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Eiji Aonuma Speaks About Zelda 3DS and its Lengthy Development Time

Posted by Orla Madden

It began almost two years ago

Just little over a week ago, Nintendo announced during its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast that a brand new Legend of Zelda title is coming to 3DS this year, which will be set in the same world as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

In a recent Japan-only Wii U Direct series producer, Eiji Aonuma, commented on the upcoming title in the franchise; it apparently has a "2" in its Japanese title, giving credence to the impression that this a a sequel to the Super NES classic:

The world of Hyrule has been reborn in a highly realistic stereoscopic vision, which will feature a new story and new puzzles to be solved. The development for the successor of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is going smoothly, so, please look forward to it!

Siliconera reports that it was stated that the game has been in development for some time, since 2011. Aonuma also asked fans to join in and contribute to the Zelda community on Miiverse:

The day we’ll be seeing the successor is still further ahead, but for those of you who wish to contribute or show your support, please comment on the Wii U The Legend of Zelda series community [on Miiverse].

Almost two years ago, Shigeru Miyamoto said that he'd like to see A Link to the Past get a 3D overhaul, so we wouldn't be surprised if the development began at around that time.


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SkywardLink98 said:

Nintendo just said they won't be hosting a press conference at E3, so it's gonna be hard to get the detail out about this game.



MrWezzle said:

Nah. Nintendo doesn't need a press conference to make a splash (or did you not catch the Direct last week?).

This game is looking to be excellent, and nobody's seen more than ten minutes of gameplay. I don't care how much milking Nintendo does of its core franchises, as long as they do it with quality and style, I'll keep on buying it.



NintyMan said:

I can see Miyamoto's original interest in a 3D Link to the Past leading to this. The two years of development shows why the game appears so smooth.



ajcismo said:

Who's to say that LTTP (and Majora's Mask, to toss that in there) is not getting the 3DS treatment as well right now, as we speak? Ninty is usually at its best when its being sneaky.



hiptanaka said:

If it has the same attention to detail as the first LttP, this game could be fantastic. I just hope it doesn't feel like a lazy rehash that only tugs at nostaliga strings. I hope for meaty dungeons and a dense world with lots of secrets.



Giygas_95 said:

Wow, I wouldn't have guessed it's been in development for two years. That must mean it's pretty far along.



JSuede said:

@SkywardLink98 It would be harder to get info on the game at an E3 press conference. There are time constraints, other things to show, business things to talk about and so on. Instead, we'll get a Wii U Direct and a 3DS Direct that talk about games, games and more games without all of that extra stuff no one cares about.



NinGamer85 said:

Agreed. I'm so happy the Nintendo doesn't rush trying to put out a new entry every year no matter what the franchise (looking at you CoD). Nintendo gives there games plenty of time in development and that's why we still play games that came out over 25 years ago. On the software end...change nothing Nintendo. I'd rather wait for a complete game running smooth that to have a game come out to be patched every other week for 5 months and experience downtime or bugs as a result.



TomJ said:

I agree with everyone here, hopefully a Nintendo Direct, a bigger one, will showcase all the large-scale games they plan on releasing this year.



DarkNinja9 said:

@ajcismo then i hope your right and that we see a majoras mask remake soon more for the wii u cuz the game on HD would be nice to me then 3D



Spoony_Tech said:

It's Zelda people. Since when has it ever been rushed to market. With that said I'm glad to hear this news as too many are complaining they're being lazy and using an old map to create this all new game. I for one am excited to see what they do with this as I didn't care much for either ds entry. Step away from the portable 3d Nintendo lol!



WaveGhoul said:

Now lets hope NIntendo is hard at work, improving on those bland generic cut & paste Wallpaper-like detail lacking environments. This is what you would call the NSMB. Syndrome all over again. I do however dig Link's Old school-like character design and the 3D effect(which will
look even better in the actual game) is pretty impressive. Again, I'm just thrown off by the bare bones environemnts. The variety just isn't there...It's too simple.



Cotton said:

I'm guessing since they are not doing a large scale presentation I believe for each large game realeased they will do a Nintendo direct or they might be clever and do a commercial presenting new information about the games



C-Olimar said:

They're rehashing a lot from the firs game, and it's gonna take them over 2 years in total? They must have incredibly inefficient developers.
Or maybe Miyamoto will come along and tell them to remove the sword from the game, to make the gameplay fresher (or whatever excuse he comes up with) and also make them have no original characters at all.



