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Feature: Some Early Miiverse Favourites From Art Academy: SketchPad

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Lots of talent on display

Last week brought the release of Art Academy: SketchPad, a Wii U eShop tool-set that's a budget-priced warm-up for a full app to come at a later date; it gives artists a chance to show what they can do on Miiverse. It means that Wii U owners are no longer restricted to sharing monochromatic drawings, and though the app is lacking lessons it's still well worth consideration, as we suggested in our Art Academy SketchPad review.

Plenty of Wii U owners have clearly taken the plunge, with the app's Miiverse community already swelling to well over 30,000 participants. Despite it being available for less than a week we've already seen some outstanding efforts, so thought we'd highlight some that have caught our eye so far.

Below — in no particular order — are ten drawings that we've enjoyed, and we're sure that many, many more will come in the future. Some of these are from our own Activity Feeds, others from the Nintendo Life forums and others from throughout the app's community. Not all are game related, but we think all are pleasing on the eye.





ofulon — For some context read this






So those are some that we've appreciated so far — let us know what you think and post your own masterpieces or discoveries in the comments below.

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Adam said:

I love that the Wii U attracts all these talented artists. I'd give up all my other talents if I could learn to draw half so well. Now I just need to get other talents so I can give them up.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I tried to draw a Heisenberg (Walter White) as new challenger for Smash Bros. for about 20 mins before deciding I can't draw. Will keep trying though!



Einherjar said:

"BooHoo The WiiUs gamepad touchscreen is a resistive one. This is soooo bad"
Remember that kind of whining ? And now look at "Mii beer"
Yeah...its inacurate as hell this "old tech resistive touchcscreen"



MegaManEP3 said:

I spent a good 30 minutes last night looking at drawings in the Miiverse community. I'm always so impressed with all the art people are able to create with the GamePad.



Pinkkitty said:

I couldn't stop laughing at ofulan's pic. It is hilariously spot on.
But these are amazing, I like the Lugia and SS one best



jpfan1989 said:

On my phone "Mii Beer" looks like a photo, I had to zoom in to tell that it wasn't.



Alienfish said:

I don't understand all the low self esteem going on. "failed on the trees" "not experienced with color, but did what I could." I was chatting with someone else on Miiverse who used a very effective and balanced color scheme but they also said they sucked with colors. To all of those people who don't think they know enough about drawing, I suggest this magical tool called Google. Ask about color schemes and shading techniques.



Einherjar said:

@b23cdq This may be the case, i dont really know though It was just my take on all the people talking the thing down for not "beeing like an iPhone" and not on the tech itself It has its pros and cons, but compared to the only capacitive touchscreen i own (a PS Vita) i like the haptic of the WiiUs Gamepad screen a lot more.



Einherjar said:

@Alienfish I guess it comes from the populat trend of "internet bashing / bullying" nowadays. If you look at art, some of the paintings look like a complete accident, like someone dropped a bucket of paint, and it is still regarded as a masterpiece.
Just do your thing, it doesnt need to be like anything else, even doodles have their distinctive charm. Be proud of what you acomplished, whatever it may be. As long as you put effort into it, it has meaning



Sir420 said:

@DePapier you can quickly see these and many more by going to the community and clicking "Popular Posts." I wish they would link it here at NL, but that's my work around.



rjejr said:

I really need to figure out the Miiverse stuff. I know everybody was talking about it non-stop from the Wii U's launch up until Pikmin 3 released but I haven't quite figured it all out yet. I set up my NNID, and linked my Wii U to my Club Nintendo account (filled out the survey for my 160 coins), and possibly joined communities for Google View and Panorama, and accessed Miiverse from this PC, but I don't know what to do w/ the start up Wara Wara plaza besides zoom in and out and click on people.

So, how do I view these? (besides the obvious "go to this page on the Wii U web browser".) Do I need to purchase the app or are these available to anyone or do I need to join a community first? Anybody want to give me a "Miiverse for noobs" guidebook link it would be much appreciated.



