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New Steel / Ghost Type Pokémon, Honedge, Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

New reveals are showing some edge

With just three months until Pokémon X & Y arrives, the hype generator is gradually being cranked up to maximum gear. Just yesterday we saw new 3DS XL models that are coming to Japan, and today we have new images and footage of a brand new 'mon — Honedge.

As the image suggests and as reported by Serebii, Honedge — that's its English name — is a Steel / Ghost Type, which is said to be possessed by departed spirits. It has a blue cloth that can function as an arm, requires careful use by Trainers and can learn Swords Dance; it's 2'07" and weighs 4.4lbs.

As well as these screenshots, Junichi Masuda has presented a video with more details on the game and some brief footage of Honedge in action. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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Newtwo said:

YES. I'm totally calling it's final evolution will be a haunted suit of armour.



ueI said:

Are those screenshots what swords dance looks like? It's nicer than the previous game's animation.



Haxonberik said:

Looked acceptable with the sheath on... Well at least it has very good evolution potential.



Rafx said:

I hate when pokemon are designed to look like objects and not organic things.
That being said, this one seems kinda cool.



AVahne said:

So a sword possessed by dead people counts as a Pokemon? Seems kind of...wrong.



Newtwo said:

To the people who think it's a bad idea, Honedge is way more unique than pokeball with eyes, or a letter, or ice cream. Plus, it might evolve into a haunted suit of armor. And yamask used to be human, so the concept of a human being a pokemon isn't new.



KeeperBvK said:

Wait, what, ice cream? Is there an ice cream shaped Pokémon? I only played up to Ruby, so after that I only know a couple of Pokémon (mostly those that appeared in Poképark and the likes).
This sword-style Pokémon seems pretty cool, though. I'm ok with them resembling real-life objects. What I can't stand are Pokémon that resemble people. Blech.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

@KeeperBvK Yeah, they're names are Vanillite, Vanillish, and Vanilluxe. They are all based off of soft-served ice cream and they are my favorite of all ice types! Many people hate them unfortunately simply because they are based off of an object rather than an animal even though there have been several object-like pokemon before it.



sinalefa said:

Spirit inside a sword? It must be a Fi relative! JK

I liked that video, with the French footage. Really looking forward to this game and Wind Waker in October.



Ketchupcat said:

I actually like all of these inanimate object Pokemon. When I was little I actually drew a bunch of my own Pokemon (which sucked, by the way) and one was a Steel/Ghost, but it was a floating eye in a metal robot suit thing. This is better.



ShadJV said:

@sinalefa Thanks, I now know what to nickname my Honedge.

Either way, I'm a little disappointed. The concept is cool, but the design... I don't know, it should look creepier. Then again, Drifloon looked ridiculous but seemed terrifying after reading the Pokedex entry that essentially said it's a balloon that grabs children and pulls them to hell.

Also, as mentioned previously, this has great evolution potential, I hope they take advantage of that. I couldn't care less what it looks like if it evolves into something awesome.



bassoongoon said:

Am I the only one who thinks that the quality of new Pokemon has been sharply declining ever since Diamond and Pearl?



AndyBurner said:

mannn what the hell is that thing... thats an object not a pocket monster lol THE HELL IS THAT THING!!!! whack



Bobhobob said:

Yeah, there better be a pretty cool evolution of this thing. Also, that name! But, steel/ghost is a sweet type pairing, so it's okay in my book.



Einherjar said:

I know why i stopped caring about pokemon after GS Man, these little critters get weirder and weirder with every game



WingedSnagret said:

The first snapshot of it reminds me a lot of the Snagrets from Pikmin. Just look how similar the positions are.



Newtwo said:

Pokéfan logic. Has a problem with a sword, ok with magnets, a ball with eyes amd a pile of purple goop.



BetweenTheTrees said:

i like it. bannette was a doll that abandoned by a child and it's hatred made it into a pokemon. so these things happen



Arcamenel said:

I've liked every Pokemon revealed so far and this is probably my favorite of them all. If it's got levitate as an ability it's only got one weakness to fire which is cool. It'll also be able to be used in sky battles.



Melkaticox said:

@bassoongoon Yes.

And guys. Please. There are A LOT of inanimate object pokémon, this isn't the first time. The concept dates back to the first generation (Voltorb, Magnemite, Grimer...)
Or what? Those aren't considered inanimate objects because they were present in our childhoods?



ZinogreMaster said:

Swords = AUTOMATIC AWESOMENESS! Especially a ghost sword that can swing itself. It'd be cool if the evolution was a black knight armor with the mask up with white eyes and a mouth like Haunter's and maybe a big sword that he/she holds in front or to side of himself/herself.



Aqueous said:

I loved being able to understand the French. Great pictures from his trip and I'm looking forward to this one. Might be my ghost type for this gen



OptometristLime said:

The fans support any official concept to come out, whether the Pokemon be a waffle iron, toaster, or ice cream.



