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Orochi, the legendary monster, has returned to transform the world into a wasteland. In order to restore the earth's natural order and beauty, the wolf-embodied sun god Amaterasu must defeat each ominous being he encounters. Amaterasu travels through different regions of the world to regain "Celestial Brush" powers, all the while revitalizing all life.

Using an innovative control scheme, slash away at enemies, use various brush strokes to solve puzzles, create pathways, chop down trees or turn night into day. The real-time fighting system not only involves assorted brush techniques, but also myriad of specials attacks typically not associated with the physical prowess of a normal wolf.

Featuring a visually stunning art style, Okami comes alive through beautiful scenic 3D levels that have the appearance and texture of paper scrolls brushed with watercolor-like calligraphy art. Throughout the vibrant and distinctive surroundings, interact with a dynamic cast of characters and build their faith to uncover clues and hints. The blend of stylized graphics and unique gameplay results in a rich and dynamic experience never seen before.
Key features

  • Create and Destroy at Will - Play as a god to re-establish order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil.
  • Innovative Gameplay and Control Scheme - Defeating monsters requires the usage of not only physical attacks, but also Amaterasu's 'Celestial Brush' to paint the desired powers for decimating enemies and solving puzzles.
  • Intense action-packed battles – Rooted in Japanese folklore, fight against a diverse line-up of demons and monsters.
  • Utilize Various Gameplay Styles – In addition to the Celestial Brush, Amaterasu wields three types of offensive weaponry, each with their own unique abilities and effects. Depending on how a weapon is equipped, it can be used as the main or sub weapon:
    • Reflectors – These well-balanced weapons are suited for close range combat.
    • Rosaries– Sacred magatama beads are great for quick long range attacks.
    • Glaives – These can be charged up to unleash powerful close range attacks.
  • Intriguing Main Character – Assume the role of the sun god, Amaterasu, who descends upon the earth in the form of a wolf. The Japanese translation of the word wolf is "Ôkami".
  • Original Visuals and Revolutionary Design – Vibrant and inspiring graphics, reminiscent of traditional Japanese art created on paper scrolls, produce a large variety of stages with a watercolor-esque appearance.
  • Interact with a unique and dynamic cast of characters.

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Anthony Dickens

The highly stylised adventure game Okami paints its way onto Wii, but is it a masterpiece?

Okami (Japanese for "wolf"), first released in 2006, was one of the few convincing reasons to still own a PS2. Capcom soon realised that a Wii port would be a good idea, the combination of Wiimote and Nunchuk could perfectly suit the games...

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User Comments (9)



she_gamer said:

IMO, best game on the Wii. Gameplay is extremely satisfying, and the sound and visuals are amazing.



PiribroH said:

Damn this game was good. I loved playing it. I've plyed it through only once, but that was one heck of a time. I liked that little guy over Amaterasu's head, Issun was his name. I think I'll go play it again and get all the rest of the stuff.



Bassman_Q said:

Wow this looks like Zelda and LostWinds mixed together. I better check it out!



JakobG said:

You can cat the review by saying: EPIC.
I "stole" it for 20€, and after playing, I would have paid more.



RetroNL said:

This is a very good game, a shame that Clover was ended by Capcom. It still draws conclusions that these people werent kidding about in- game experience. I always heard and knew that this game was 'good' but after playing it for the first 5 hours it felt as if I was back in 1998 when I first played Ocarina of Time. I didnt get that feeling when I played a game like Twilight Princess though. I think this says much about it, the brush tech. also works very good on Wii (havent played the PS2 version) to keep it short: A must have for almost every Wii gamer.

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