Sir420 said:

@rjejr Tap the Miiverse icon on the bottom of the game selection screen. It looks like three green people. You can also get there by clocking home and selecting the same icon.

To get there from Wara Wara plaza, click on a person and then "View Post in Miiverse," or something like that.



tovare said:

Cool community as well My 6 year old drew a car (not very good looking even for his age) and got several yeahs anyway, he was thrilled.



JaxonH said:

On the bottom of your Wii U menu, there are 5 colored icons. The green 3 people is Miiverse, the orange shopping bag is eShop, the blue globe is the Internet Browser, the red television is Nintendo Tvii, and the turquoise word cloud is Notifications.

If you press the HOME button, you will also see these icons (with the exception of Notifications- that one is only available on the Wii U menu), in addition to Friend List and Download Management. The icons in the HOME Menu are labeled so you should have no problem knowing what's what. Accessing Miiverse from the HOME Menu is preferable, since you can press the HOME button at any time during game play to launch it.

Consequently, that is how you post screen shots to Miiverse: during gameplay, simply press the HOME button whenever you wish to freeze the screen for the shot, press the green Miiverse icon to launch Miiverse (if accessed during gameplay, you will automatically be taken to that game's community), make sure you're in the "New Posts" tab at the top, and press "Post" at the bottom right hand corner. You will then be able to type or handwrite a new post, and if you wish to add a screenshot, you can click the plus icon shown at the top of your post as you're creating it. It will automatically upload a screenshot of the tv exactly as it was when you pressed the HOME button to pause it.

You can also now tag your posts to label them for future reference. To do so, click the Tag icon next to "Spoilers" at the bottom of the message you're creating, and choose from Question, Accomplishment, Impressions, or No Tag. You can also click "Spoilers" to hide your post from the community until clicked on, if you're posting info that could spoil the game for someone.

To access different communities, click "Communities" on the Miiverse menu bar along the left-hand side. You will then see several lists of communities- Wii U Games, Special, Virtual Console, and Other. Scroll through the lists to find the one you wish to view. Once in a specific community, you can click the small yellow star outline shown at the top right of the community page to make it a Favorite. All of your favorite communities can be accessed from the Communities page by clicking the tab in the uppermost right-hand corner of the page that says "Favorite Communities". It's a real time-saver to access the communities you visit often.



Sean_Aaron said:

@tovare yeahs are what keeps my daughter using Miiverse more than anything else. She's quite advanced in art and loves drawing, but the immediate feedback just keeps her coming back for more. I expect this app will mean she does a lot less drawing on my iPad; especially once they lift the portfolio limit and add more tools.



MeWario said:

These are great but ofulon's is the best. Hahaha I've always loved that picture, cant help but laugh every time I see it.



StraTTtheRipper said:

I've drawn a couple so far, but they are nothing compared to art like those above...Miiverse has a lot of talented gamers out there!



SphericalCrusher said:

picks jaw up off the floor wow... I can barely draw a stick figure, but these are mind blowing. I would buy a picture of almost all of these... to put in my game room or office. lol



rjejr said:

@JaxonH @Sir420 - Thank you both.

JaxonH, Ive been reading here at NL for about 6 or 7 years but your post will be the first thing I've ever printed out.

I think my problem is two-fold, no friends and no games (just every demo on eShop so far, may open Nintendo Land tomorrow after our day long hike ), but I'll get it all together eventually.

And now for something completely different - I've always thought it odd that Wii U eShop articles don't show up on the Wii U page and I really don't see why the Wii U eShop even needs it's own page - who's buying stuff from there without a Wii U? - but for an article about an app sold on the eShop that makes pictures to be viewed on your Wii U not showing up on either of those pages seems really odd. (The Wii U page, and not the home page, is my bookmark, so I notice these things. Probably nobody else does though.)



AlbertoC said:

@Jray: Like this

[ img ][ /img ]

Without the spaces.



QuickSilver88 said:

Simply amazing....being a technical type with no artististic ability whatsoever I am just blown away as I knew I would be when they announced the new tools. MiiVerse is so cool.....just imagine what the full Art Academy for WiiU will entail and the level of tools and works it will result in.



