortunate that the main companies that have it are fairly prolific in my area.



JustinH said:

@c1pher_c0mplet I think Anguilla is the first option on the list. A lot of the 3DSes I pass in stores seem to have that set as their region (I obviously don't live there)

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