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Hyrule Historia Is The Number One Best Selling Book In The US

Posted by Orla Madden

Beating all the fad diet books

Throughout the day we have noticed that many of you have been receiving your precious copies of Hyrule Historia, the fantastic art book dedicated to The Legend of Zelda franchise. We've been swooning over it here at NLife towers the moment it arrived, and we're sure you have been too.

It comes as no surprise that the wonderful 272-page book has topped Amazon's best sellers list in North America, after spending 92 days in the top 100. It topped the charts in August 2012, so it's great to see it return to its worthy position again.

The same can't be said for the UK however, as the nation has gone 'new year's resolution' mad with a plethora of diet books creeping into the top 10, leaving Link's book of adventures sitting in 9th position.

How have all you lovely readers been enjoying Hyrule Historia? Let us know if your copy arrived, and if you haven't purchased it yet, what are you waiting for?


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LordJumpMad said:

A book about a video game is a top seller?
I guess its the only way to get people to read.



MarioKenny1992 said:

I don't have the history of Zelda book, but I do have the history of Sonic book, and it is AMAZING!



Knuckles said:

How is The History of Sonic the Hedgehog not Number 1?
@MarioKenny1992 Its AWESOME!

Back on topic, this is great for a video game book. But I wonder how a Mario book would sell?



Raymen said:

$11 dollars away from wii u. CAN'T. STOP. NOW. I'll probably make a request at the library so I don't have to pay



KingDunsparce said:

I want to buy this, but I also want a 3DS XL
@AmazingPopo_Man I can't wait for Wind Waker HD either! My current favorite Zelda game being remade for the Wii U was the most exciting thing about the Nintendo Direct.
Edit: $20? I'll probably give in by tomorrow...



KAHN said:

i ordered mine, and i'm waiting for it in the mail. got it on amazon, and i'm really jealous of everyone who already has theirs ): anybody willing to give me their copy in exchange for a kidney?



Chrono_Cross said:

I seriously thought this was the best selling book in the U.S. in general, lol.

I guess I was as surprised as the title is misleading.



hylianhalcyon said:

Mine arrived today. I had initially purchased it just because it was Zelda and it looked kinda neat. Wow, it has blown me away, it is absolutely gorgeous.



Aloth said:

I just bought it!!! The only thing keeping zelda from being bigger than 50 shades is that for every gamer there is a mother and sometimes a girlfriend.



Emaan said:

That's great to hear! America has good taste it seems, which is news to me.

I need to order mine.



Syntax said:

Once Im finished with school, I'm going to order that book of kor-I mean Hyrule Historia



Wonder_Ideal said:

@Syntax - Nice save there.
I can't wait to get myself a copy of this. I'm also really happy that it was at the top of the list for so long. GO ZELDA!!1!



Shanksta said:

Ordered mine back on Aug 22, hasn't shipped yet. Supposed to arrive by friday so I'll probably receive it next week.
@allav866 I feel your pain, if I hadn't preordered it, there'd be no way I could afford it now.



19Robb92 said:

I have my limited edition pre-order waiting on me, so I'm not picking up the standard edition. Looks like an amazing book no matter what edition you pick up though!

Can't wait!



AhabSpampurse said:

Got mine on Saturday and its beautiful. And it also doubles as a lethal weapon that could honestly be used to beat someone to death with.



akabenjy said:

Amazon haven't shipped mine yet and I live in Australia so I'll be waiting a while:(



dudey300 said:

Hoping my copy arrives today, if not it'll arrive tomorrow. Have the day off tomorrow so can sit for a couple of hours and give it a proper read!



Moshugan said:

''It comes as no surprise that the wonderful 272-page book has topped Amazon's best sellers list in North America''
Well, it surely came as a surprise to me! Actually I'm flabbergasted! This is great news but I didn't think people love Zelda this much. I thought books like this would remain in relative obscurity.



SPEtheridge said:

Hopefully i can get myself one this week, really want it,sucks i wasn't able to get the limited edition one though.



WindWakerLink said:

Oh gosh. i was too broke to get this. now i have extra $$ 4 this but it seems like the limited edition wont be available @ this point, right? -_- ill seach tonight.



KAHN said:

where the heck is my review? i thought NintyLife was reviewing the book! they've reviewed other books! i want answers!



mikeyman64 said:

Love it so far. I opened it the other day and flipped thru it, was nothing but giddy and excited. Probably won't have time to actually sink into it till the weekend.



FriedSquid said:

Mine came in the mail today, and this book is just... so good. It's truly amazing to look at and read, and it really shows just how much detail was put into the designs and story. If you are at all a Zelda fan, you need to have this book.



Konyaku said:

Just purchase a Copy from Amazon. Have to wait 3 weeks for shipping till arrive at my country but absolutely worth it.



Phle said:

I really want this book, I need this book. I have to find out where I can get one.



Galactus said:

My local comic shop got in four of them on wednesday, 3 remained after I left. I wonder if any are left. I know a few people who want one.



jarreboum said:

I just received mine (sent day one, received two weeks after in europe). It's a very good book with lots of artwork and history. Shame 1/4th of it is dedicated to Skyward Sword though.



Mascarpino said:

I think Hyrule Historia is seriously the BEST BOOK EVER!!! I love all the more clear storyline and artwork. Just amazing.

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