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Nicalis: Kemco's Mobile RPG Grinsia Coming to 3DS

Posted by Tim Latshaw

May give retro fans a reason to smile

Fans of the old-school JRPG style may want to keep an eye on developer Nicalis, as it's recently announced plans to bring Kemco’s Grinsia to the 3DS.

The reveal was made in an exclusive two-page interview with Nicalis’s Tyron Rodriquez in Nintendo Force magazine. Grinsia is among Kemco’s number of RPGs available on iOS and Android platforms, designed with a 16-bit feel in mind.

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Rodriguez has hinted that the game may come with a new musical arrangement, but further details are unavailable at this time.

On a sidenote, Rodriguez also spoke of the WiiWare version of modern classic Cave Story, unfortunately saying it was “not successful.”

Is Grinsia something you might pick up on 3DS? What would be the deciding factors in you decision? Let us know in the comments.


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felix330 said:

I played some of Kemco's games on Android and found them decidedly average. Not bad for an RPG on android but considering the great titles available for DS and 3DS I don't see any reason for me to buy this. Of course, this version does have the advantage of the controls probably not being horrible.



Einherjar said:

The title alone will get it a pretty...weird reputation over here in germany. Grinsia looks and sounds like the german word "grinsen" (to grin) which is rather unfortunate



Emblem said:

Not sure about Kemco's RPGs being 3DS worthy, i've tried a couple on my tablet and they are nothing special.



unrandomsam said:

I don't think they are good enough to bother bringing to 3DS especially at Niaclis 4-10 times the price.

People think it is bad when stuff is just converted 1$ = £1 (I think it less bad than most people think given that 20% vat is added and there is no sales tax on the US price).

if Niaclis was doing it would be 1$ = £10



unrandomsam said:

(There is many good choices for a controller with Android and there will be very soon with ios at least one good choice).



Aqueous said:

I'm not sure. Doesn't look too special. Also Grinsia for Grind?
Also two goddess and 6 treasures? Ponies?



Dpullam said:

I'll check out some videos of it when I get the chance. I'm just not too sure if I am still interested in playing any more 16 bit JRPG games since modern RPGs have been more entertaining for me. I guess I'll find out if this game is worth considering once I check out some videos.



fushimushi said:

I played this on my phone (the apk version from websites) and this game is amazing I would definitely pick it up ^^



BooJoh said:

Best part of the trailer: "Comical and amusing characters" followed by stiff, awkward, and emotionless dialog.



RR529 said:

Well I liked Sword of Hope II, so I guess I could look into this

More RPGs is never a bad thing, but first, where are Yatagaratsu & Guxt? (which were announced long ago)



pixelman said:

Hmmmmmm. Not sure about this one. I love my classic JRPGs to death, but this one looks pretty generic.



BooJoh said:

@mariobro4 They did specify WiiWare, so other versions may have been successful, but I think WiiWare still had/has the dreaded sales threshold that a game must pass before the publisher sees any profits.




Already own the game but haven't played it yet (so many Kemco RPG's backlogged on my tablet).

Woohoo, 2nd font sighting on this site in 1 week The game's logo uses my "Combustion II" font, stretched out with a tweaked s.



supermage65 said:

Looks super generic. Most "classic tribute" mobile games tend to be pretty lazily made, so I'll probably end up passing this.



AVahne said:

Well I already have this and a bunch of other Kemco JRPGs on Android, so no point in getting this on 3DS.
But huh...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Looks interesting...shame it obviously suffers from a lackluster localization. When even the TRAILER makes that so blatantly apparent, you're clearly doing something wrong.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Okay, at first this seemed interesting, but the lame dialogue and the completely overused turn-based RPG system killed it for me...



Aerona said:

Other than the admittedly awesome character portraits that does look sadly generic.



Bassman_Q said:

Looks pretty generic and boring imo. I think I'll pass, or at least wait for a review first.



Zodiak13 said:

My mind says, "old school clone that wont hold a candle to the amazing RPG's of yesterdecade". My heart says "ooooh RPG, must have". I know which one will win out in the end...