LetsGoRetro said:

Wow, look at some of these comments- "bland environments" "nintendo must have extremely inifficient developers" ... what? You can criticize this company's hardware decisions over the past decade-plus, but the one thing that has NEVER changed is the quality of Nintendo software. Why do people continue to doubt this company, only to be proven wrong again and again? Their second-to-none software is the reason they can make harware missteps- it is that good, that it makes up for anything. The Light World may be very similar, but the Dark World, where most of the game took place (9 dungeons vs the Light World's 3 + castle), has been vanquished, so atleast 1/2 of the game will be different. Either something replaces the Dark World (Golden Land?) Or maybe just the Light World borders have expanded. So this game'll be half seeing whaT's Changed in an old world and half exploring a new world. What's cooler than that?? Also, I haven't heard anyone else say it yet (although they may have), so I'm putting it out there that the "hyruglph link" (I know, I spelled it wrong) is related to th. Dark World's pyramid. We're getting a sequel to "everyone's favorite childhood game", and you guys still find things to complain about?? C'mon people!!!



bahooney said:

@C-Olimar A re-hash, huh? Yeah, it's pretty easy to assess the game from a trailer that lasts a minute, and when Nintendo's gone on record to say that all of the dungeons were new.

Man... come to think about... Majora's Mask was a rehash, too! I mean, what a lazy game! Most of the assets where straight from Ocarina. This makes it a bad game!! Can't believe I never thought of this.

Thanks for enlightening me, bro!



rjejr said:

Ok, so if a bunch of Nintendo employees have been working on this Zelda game for the past 2 years, and a bunch on Nintendo employees are working on Windwaker HD, who's left working on the new WiiU Zelda game that everybody has been waiting for since the GAMECUBE graphical demo trailer at Spaceworld 13 years ago in 2000?

Has anybody started a "nails in the coffin" thread for WiiU yet? (No E3 would be nail 1. No "new" new WiiU Zelda game for the foreseeable future would be nail 2.)



RainbowGazelle said:

@rjejr 1. I believe Nintendo have stated that a new Zelda Wii U game is in development right now. 2. What are you on about with regards to the gamecube trailer. We ended up getting Twilight Princess. That was in the more realistic style after Wind Waker. We haven't been waiting for a realistic one for 13 years.



Dpullam said:

I had no idea they have been working on this game for so long! I'm just glad it has finally been announced. It looks awesome!



Romeo said:

makes sense really... game is supposed to come out this year, so yeah..



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@SkywardLink98 Nintendo Directs are better than anything Nintendo has done at E3 in a while anyhow. Not a big deal to me, honestly. Nintendo has always rolled their own way, and that decision was nothing different.

@BossBattles Haha amen brother!

Getting back on topic to this game, it looks really cool. Having beat ALTTP a few times I think it will be a treat playing this particular game. It should be interesting to those new to the land of Hyrule in this time period as well.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Don't worry guys you'll get your 3D Zelda eventually. In the meantime let us classic Zelda fans enjoy the first proper classic Zelda in almost a decade.

It's not like you guys have to wait so long for a new 3D game.



ivanmata said:

Two years already? Wow, Nintendo is great at keeping secrets!! XD, we can also trust that after two years of development the game's quality will be amazing.



C-Olimar said:

@bahooney Where did I say it was going to be a bad game? If you can point that out for me that would be great

They aren't reusing any assets from this game, they're remaking all the assets (that's why they're not sprites in this one)! The game world, as Ninty said, is the same, but at first I didn't think they meant identical. (For example, B+W 2 had several changes).

I thought most people already knew the story of why MM reuses a lot of Ocarina assets. I'll try to find the link for you!



Dpishere said:

Very much looking forward to this game, I love both type of Zelda's and though I would honestly prefer a Majora's Mask remake instead, I am plenty excited for this as well.



47drift said:

It baffles me that people would rather have a remake than a new game. Zelda fans are the absolute worst.



k8sMum said:

i don't care what anyone says: i cannot wait for this one. it looks amazing and the play will be amazing.



J-Manix98 said:

I know that Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I HATE how everyone thinks this game will be less than satisfactory. I mean,
'Cmon guys! Its the Legend of Zelda! If you are a true fan, than you know deep down that regardless of 'different graphics' or 'an overhead view' the new game will be great! Plus, has Nintendo ever let us down ( Zelda wise) before?
the answer is NO.



Zombie_Barioth said:

We don't get classic style 2D Zeldas nearly as much as we used to so its rather refreshing when we do, and this brings back memories of playing Links's Awakening back in the day. That alone has me rather excited.



BakaKnight said:

Sounded strange that after Ocarina 3D we heard nothing about a Zelda for the 3DS and, my my, this just prove that with Nintendo even silence is really a good sign XD



Lalivero said:

If people are that interested in Majora's Mask, just buy it off of the Wii'll save ~ $30.

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