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Nyko Power Pak Boosts Wii U GamePad Stamina By Three Times

Posted by Damien McFerran

More power to your controller

As great as the Wii U is, the one thing that bugs many owners is the terrible battery life of the GamePad controller. We've lost count of the number of times we've had to play with it connected to the wall charger because we forgot to top-up the battery after the previous day's session.

Thankfully, peripheral manufacturer Nyko has created a solution in the form of the Power Pak - an enhanced battery pack for the GamePad. It offers three times the staying power of the official power cell, but is the same size - which means it fits effortlessly into the existing battery bay. You don't even have to use a special cable to charge it up.

Here's the official line from Nyko:

Keep your Wii U GamePad charged and ready for action with the Power Pak™ from Nyko Technologies®. The Power Pak is a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery designed exclusively for the GamePad and the rigorous demands of gamers. The triple capacity battery provides up to 3x the playtime on a single charge, and seamlessly replaces the existing GamePad battery for a sleek and seamless upgrade, ideal for marathon gaming sessions. The Power Pak charges using the stock AC Adaptor or Charging Cradle included with the Wii U, as well as Nyko’s charging solutions for the GamePad. The Power Pak is the ideal solution for powering your GamePad allowing you to play longer with no change to the appearance of the controller. A mini screwdriver is included with each PowerPak, no additional tools are needed to install the battery.

For just $24.99, that's a pretty good investment. There's no word on whether or not this is going to be sold outside of North America, but we'd imagine that other alternatives will appear - especially as the GamePad's stamina is a pressing concern for many players.


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Stuffgamer1 said:

It isn't even bigger? Well, that just makes it look like Nintendo cheaped out on the stock battery. Probably wouldn't have cost all THAT much more to just have these better ones in there in the first place, either. Sigh



Beta said:

So you just remove the existing battery and replace it with this, if I am not mistaken?



RedYoshi999 said:

If it didn't release outside NA could you import one of these? There's no way I'm gonna pass this up.



Burning_Spear said:

I would be interested to know if there is a significant weight difference and if this voids your warranty, like Nyko's 3DS battery pack.



Kawaiipikachu said:

nintendolife wrote:

but is the same size

To me it's actually looks a bit wider than the original so it's really not the same size just that theres room to spare in the battery compartment.



Araknie said:

Never gonna open a console, not it's controller, it's good but i will lose my warranty if i do that.



datamonkey said:

@Arkanie - this will not void the warranty. Nintendo have purposely put a screwed battery cover on the Gamepad so the battery can be changed.



cornishlee said:

Pictures over on IGN yesterday showed that it is, in fact, considerably larger: it's just that the existing battery doesn't fill the available space for some reason.
Still, this is a pre-order purchase for me when it goes up for sale.



MAB said:

SOLD! and if you are paranoid about losing your warranty if you ever have to send your WiiU to Ninty just put the stock battery back in the bloody Gamepad



SuperCharlie78 said:

There's absolutely no way this could invalidate the warranty since Nintendo itself showed how easy it is to open up the battery slot.
That told, I think Nintendo would not be able to figure out someone changed the original battery, I would personally install it again if I were to send them my console for any reason



SullKid said:

I somehow read " three minutes"

Anyways, waiting for some tests and then - sold!



AVahne said:

If you actually look at it, it IS bigger than stock. Nintendo designed the battery bay this time to be able to take battery expansions from third parties without having to use a new battery cover. There's extra room in the bay with stock battery, which will be taken up by Nyko's battery. Saves Nintendo money when making each GamePad.



Tasuki said:

Well I wont believe this till I can get this or there is a review of it on NL. I got my hopes up with the Nyko Power Pad Plus for the 3DS only to have Nyko say hahaha its not coming out we were just joking.



Capt_N said:

@SuperCharlie78: Actually, depending on the situation of why someone would send in their WU for repairs, how they did, & how the repair person evaluates the console, it would indeed be possible for a repairman/woman to tell that the battery, &/or it's slot has/have been tampered w/. For instance, a repairman that pays close attention to details of the state of the console, before he/she starts repairing it, might notice that the battery screw seems suspiciously not as tight as it should be, too tight, or perhaps that the track the screw goes in is tight, or loose, indicating someone has either used a wrong sized screw on the battery compartment, or they put the right sized screw in improperly; perhaps in a hurry, resulting in a shabby job.

@seronja: That depends on the internal circuitry/connection design, of the GP(GamePad). You see, electrical/circuitry codes, & designs, mostly io(input/output) voltage/current/etc, & watts are (edit: calculated, & overall handled) different between here, & other parts of the world.

@Nintenzo: Good one, there!



Buob said:


People, this is an accessory. There is no way this could void your warranty or not work on non-American Gamepads.

For people worried about voiding warranty, Nintendo made it possible to be able to change the battery because they knew people would be disappointed with the normal battery life. If your that worried about it though, change the battery back to the original if you have to send it to Nintendo.

For those worried about it not working on PAL consoles, it will. Accessories are not games, therefore they cannot be region locked. As long as all Wii Us have the same battery cable components (which they do), it will fit.

That is all.



Sun said:

This is a good idea because it's not enlarging the size of the device as 3DS third parties batteries do. The only thing that we need is some reviews and to be able to buy it in Europe.
By the way, I don't think this can cancel your warranty, makes no sense.



