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Wed 4th Sep 2013

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DaylightAmy commented on Nintendo Launching Cloud-Based Pokémon Bank S...:

As a long time Nintendo fan and Pokémon player I have to say I don't mind at all that they charge for this - not at all!

The years of enjoyment I've gotten out of all their games for a one-time purchase price each time can't be repayed with $5 a year so I think it's only fair. If they were going up too much I probably wouldn't be happy (or if they started giving large advantages to people for bigger sums) but for something that I think most of us really can afford it only seems fair to pay a little for a not necessary but nice additional feature.

Especially with game piracy going up (which I also understand from both sides really...) I'd rather they charge us a bit here and there for the stuff we really love and want than to see the franchise suffer.



DaylightAmy commented on New Steel / Ghost Type Pokémon, Honedge, Reve...:

What just absolutely shocks me is that you're all going on and on about inanimate objects and creature design and actually NOBODY here who calls themselves a "Pokéfan" seems at all interested in the fact that two of the defensively most interesting types are finally getting combined. Really guys? Really? Why don't you start a discussion about the shape of Pikachu's tail while you're at it.

I agree that the Pokemon are getting less interesting - mostly because they added too many too soon. In my experience I didn't feel I had as much time getting familiar with newer generations as I did with the first generation. I think there's too many, and it's too fast, then again in this franchise it would be impossible to take it slow AND keep it interesting and marketable. The self-destruction continues?