Gioku said:

Aw, man! I didn't want to see any new pokémon anymore until I get the game, in order to be more surprised when I find new pokémon! But if the picture is right up there on the homepage... how am I supposed to avoid seeing it? Oh well, this guy's pretty cool, though. Kind of silly, but he's growing on me!



KLZ said:

It's not about the fact that it's based on real life objects or inanimate objects or a magent or an ice cream, it's the design quality what's been going down since the 4th generation, and it's obvious since Satoshi Tajiri stopped desiging them personally after ruby and sapphire. The man was a genius.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@KnightRider666 They did. There are two actually: Spiritomb and Sableye. To balance it out though, neither one of them is particularly strong.

@KLZ You're welcome to your own opinion of course, but not past the point of trying to pass it off as fact. I have the official poster for Sapphire and Ruby right next to me and I can tell you some of the designs look pretty stupid (especially Sandshrew) when compared to the other Pokemon on the poster (which is a mix of Blue/Red, Silver/Gold and Sapphire/Ruby).



CapeSmash said:

Why are Pokemon fans saying "ZOMG dis iz da coolest pokemon evar!! it so asome!!". Seriously, whats so stunning about this Pokemon? Its ugly, lacks charm, it doesn't even have a face, design is bland, and the colors are dull.



Newtwo said:

^Your'e welcome to have an opinion but no one has said this is "the best desgin ever". Some people like it, others don't. I personally think voltorb is a bit bland but again, you are welcome to an opionion.



Porky said:

bassoongoon said:

Am I the only one who thinks that the quality of new Pokemon has been sharply declining ever since Diamond and Pearl?

Nope, I'm with ya all the way. Like, I don't get this pokemon. If this sword is 'possessed' by spirits, then why is there many identical swords? Are there other swords you can find as a Honedge? 30 different designs? How can this pokemon breed? Is the smither still making these swords even though they disappear the next day I suppose by spirits? That begs the question, why is he still smithing more? Ugh, That's why I can only play up to 4th generation. Sure, there are some questionable pokemon designs in the first generation even, but at least pokeballs and sludge are common in pokemons day and age. Tell me, are swords likely to be just as common like pokeballs to be possessed? There's not many as pokeballs. Should had been a Legendary pokemon since there would be so few of swords to inhabit.



AndyBurner said:

ok ill accept the sword i guess.. cause i did accept the magnet with eyes floatin... See u all in X and Y, cause im out to be the best there ever was



Porky said:

Also, why design a Sword pokemon if it's not actually going to fulfill it's purpose and not cut pokemon in half and most likely just 'wack' them on the helt or flat sides?



Drawdler said:

"can learn Swords Dance"
That was onixpected...

Jeez though, I don't get the hate towards this Pokémon. I think it looks cool, and it's a cool concept. The design could be a little better executed(to be specific, I think that the eye should have looked different), but I like everything aside from that generic eye and I've wanted a Ghost/Steel for a LONG time. I can nitpick lots of other Pokémon designs from all generations much more than that. I'm looking forward to using her.



Ridley said:

I like it in its scabbard but don't care for the look of the unsheathed blade.



ShadJV said:

I grew up with gens 1 and 2, and I'll admit I often feel they are stretching for ideas (I think I gave up expectations by the time I saw Chimecho... Really? I'm supposed to fight with a WINDCHIME???) though other times they have better ideas. Still, gen 6 doesn't seem too bad, and I won't lie, though I'd tweak this one's design a TAD, a ghost sword isn't all that horrible of an idea. I just really hope they don't waste the opportunity for a really awesome evolution here. Also, this is much better than a haunted candle in my opinion.



ZinogreMaster said:

@SockoMario What do you mean by that? if you look towards the description of Honedge, its a sword owned by humans. Is it supposed to be a demonic sword with blood veins running on it with a demonic bloodshot eye like Soul Edge? No, it supposed to be a sword HUMANS used. Usually, broad swords have blander colors. Sheaths can be pretty bland too, so i don't see why PEEPLES BE TRIPPIN OVER POKEMON DESIGNS WHEN THERE ARE WEIRD DESIGHNS IN POKEMON'S GLORY DAYS! Sorry foe the yelling...



Porky said:

Newtwo said:

@Ezekiel It's pokemon, a family friendly game, what do you expect, blood and gore?

I expect that or no pokemon portraying as a sword to be perfectly honest. How can it battle if it has to hold back its true potential?



ZinogreMaster said:

@Ezekiel Let Me count the ways:
1. It can still slash, if all these other Pokes can dig they're claws into each other
2. It can bash the Pokemon with the hilt
3. The not sharp side of the sword can still hurt if swung hard enough
4. It can hit the other Pokes with the sheath
5. It can wrap its long hand around the other Pokes like the move WRAP
Do you see my point yet?