DerpSandwich said:

Holy cow, I'm all over this. I've never even considered third-party batteries in the past because I'm just not willing to sacrifice size for battery life. But if this thing fits snug in my gamepad, I'm one happy camper.

Really does make me wonder why Nintendo cheaped out, though. If Nyko can sell this battery to a retailer and make a profit off of it, and then that retailer can sell it to us for $25 and make a profit too, you'd think that Nintendo could have sprung the extra couple bucks in the first place. Especially buying wholesale in such large numbers, there's no reason it could have cost them too much to manage.



Burning_Spear said:

@Buob You don't know that for certain. Don't put information out there if you haven't gotten it straight from Nintendo. Nintendo doesn't honor the 3DS warranty if you used Nyko's 3DS power pack, so how can you be so certain this situation is different?



DePapier said:

I''m quite sure Nintendo cheaped out on purpose, just like they did with the Wii U 8 Go and 32 Go hard drives. Saying that they should have done it themselves just because they could have done it just doesn't make sense when everyone knows that the console is sold at a loss, especially if there is indeed a market for manufacturers of these kinds of stuff. Why bother working hard on peripheral gaming elements when you can have a whole sector support you for no charge and for its own benefit? Makes perfect business sense; and USB and SD slots as well as the spare room in the GamePad's battery compartment are just a proof of that.

(P.S.: I'm buying it. Definitely.)



AltDotNerd said:

Unfortunately, I've never had a good experience with Nyko products. One of their controllers just being plugged into my Gamecube made the console freeze. Now, I just don't buy Nyko products anymore.



DarkNinja9 said:

omg we so need this in the US D= how could they not release it yet but at last we have a option to upgrade



Buob said:

@Burning_Sphere - Nintendo can't know for certain that you had a third-party battery in the system. Like I said, if you need to send it into Nintendo into repairs just put the stock battery in and they won't know the difference. I have a Nyko 3DS Power Pack as well, and when I had to send my 3DS back to Nintendo for repairs, I just put the original battery back in.

Is it really that hard to understand?



Kirk said:

So, the GamePad obviously could and clearly should have had a battery like this from day one.



the-daddy said:

hello people where can you buy this nyko battery from can anyone point me in the right direction



EaZy_T said:

@Burning_Spear #4 I thought of added weight too.

The stock battery in the gamepad is just about perfect; if it weighed too much more, the extended life wouldn't be worth it. I've never had the battery run out while I'm playing, so I wouldn't need this anyway.



Devil_Surivior said:

I can recommend Nyko batteries because I bought one for my 3DS(original model), and it worked great it added a lot battery life to my 3DS over the standard battery.



Rockman said:

Nice! as expected all the accessory companies will jump in.. let's wait for the 5000 MAh version...



sweetiepiejonus said:

I will probably get this. The only thing is, I haven't noticed ever having "terrible" battery life. What are people defining terrible as?

I've played Darksiders on the GamePad alone for over two hours straight. I guess I can try (and fail) to convince myself to not feel like such a loser after playing for several hours.



WaxxyOne said:

And now the controller weighs three times more too!!! Yay!

Oh, wait.

@Stuffgamer1 It's already been reported that the battery case has room for a bigger battery. Most likely because one of Nintendo's main concerns when designing the pad was making sure it was light enough to use for long periods. If it was too uncomfortable, it would kill the system before it had a chance to get off the ground. The battery compartment most likely was made bigger on purpose to accommodate batteries with more charge but with similar weight that might come out over the next few years.



nemesis4670 said:

@Capt_N This is ridiculous. The manual states that you can open the battery cover to replace the battery when needed. They would not void your warranty because some inspector sees that you "tampered" with the battery cover, because tampering means you're NOT supposed to open it.

There will be no repercussions from using this battery even if it malfunctioned and caused damage to the gamepad. You could simply place the original back in and send it in. They look at THOUSANDS upon thousands of units of all different kinds. They barely have time to "closely inspect threads on a screw hole".

BTW the battery is LARGER. Stop speculating because that is fact. The original only takes up the middle area of the compartment. It takes literally 2 seconds of Google image search to find it or you can open your own battery cover and see for yourself.


Whoever on here is trying to sway people away from it are either cynical a-hole trolls who always have a negative opinion, OR who probably can't afford the battery. So they are just making excuses not to buy it. Which is sad considering it's only 25 dollers and fixes the NUMBER ONE issue with the Wii U. Not to mention it's a battery that should of been included in the first place!! They tell us we can open the cover just to reveal a compartment with half the space empty, as if they are laughing at us when they collect another 25 dollers per customer through licensing fees to Nyko. Won't be surprised if we see a Nintendo branded one down the line either.



element187 said:

@Stuffgamer1 People are complaining about the smallest things... People said things like "Oh Nintendo should have added a larger SSD, it couldn't possibly cost that much" or "Oh Nintendo should have added USB 3.0 ports, it wouldn't have cost that much" or "Oh Nintendo should have shot for a Radeon 7000, or 2gb mroe of Ram, it wouldn't cost that much" and you with "Nintendo should have added a bigger battery, it wouldn't have cost that much"..... The reason why they didn't add all these thing people are complaining about is because they had a price point they had to hit.. People are complaining that $300 is too expensive for a brand new console (I wonder what they will say about the other 2 consoles launching over $450 if $300 is expensive). Just imagine if Nintendo added all these features that people "wish Nintendo added, it can't possibly cost that much"... People would be complaining that the Nintendo console costs $400.

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