AlbertoC said:

Translation of the japanese comments, because i felt like doing it.

エイエス AIS.LV01
Blending colors and the five clothfolds were the most time consuming elements. Drawing art is great! I wouldn't change natural controls. It's best for high-res pictures.

おふろ ofulon
I tried to draw THAT apparently forgotten by everyone piece of art...

おこめ happak
マイホーム My home

かっちゃん ka2kazken
金麦Mii Beer (Kinmugi is a trademark for beer)

ルノ runo0207
深海の主 Master of the deep seas



hcfwesker said:

I'm shocked Miiverse admins didn't take down the Mii Beer one. It looks amazing, but them miiverse admins are silly with their word filtering and how they censor posts.
We have words we don't allow either as per our Rules — TBD



Veloster said:

I don't even like Pokemon, but YEAH! Lol.

These pictures are amazing, I feel like I could draw these (let me finish), but when it comes to using colours, shades and bringing these pictures 'to life' - that's where these guys stand apart.



ThomasBW84 said:

@rjejr That was an oversight in this case, as I forgot to set the "section", in this case to both but primarily Wii U, due to Miiverse.

On the Wii U and Wii U eShop sections query, I personally think it's a good way to categorise as the markets / games / devs between the two are very different, and we like to give a focus to download developers and games which could get lost in with the main Wii U stuff.



Araknie said:

@Einherjar Yes, because it's a new kind of resistive all made for stylus technology, of course if you use fingers it's worse but that's why Nintendo provided with it a stylus.

That's all.

But there's also actually people lazy enough that they complain about taking out the stylus because it requires 3 seconds of their time...

Mmmmmm, not sure if the world is imploding or my mind losing brain cells.



rjejr said:

@ThomasBW84 - "That was an oversight in this case,"

Well in that case, your welcome

On your other point, I've edited my bookmark to the front page ( in an effort to be less annoying.

It's nice that you want to give special attention to the indies - some of my favorite Wii games are indies - World of Goo, Chick Chick Boom, Swords and Soldiers - but I was missing out by bookmarking the Wii U page in an effort to keep track of it the past 2 years while the Wii lingered and I'm not a handheld kind of guy. Now that I'm a Wii U owner I'm less laser focused.



rjejr said:

@Araknie - "But there's also actually people lazy enough that they complain about taking out the stylus because it requires 3 seconds of their time..."

I don't think it has anything to do w/ being lazy. I've never owned a smartphone, but I owned an iPod Touch for a year and a 7" tablet for a year so I never even think of using the stylus. Then when I do use it I have to find it. (I've only owned a Wii U for 3 days.) I think for people who have DS and 3DS experience it's not an issue but I've never personally owned either.

It would be nice if there were an indentation channel slot on the front of the Gamepad charger and cradle (parallel to the Gamepad slot) to lay the stylus in so I can have some place to put it down when I'm not using it. Trying to put it back in the Gamepad is more annoying than getting it out. And it has nothing to do w/ lazy.



Einherjar said:

@Araknie That said, i NEVER used the stylus Everything ive done so far worked perfectly fine with just my fingers, from excessive uses of the browser to games like the auto scroll stages in the Rayman challenge app.
I couldn come up with a complaint about the touchscreen even if i had to



Player4 said:

Wow, they are beautifull! I guess the gamepad combined with this app are a good alternative for a drawing tablet.



ThomasBW84 said:

@DarkCoolEdge Miiverse has some sharing tools now for Facebook and Twitter, but for these articles I actually go through a tedious process of taking a screengrab, cropping in some software and then uploading. I do that so the user is clearly displayed, but on a computer you can just right click on an image in the post and save as an image. I'm afraid I'm not sure of the options on a phone, you could try tapping and holding on the image etc to try and save, or use a screengrab shortcut in the browser.



kevinaa said:

What impressed with is I,ve not seen one rude picture yet. I worried ppl would post pictures that don't belong. I've not seen any. So there is hope for ppl, yet.

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