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Sat 12th Jan 2013

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nemesis4670 commented on Nyko Power Pak Boosts Wii U GamePad Stamina By...:

@Capt_N This is ridiculous. The manual states that you can open the battery cover to replace the battery when needed. They would not void your warranty because some inspector sees that you "tampered" with the battery cover, because tampering means you're NOT supposed to open it.

There will be no repercussions from using this battery even if it malfunctioned and caused damage to the gamepad. You could simply place the original back in and send it in. They look at THOUSANDS upon thousands of units of all different kinds. They barely have time to "closely inspect threads on a screw hole".

BTW the battery is LARGER. Stop speculating because that is fact. The original only takes up the middle area of the compartment. It takes literally 2 seconds of Google image search to find it or you can open your own battery cover and see for yourself.


Whoever on here is trying to sway people away from it are either cynical a-hole trolls who always have a negative opinion, OR who probably can't afford the battery. So they are just making excuses not to buy it. Which is sad considering it's only 25 dollers and fixes the NUMBER ONE issue with the Wii U. Not to mention it's a battery that should of been included in the first place!! They tell us we can open the cover just to reveal a compartment with half the space empty, as if they are laughing at us when they collect another 25 dollers per customer through licensing fees to Nyko. Won't be surprised if we see a Nintendo branded one down the line either.