You'll be able to raid as Rachel

Capcom has revealed a number of new features for the Wii U version of Resident Evil Revelations.

Unsurprisingly the main additions come as a result of the GamePad, which is used to display your map, weapons and inventory when playing with two screens - similar to the way it functioned on the 3DS.

As we already know, players can transfer the action from the TV to the GamePad thanks to it supporting Off-TV play, and you can dismiss it altogether and use the Pro Controller to blast through the hoards.

It's been confirmed that Miiverse is also being supported; messages can be posted onto the now iconic 'You Are Dead' game over screen, allowing players to see what you have to say about your unfortunate demise.

There's also a bizarre ‘Creatures Voice’ function, which will allow you to customise the thoughts of enemies in Raid Mode, enabling you to taunt your friends. This, along with all Miiverse functionality, is optional, so don't worry if you're thinking it will spoil the atmosphere.

There are other new features that will also find themselves in the other versions, such as a couple of new enemies that will appear in Raid Mode - one of them is the Wall Blister, with the other being a tantalising surprise.

Rachel, who appeared for the first time in the 3DS version, will be playable alongside Hunk in Raid Mode as well.

For those wondering, Resident Evil Revelations does not support the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

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