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Pokémon X & Y Legendary Details Revealed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Names and artwork shared with us all

After yesterday's announcement of Pokémon X & Y, which possibly led to worldwide hype overload and mayhem on the streets, The Pokémon Company International has issued some information on the new 'mon that made an appearance at the very end of the announcement trailer.

These are two new Legendary Pokémon: the one in the image above is called Yveltal (phonetic spelling — ee-VELL-tawl) and the creature below is called Xerneas (phonetic spelling — ZURR-nee-us).

We expect more teasing snippets of information like this in the coming months, but in the meantime you can enjoy the artwork and, if you've somehow missed it so far, watch the announcement trailer.

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Beta said:

That bird's name is a mouthful! XD I had to read about 5 times aloud to get right XD



NintyMan said:

These two new legendaries are cool and unique. They're not dragon-like for once.



MrWezzle said:

Xerneas looks like a big ol' Y in that picture. They BOTH look like big ol' Y's. One of them should look like a big ol' X.



Knux said:

Yveltal looks better but I'll wait to see which types both Legendaries are before deciding on which version to buy.



rjejr said:

Is it just me, or is it really unusual for Nintendo to announce games 9 months before the release date? (Well SSBB, but that was supposed to come out 4 months after Reggie announced it, and then it got delayed twice to reach 9 months.)
Everybody is going to be focused on X, Y and the 3DS all year, Nintendo needs to do something big to get the Wii U some attention.



SammyOfMobius said:

@rjejr I wish they could do this for every game and not announcing something and releasing more information many months later.



Magnet_Man018 said:

Yveltal looks awesome and Xerneas looks majestic. I really hope the new pokemon desings are as good as those.



Kyoto said:

I really love this kind of teasing. Every week a little bit of new information.

Keep the hype-train going Nintendo!!



Haxonberik said:

Yveltal looks awesome, but I cant take my eyes off the antlers with lights of Xerneas, they just look wierd. On a side note, Xerneas will probably stretch its legs to form the X anyways.



BakaKnight said:

They both look Legendaries for real!

Althought I miss a bit the old style of the first legendaries, but well... Nothing can "evolve" if we live in the past, right? XP



Rapido said:

Cant pick on one, I'll take both. Yveltal looks like a flying fire type.



MikeDanger said:

How can the Pokemon scientists miss seeing that huge Y shaped bird in the sky for more than a decade?



SCAR said:

My bro and I each get a version of these games to have different ones since Yellow and Blue(never had Red). Mass hysteria is always in the streets, so I couldn't tell if it was about Pokemon or not... Haha.



SCAR said:

The scientists in Pokemon suck. Pokemon actually probably didn't even plan first 2nd gen. I know for sure that 2nd gen was planned, because Hoh-oh was seen by Ash in the cartoon on episode 2 or 3 as I recall. After that, they just winged it pretty much as far as the monsters go, but keep adding new features/extras.



artofmana said:

I've never played a game from the series but the antlered creature looks cool and this could be a good jumping in point.



jackleapp81 said:

Am I the only one who is scared to death by Yveltal? The longer I stare at its picture, the closer it seems to get. And those claws...they look like rakes. I can just imagine the creature making its way through a dark forest while crouching and letting its wings trail behind it. It would leave these disturbingly-large, crooked tracks as an ominous reminder that it is fully capable of ripping a man to shreds.



Nazz said:

I absolutely love the look of Xerneas, Yveltal looks cool too.



Adam said:

A legendary deer, that is an interesting change. If I get either, it'll definitely be X. I like the graphics in the trailer.



TheNXtMetroid said:

I hope this comes in download! I'd only get the download version of X anyway.
They weren't lying when the said pokemon was evolving.



Tereza said:

Wow! Both X & Y Versions are awesome! But I'll buy the Y Version because Yveltal is red lol. I hope I can download it from Nintendo Eshop. So lazy to go out



Arminillo said:

Deer creature...i am disappoint.

also, i feel like i've seen the grass starter before...



BlueNitrous said:

When I get either of these, planning on Froakie. Undecided for whether I get X or Y, I'll decide when the types are announced.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Definitely like the deer. Really hope the good designs of Pokemon keep on coming. 5th gen had a lot of bad ones.



Roguezz said:

Nvm, Xerneas(pronounced ZURR-nee-us) and Yveltal (pronounced ee-VELL-tall ) have been revealed to be the names of the new Legendary Pokémon./



HandheldGuru97 said:

Xerneas...Xerneas...Xerneas sounds odd to say the least, but I still want X version so I will get used to it.



gekslupis said:

I will probaly go for Xernas for design but I will save my final decision for when the other version exclusives are announced.



grimbldoo said:

@PvtOttobot #15
You need to go and look at the cover titles.

@Adam #30
It is the X, go look at the X in the cover title, the tops represent the antlers and the Y in Pokemon Y is the same exact shape as the bird



sillygostly said:

I don't understand why people are so gung ho about the deer Pokemon. It looks like Sawsbuck 2.0 to me.



Emaan said:

I like the X Pokemon better. Now I can't get used to saying Xerneas. I've called it the letter so much! Very cool designs though!



Henmii said:

So Pokemon is finally coming to the 3DS! It would have been very silly if it would arrive yet again on the DS!



Gridatttack said:

I dont know.
Yveltal would look better if the tail wasnt the same as its wings/arms. It looks too much like an Y
On the other side, Xerneas looks ok, but it doesnt resemble an X at all.



SirQuincealot said:

cant choose which vrsion youre going to get just yet... they could pull a switch and give the x pokemon in the y game and have youre rival get the namesake one



CowLaunch said:

I was very prepared to be disdainful of yet another Pokemon game, but I must admit that I like the look of X & Y so far.



Geonjaha said:

facepalm Honestly - you can tell opinions on a game are already biased when a picture of one random new Pokémon gets people excited. In a world where there are like 40 'legendary' Pokémon you'd think people wouldn't lose it over two new ones who were made simply to look like the letters X and Y.



themac2001 said:

those pokemon will be real fun for those five year olds to say!!!! lol i can barely say them and i is a HUGE fan



MeloMan said:

"chiefeagle02 said:
The King of the Forest from Princess Mononoke!"

Yep, that's exactly what I thought. Xerneas the forest god ALL day.
Just don't... cut his head off :s



DrWatch said:

I'm so stoked for this game! In all honestly though I thought Yveltal was the last forme of Mandibuzz at a first glance...



BulbasaurusRex said:

@Adam What are you talking about? We already have the 3 Legendary Muskedeers. I suppose that makes Xerneas the equivalent of D'artanion (or however you spell his name). Any bets on whether or not Xerneas will learn Sacred Sword?



GreenDream said:

@MikeDanger It looks like some kind of giant cellular, virus-like, or mitochondrial being, right? Maybe it just took 10 years to multiply enough to reach that size...



GreenDream said:

The X legendary reminds me of the "Forest Spirit King" of the anime movie Princess Mononoke, and the Y legendary looks like some kind of mitochondria/cell/virus beast in the shape of a Y... so now Game Freak is ripping off outside source material in jest, and shaping some pokemon like letters... oh wait, didn't they do this before...?

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