JayceJa said:

this looks acceptable, but with so many other options out there, i probably wouldnt get it
i find it hard to justify playing an ok rpg throwback instead of just replaying a game like chrono trigger/FF4/5/6 etc. since the throwbacks very rarely come close to the fun of playing them even for the hundredth time



tyrone said:

Hey Tim, thanks for spreading the news! My name is spelled Tyron(e) Rodri(g)uez!
For anyone who mentioned it, the game is getting entirely new localization from a super-secret team who specializes in making JRPG dialog awesome.



TingLz said:

Super-secret team?

@tyrone: Out of curiosity, what in this game made it stand out among all the mobile games? What interested Nicalis into localizing it for the eShop?



tyrone said:

@LzQuacker and super-awesome. We're still handling the re-programming, but we're having an outside team handle the localization as well as the new audio.



unrandomsam said:

I think I would rather have Evoland or Anodyne (Or an item shop tale) than this. (But I don't agree with paying tons more for the same game regardless of whether it is tarted up or not).

I might have bought VVVVV if it was a similar price to the original version.

(Super Hexagon is an exception I would buy that with 3D at any price - without a second thought at up to £15 anyway).

I would rather have the golden age Square RPG's that never been released in English as well. (As far as I know stuff like Romancing Saga 3 / Seiken Dentsu 3 / Star Ocean (Super Famicom) is as good as anything else that was translated). Far more expensive to do but far more worth it.

(Don't think it will compete with the DS JRPG's that are available so cheaply. Dragon Quest VI or IX you can easily get for less than £10 for example).

I cannot see it being worth more than £2 compared to those.
(I have played a fair few of these Kemco RPG's).



unrandomsam said:

@LzQuacker Deciding in advanced whether something is going to be niche or not is not good for the people making that stuff. Afterwards fine but deciding it in advanced seems to remove any chance of it not being.

(Animal Crossing could have been niche but somehow it was decided it was not going to be.)

If people avoided commenting about whether it was going to be niche or we would more than likely get a greater selection of different games.

All sorts of different stuff used to be made. (With the cost of actually making the carts being massive in comparison they cost next to nothing now).



Freeon-Leon said:

Looks a lot like FF VI and its characters look a little bit meh... I'll wait for the review.



datamonkey said:

This is very nice Nicalis but how about you first release CAVE STORY+ in Europe first eh?!?!?!?!

Pretty please?



felix330 said:

@KnightRider666 I don't think many people would buy a 40$ cartridge for an 8$ smartphone game that has also been available for as low as 1$ before. It wouldn't make sense to release this on cartridge.



Windy said:

I have it on my Android and it's pretty good. Very old School which there is nothing wrong with that. I will be ticked though if they stamp a 9.99 price on it or above that. The game is 7.99 in the Android Market. Depending on pricing I might have to lift that Ban I have against Nicalis......Sorry Europe Im currently boycotting any games which Nicalis brings out until Europe gets Cave Story. It's just not fair nor cool. What do you guys think? I have played Grinsia already. Should I just keep the Boycott going? It's just my own little dumb thing but It makes me feel like im supporting you guys in Europe. I also had Bought Cave Story and Nightsky before this started so really I just haven't bought Ikachan. Grinsia could be added to my Boycott



Windy said:

As Far as the game goes it feels like a mix of Final Fantasy and Lunar. I liked it very much and it's one of the very few Android games I stuck too and beat. Most RPG fans will be very happy to have this on their 3DS if the Price is right. There is a track record in the Eshop though to Jack up the prices on these Android Conversions up to 6X what they cost in those markets. Only Gunman Clive kept its Original price that I can think of and that got a real nice 3D Treatment



TingLz said:

@Windy If you want to continue, that's your choice. Just keep in mind that Nicalis is an American publisher, so bringing stuff to Europe may be tough for them.

@KnightRider666 As a business, you need to make sure that people would buy a physical release. Just because you would buy it doesn't mean that everyone else will. Also keep in mind that they would charge more for a physical release ($15-20).

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