Shuppet said:

@Newtwo @LtAldoRaine I would find this 20x funnier if it weren't true, instead it fills me with rage that these so called "fans" exist...sigh I remember when I was a kid, Pokemon what purely wonder and amazement, nowadays it's still the same, which I love, but it's also coupled with an intense, burning hatred for the COUNTLESS people who only know how to complain and "criticize" the franchise with their cookie cutter arguments. It'd be fine if they weren't regurgitating the same subjective complaints, but no, it's all the same nonsense. It's a shame I can't read an article about Pokemon and just be happy anymore without it being sullied by the same people who've been complaining for the past ten years...END RANT



Porky said:

@ZinogreMaster Yes I do. A sword portraying a pokemon was too excessive for a family friendly game. Come on, what would damage more? Claws or a metal sword?



randomlypikachu said:


I think your over thinking this pokemon just a bit. its a creature from a game >.> -GAME- as in fantasy, fiction, not real. your right it doesn't make sense for there to be more than a few of these things .-. but again its not real, so it doesn't need to be restricted to logic. (or at least not normal logic) my point is you can do anything with fantasy. to close this off im gona quote something from my friend.

"its fiction! you can make a flying cat fart rainbows and it would make sense!"



KLZ said:

@Ernest_The_Crab It's not about "looking stupid" either, I'm talking strictly about good design characteristics: shape, color, simmetry, harmony, simplicity and specially patterns; suddenly almost every pokemon had stripes, stains, spikes, moldings, all of them or generally too exagerated designs. They started looking like piñatas rather than "animals" and by animals I mean pokemon, not real animals.



Newtwo said:

You know, I think if the fandom had control of what pokémon became offical we would see a hundred generic dragons, a million eevee clones, and countless evolutions to existing pokémon instead of odd and unique ideas. Too bad the fandom can't handle a sword pokemon.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I have no problem with inorganic Pokèmon. I just find it weird how many of them have spontaneously come to life. Didn't that kind of thinking die out in the 19th Century?



ZinogreMaster said:

@Ezekiel True a sword would hurt more and would cut a Pokemon in half, but I also think that if Cubone and Marowhack can mercilessly beat their enemies with their bone clubs (Blunt weapons that in real life COULD KILL), a sword can be in the game. Besides, Its a Ghost-Steel type. That is really good and if it has levitate the only weakness it would have would be fire. That's really good.



Ridley said:

@Ezekiel You fall down very quickly if you try to be literal with the graphics and gameplay. As a fictional ghost-possessed sword, for all we know its cutting ability is as effective as you standing in a crucifix position trying to stab a gazelle with knives on your soles.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Ezekiel You do realize that electric and fire type attacks should be slaughtering everything faster than the Black Plague, right? Ash should be dead 100 times over from all the times he's been hit by Pikachu's and Charizard's attacks.



Porky said:

@BulbasaurusRex It's a joke in the anime series. You can't joke around with a sword cutting like the two you mentioned unless we're talking about Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan which case uses a mace for example. And to the others, you're entitled to your opinions, as I am. It'd just help me if I just don't worry about what origins gamefreak creates for them and just deem their pokedex entries irrelevant. Anything after Arceus lol. The episode this pokemon gets introduced will be a good laugh. No longer viewing this page as it is not the latest news on the homepage.



Marr_the_Great said:

My wife and I are really excited about this Pokemon. My favourite Pokemon are Steel types and her's are Ghost types.

I can't wait for our upcoming link battles. Sword to sword, spirit to spirit, Honedge to Honedge



Persona_Yu said:

man more spoilers...I'm worried about not being surprised of all the new pokemon coming out by the time the game is released



Marr_the_Great said:

@Lucem_Sora You could go on a news blackout?

Now that you bring that up, I think I'll make good on my promise to do so that I made when the game was announced. tempting though...



DaylightAmy said:

What just absolutely shocks me is that you're all going on and on about inanimate objects and creature design and actually NOBODY here who calls themselves a "Pokéfan" seems at all interested in the fact that two of the defensively most interesting types are finally getting combined. Really guys? Really? Why don't you start a discussion about the shape of Pikachu's tail while you're at it.

I agree that the Pokemon are getting less interesting - mostly because they added too many too soon. In my experience I didn't feel I had as much time getting familiar with newer generations as I did with the first generation. I think there's too many, and it's too fast, then again in this franchise it would be impossible to take it slow AND keep it interesting and marketable. The self-destruction continues?



Discerner_DeaL said:

Looks cool to me. I was actually very shocked in awe the first time I saw Aegislash. Just awesome.

However... The day Pokémon became 3D... It just kinda saddened me. I miss the 2D days of pure not-or-almost-pixelated art or Gen II and the then added richer colors of Pokémon in Gen III. Dunno. I guess I just think 3D doesn't fit for Pokémon. But then again, the improving tech that is behind newer Nintendo consoles.
I guess I'll just remain a retro for the rest of days.

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