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Platinum Games: Ask Capcom if You Want Okami 2

Posted by Andy Green

Hideki Kamiya appears open to the idea

Okami, with its vibrant Japanese art style and immersive gameplay elements, is loved by many a gamer. Originally a PlayStation 2 title, it came to the Wii with motion controls and also recently had a HD version made for the PlayStation 3.

Plenty of people out there would love to see a sequel made — especially now the Wii U is out — but of course Capcom would have to be willing to publish it.

Someone recently got in touch with Platinum Games' Hideki Kamiya on Twitter and asked him about the possibility of Okami 2. Here's what he had to say:

It's by no means any form of confirmation and Kamiya-san was probably just teasing us all again, but we can dream, right?

The future of an Okami sequel is still shrouded in mystery then. Would you like to see it happen? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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47drift said:

Been following Kamiya for over a year now. "Ask Capcom" is his answer to any game he made while with Clover that fans ask about remaking or rereleasing.



Big_L91 said:

i was thinking about this the other day, one of the best games on the playstation and could be huge on the wii u and ps4. Im sure theres enough demand, its reached cult status now and a true hd sequel would be a day one buy for me.



Grubdog said:

Yup, Kamiya says this 100 times a day. Still no harm in a bit of discussion though.

I'd much rather let PlatinumGames work on new stuff and keep Capcom away. Nobody asked for "Okami" in the first place and we got it and loved it.



Bankai said:

Kamiya isn't teasing anyone. It's not going to happen because virtually no one buys these games and Capcom isn't in the business to deliberately lose money.

He's telling people to pester Capcom because Capcom's the one that pays for it. Not Platinum.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'd love to see an Okami 3 on Wii U! Heck, I'd be happy to just see them port across Okami HD to the Wii U eShop... Perfect touchscreen controls for drawing (with optional Wiimote pointer controls & analogue stick controls for those that want them) on a home console Okami would make one of my biggest gaming dreams come true Go go Capcom, & be awesome!



Bulbousaur said:

Please Capcom, if you make Okami 2 I will forgive you for Legends 3. The Wii U would be the perfect place for Okami 2 thanks to the Gamepad. It almost seems like it was made for it!



Defuso said:

Go ahed, make it! I'll buy it
I would buy Okami_HD from the eShop too.

Both would be perfect.



f_zul said:

Just Okami HD alone on Wii U would be awesome enough for me, not to mention the sequel.



FemmeFox said:

Am I seriously one of the only people who has played Okamiden? Or has even heard of it? The sequel came and it sold poorly. I blame a lack of advertising for this but still, it didn't even sell great after the fact like Okami did. Shame though, Okamiden getting a HD lift would be nice. It's visuals and frame rate really let it down, but the story was fun.



zip said:

Okami 2 is, in fact, Okamiden. Just because it's a DS title doesn't mean it's a spin-off. The next Okami game would therefore be Okami 3.



TheAdza said:

Should probably leave Okami and Okamiden as they are. Of course another entry in the series would be great, but if the first two didn't sell that well, I doubt another one would, even if it reviewed well. I would like to see Okami HD on the eshop though. But I probably wouldn't buy it as i already have it twice. Maybe a reworked Okamiden for 3DS on the eShop could work too.



Peach64 said:

I'd rather just see him make something new than a sequel. I can understand Bayonetta 2 as they need an established name to help sell consoles, but personally I'd pick an original new game over a sequel every time.



CanisWolfred said:

We already had Okami 2. It was called Okamiden, and it was as good of a sequel as I could ever hope for. Personally, I don't need another game in the series.



Haxonberik said:

I really would like to see a series closing Okami 2, Okamiden doesn't really feel as a sequel for me (even though it was great) and it ends to give a logical spot to another game.



seronja said:

but there was a sequel called okamiden for the DS... but i would LOVE a brand new home console okami! it's an amazing franchise =D



AJWolfTill said:

No I played it, Chibiterasu is the cutest video game character ever <3
Okami 3 is my no.1 unannounced game, and really would fit the Wii U perfectly.
It would definately make sense to release Okami HD on WiiU to test the market for it! Here's hoping



Dpullam said:

I would love a new Okami game! The first one was incredible and an instant classic. At the very least remake Okamiden for the 3DS! It would look amazing.



GuardianKing said:

This basically translates to no, so end the miserable existences of your false hopes and carry on while Capcom pumps out the same game year after year to make more money and alienate their fans in favor of soulless consumers who can only exclaim "Buy! Buy! Buy!"



Dpishere said:

Would I like it if this game comes out? Ha! That is an understatement since I feel this was one of the best if not the best third-party game of this generation of consoles. I loved it when I played it on the Wii so a sequel on the Wii U would be the best news I could hear for me.



retro_player_22 said:

Capcom will probably don't give a damn but then again they did give us Okamiden on DS so I hope a sequel to either one is in the work sometime in the future.



BakaKnight said:

Did I say "Okami"? XP

Gosh... I LOVED Okami on Wii and Okamiden was a (litterally) little lovely sequel!

Come on CAPCOM!!! Existence itself need a new Okami!!! >O<



Fillytase said:

Echoing the comments of "play Okamiden."

Also, people wonder why new IPs are barely made anymore. It's because all people do now is demand sequels to old games. Not every great game ever made needs a sequel!



roryscott said:

Okami is one of my favourite games ever! I really hope they make a sequel on Wii U! The system is just crying of an Okami game – they're such a match! I really hope Capcom see the potential! Okamiden was a really great game too which ended with a big hint for another game



Vriess said:

Yes for Okami 2, but make a HD of Okamiden first. I love that game and to play it on the big screen would be awesome!



accc said:

We already had a sequel... it was called Okamiden... glad to see other people have brought this up already.



Rod64 said:

And Okamiden? I bet all the people whining about Okami 2 haven't even played Okamiden for the DS.



theblackdragon said:

What about the continuation of Okamiden's story? It ended on a very, very open note — I'd like to see that continued and maybe wrapped up eventually



KKSlider said:

Okami is super sweet, lets develop a new character as well... maybe a Panda or Bald Eagle.



ThreadShadow said:

Whatever happens make sure to do better non-voices next time. A half-second loop is not a clever non-voice. Look to the Banjo series and Zelda series for clever and endearing non-voices.



sinalefa said:

I never got okamiden since the clover guys were not involved. Nice to see it is good. I may get it.

And i dont trust capcom anymore, so please leave Ammy alone



Intrepid said:

I'm currently boycotting Capcom for not localizing Ace Attorney Investigations 2, so I'm not supposed to buy anything non-Ace Attorney from them. I may just make an exception this one time.



ArcanaXVI said:

Okami as made by the Clover team was great. Then Clover became Platinum ... and I can only imagine the madness that would ensue if Platinum made Okami 2. If it happens, I'll buy it without a second thought.

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