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Video: This Animal Crossing: New Leaf Trailer Shows You Around

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Everyone's a bloomin' tourist

So, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been on a lot of wishlists for a little too long now, with its June release in North America and Europe getting tantalizingly close. Social lives will be lost, and the summer sun will be ignored but, who cares? It's Animal Crossing, and we want it yesterday.

We do all have to wait a little longer, but with the release approaching Nintendo is starting to crank the marketing machine into gear. Below is the latest example, a new "tourism" trailer that introduces some of the activities on offer and gives an insight into the village's happening night spot, which gives those expensive London and New York venues a run for their money.

It's utterly charming and so very Animal Crossing, so we don't blame you if you hit the replay button on the video below a few times.

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Yosh said:

Huge animal crossing fan, been waiting forever, cant wait for a wii u version



idork99 said:

I find it funny that this game will be out in a couple of months and people are already anticipating the next game in the series that has yet to be announced (but will eventually).



Giygas_95 said:

"Social lives will be lost, and the summer sun will be ignored but, who cares? It's Animal Crossing, and we want it yesterday." That made me laugh! Ah...I can't wait to play it. We've been waiting for ever! I hope we can somehow transfer our characters from either the Wii or DS versions. I want to keep mine.

@SkywardLink98 I'm sure it will as Wild World and City Folk did.

@LordJumpMad You know the old saying, "People Eat Tasty Animals." PETA!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

My happy place is something like Happy Gilmore's... but this looks nice too! I can't wait to pick this game up. These change of pace games, like this and Harvest Moon, or so relaxing to me.



Void said:

Is it really the best to encourage children to go to a nightclub?



Kyoto said:

@SkywardLink98 It has online multiplayer and it's got even better. You can now also enter a town-code to enter a specific town in a dream. You can do everything you want there without actually affecting that town.



Adhrast said:

Also, seeing that trailer made me drool. Literally.

Double-Also: eShop version FTW.



-Crystalline- said:

An english trailer... sigh

One can never match the talent of Japanese voice actors. Period. I want the old Nintendo back I miss the GBA era so much. Endless days of searching the web for trailers of games that barely even got advertised, waiting months for new rumors on exclusive titles, forum communities frenzy, and good old Japanese trailers.

Those were the days.



Morpheel said:

@John-san3: if it pleases you, could contact NL directly or Nintendo itself to ask them to stop putting information in English.

I'm sure they actually put a lot of information, rumors and trailers directly from Japan too, but who cares about that when there's so much English stuff around tarnishing the site.



Beta said:

@SkywardLink98 Yes, there's online multiplayer. You can just hang-out with online friends, enjoy the night club together or even play mini-games on an island. Not to mention, you can visit any town that you have it's Dream code and explore it in your dream and do whatever you want in it without really affecting it (Like Kyoto said) and now you can share your designs as QR codes, too. Enough online for ya? XD



ChrisT99 said:

Does anyone know how many blocks the eShop version takes up? That's one of the reasons why I'm stuck on retail vs. download for this one. Any suggestions?



Kyloctopus said:

He better drop that octopus.
I found it weird that you can catch Octopus, while your neighbor can be an octopus... made out flan.



pikku said:

Not watching the trailer, but super-excited to buy this, can't wait D:



evanescent_hero said:

@mch One almost certainly will, but they need to release this one before getting started on another. =P

My girlfriend is getting this and I'll almost certainly join her. We live across the country from each other so it'll be awesome to be able to wander around the town together and show off what we've done!



Arianabtd said:

I'm so very excited for this, to be honest this ad was a little... Boring.
I mean all the stuff in it looked exciting but, something about it was Boring x3.



MagicEmperor said:

My town in City Folk is named Forehead. I named it that because I couldn't think of any other word that grabbed me, and I thought about Nicole Kidman. Yeah. True story. I'm pretty sure I'll think of something better for my New Leaf town, though.



TwilightV said:

For a second there, I didn't think they were going to mention the biggest change in the game. XD



BenjaMAX said:

surely the eShop version will take a massive chunk out of your data! retail for me!



Captain_Balko said:

Is anybody else a little put off that the new KK spot is a nightclub? Does that mean all of the music will be trashy club beats?



Oscarsome said:

LinandKo on YouTube show of the (Japanese) version of the game really well! If you want to know more and have some of those questions answered look for their YouTube channel!

Personally, this AC looks like the best one yet. City Folk felt like a big flop. It was pretty much a port of WW. But, of course, in this new one the grass still dies, too. ;.;



Dpishere said:

I am very much anticipating this game and although I have yet to play a game in this series I see no reason as to why I should not start here. The game looks like alot of fun to play and it can't come soon enough.



Dpullam said:

@Dpishere I completely agree with you. This will also be my first in the series and I can't wait to be able to explore the town and all of the surrounding areas. I can't wait to go diving and decorate my house!



Spleetal said:

Id be upset if they released a new animal crossing in four years already, If anything I'd want it to be the same game for wii u and allow the data to be transfferable like monster hunter, and have cross platform online, that would be awesome



meltendo said:

I get it...Nintendo delayed the game in North America so they can make spiffy ads like this one....JUST RELEASE IT! We're already sold with or without fancy marketing! I hope they release a printed guide book. I need a book so I can check off every fish, bug, piece of furniture, etc. etc. that I get my hands on. Also, for the online features, I hope they have a way of automatically setting the correct time to prevent people from cheating (setting the clock ahead, etc.).



Giygas_95 said:

Going by how well this did in Japan, I can't wait to see how sales pick up in North America and Europe.



Mowzle said:

The waiting is KILLING me!
I count over 60 sleeps before release day - that's too many sleeps to count down with



LordessMeep said:

"Brought to you by the Mayor's office." XD

Just about two months till I get my mitts on that game. Surprisingly, LM:DM and FE:A are tiding me over nicely. I can't wait to spend my days sneaking a look at my town during any free moments. :3



XCWarrior said:

@LordJumpMad "Are we allow to eat the animals?"

I cannot top this comment. Bravo good sir. Bravo.

This game looks barely like an upgrade of the Gamecube game. Which I played, but only to find the NES games. Which this doesn't have. So I don't know, the online functionality would probably help... but I don't know.

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