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Tue 29th Oct 2013

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spinthelights commented on Nintendo of America Announces StreetPass Weeke...:

@ninjapenguin1 That's a shame - driving along I-90 through MT I get StreetPasses from people all over the US who are driving through or visiting, and the Starbucks, McDonalds and Barnes & Nobles in most larger towns give me hits daily. In my local area there are a few regulars, which is actually pretty cool as the personal greetings have become entire conversations with local strangers.



spinthelights commented on Review: EDGE (Wii U eShop):

Did anyone find it a bit offputting that there is an add for another game (Toki Tori 2+) right on the front menu of a paid game? It's like trailers they stick in retail Blu-Rays.