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<3 Rhythm Games <3

Female, 28, United Kingdom

I play almost anything if I regard it to be fun, no matter what age group or how terrible it likely is. I'm not into Multiplayer games all that much and I don't accept random Friend Requests. I love JRPG's, Monster Raising and Rhythm Action games.

Wed 27th Feb 2013

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FemmeFox commented on Amazon UK Offers Bargain Prices to Shift Its W...:

@Incognito_D The start is 8gb but once you set it up it downloads an update that leaves you with between 2-3gb. So at some point you'll be wanting external HDD of some kind as it wouldn't be enough to save everything after a while and certainly not enough to download patches/DLC or full games.



FemmeFox commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ...:

Why is nowhere able to report a UK price? We exist after all. Or did Capcom decide we aren't getting it at all last minute? Lol! Seriously I want this SO bad. But during Pokemon month? Really Capcom? And all the other games that everyone ELSE is interested in? So glad Rune Factory 4 isn't out over here that month too. I'd have literally no clue what to do with my money.



FemmeFox commented on Platinum Games: Ask Capcom if You Want Okami 2:

Am I seriously one of the only people who has played Okamiden? Or has even heard of it? The sequel came and it sold poorly. I blame a lack of advertising for this but still, it didn't even sell great after the fact like Okami did. Shame though, Okamiden getting a HD lift would be nice. It's visuals and frame rate really let it down, but the story was fun.