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No Updates Planned For Resident Evil: Revelations On 3DS

Posted by Tim Latshaw

New features limited to HD version

3DS players wishing to play as the hairtastic Rachel in Resident Evil: Revelations will have to move on to the upcoming console version of the game, according to Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson.

Answering a fan request on the Capcom Unity forums, Svensson denied that any new content would come for the 3DS version of Revelations in the form of updates or DLC:

Sorry guys, but there are no planned updates for the 3DS version of Revelations. We’ve added a fair amount of new content to the new addition which is fairly common to do.

Rachel will be playable in the HD remake’s Raid Mode, along with series favorite masked man Hunk. Other additions include a new enemy and difficulty level. The Wii U version will also incorporate Miiverse, with the ability to share “death messages” and post speech bubbles above various abominations in the game.

If you’ve previously played Revelations on 3DS, do the upgrades entice you to dive in on another system or has this ship already sailed? Resident Evil: Revelations HD is scheduled for release on May 21st in North America and May 24th in Europe for the Wii U.


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Weedy said:

That's sad. It's not enough content to make me buy the game again, but I would have paid for DLC on 3DS.

I always felt cheated by Hell Mode on 3DS because the demo had a Hell Mode with different Item and Enemy placement, but when the full game came along this wasn't the case!



retro_player_22 said:

No needs for updates, the 3DS version is already perfect as it is, all of these are just pointless extras for more money.



C-Olimar said:

They kind of need more money to be fair: they made a loss on the 3DS version.



Weedy said:

@undead_terror I am up for persuing Capcom for 3DS DLC, I just looked on Capcom-unity and couldn't find the post. Can anyone put a link up for me?!



XFsWorld said:

Resident Evil: Revelations is fine the way it is on 3DS, and it sold pretty well for being on a Nintendo handheld [sold over half million]



shinokami said:

Only if I can get it for cheap ($30 Max/new) otherwise, I'm not paying 60 for it, it looks fine on my 3DS in 3D



Deathgaze said:

I have the 3DS version and love it.

But I feel it would be more scary in HD, so I will be picking up the Wii U version as well.



Tasuki said:

Figured as much. Oh well if I want to play it that badly I will just get it on the Wii U.



Gold_Ranger said:

There are only 2 ways that I will buy this for the WiiU:
1 - Some form of Discount for those of use that already have it
2 - Ability to port over "Save Data"

without those 2, it's no deal....



ouroborous said:

played the 3DS version already, its great that theres going to be a wiiU version but i dont much care. great that there's new playable characters but thats not enough to make it matter to me really. i guess when i feel like replaying the game in general, it might be nice to play the new version instead.



DePapier said:

I don't think there is a reason to complain. This is a different game, and I'm sure those who have the 3DS original have been fine with it. If they want to sell this new version to them (and to me as I'll buy the 3DS version now that I know it has motion controls), they'll have to make these bonuses only on the new version, else there is absolutely no reason to rebuy it again.



rayword45 said:

"Hair"tastic? Like most shallow, personality-free characters from recent Capcom games, I doubt the hair was the first body part they focused on.



SkywardLink98 said:

Now if they were quality... I understand you'd lose money that way, but it'd be nice to do something for people who bought your game early on.



Yosher said:

I immensely enjoyed the 3DS version, and I already did plan on getting the Wii U version as well, even if it was pretty much the exact same as the 3DS one but with HD and local multiplayer added. The new stuff added just makes it a day one purchase for me. But hey, that's just me! I know not everyone's ready for a second dive here with what it offers.



XFsWorld said:

@Yosher I Agree with you

I remember when I bought Amazing Spider-Man for 360, then later bought Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate for Wii U, which is better because of all the additional bonuses, graphics, and handy touch screen. Now I'm thinking about getting the HD version of Revelations for Wii U because of playing on a bigger screen and Miiverse integration



AJWolfTill said:

Seems pretty reasonable, it's not like this stuff was held back from the 3ds version.



Ryon said:

You know honestly. My only complaint with RER, was the shadows.
which is a very pity complaint on my end. But everything is so well polished and perfect. They had to sacrifice something, I feel with better shadows It would have been perfect.



Neram said:

"Sorry guys, but the only plans we have is keeping the 3DS version completely obsolete so that you buy the HD version."



nastobi123 said:

i think its fair enough, were lucky we got an RE exclusive game which turned out good, adding extra content for console ports is a logical thing to do because no one would buy if it is directly ported and everybody will just buy the 3ds ver which costs less.



SCAR said:

They completely remastered it. If anything, the extras can't be copy and pasted for 3DS. MH3U was a different case because they brougt it from 3DS to Wii U, not the other way around.
Things become obsolete. It's just fact when it comes to gadgets.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I agree to a point. Yeah I did buy Revelations already but as someone pointed out as well this really is a different game. But it's not too much that you'd be missing out if you don't get it.

Plus I usually take the 'no-plans' response as a dodge. Not always but you know, might just be someone using the CYA plan and not having to try to explain to your boss how accidentally you leaked information.



Melkaticox said:

@X-Factor Resident Evil 4 Wii was the best selling version of that game...and that console was oriented at CASUALS. REvelations 3D was a disappoinment for Capcom in sales...



Ren said:

The 3d in that game made my 3ds purchase worth it all by itself. fantastic game. I don't need anymore modes or a WiiU for that matter. Theres plenty of gratuitous cleavage and backside in the 3DS version as-is, if I wanted more of that.



AtomicToaster said:

When are we getting Miiverse for 3ds anyway? I'd love to be meeting up with people to play online games with!



ToxieDogg said:

It's funny how a lot of people are saying they won't get Resident Evil Revelations on Wii U because they've already played the 3DS version........I don't seem to recall people complaining this much about the Wii U/3DS versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which are pretty much just updated ports of a 4 year old Wii game.



Banker-Style said:

Sorry what did the article say,I was too busy looking at that picture,there's something about,I just don't know what it is,but it's just so appealing.



Kosher-X said:

Good. Don´t need to spend in development for another platform. Want the updates? Buy the console version.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Doesn't really surprise me. The Resident Evil haters bandwagon has been going strong for quite a while (I personally thought 6 was fun). Some people haven't even given Revelations a chance. That probably has to do with the anti-Nintendo hipsters as well, though.

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