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Tue 27th May 2008

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Aloth commented on Video: Hands On With The Revo K101 Plus, The U...:

I tried buying it from them, it took more than 7 months to ship, I moved, it went back to Singapore. When I complained they said: "you can buy another at the store."

I just hated their service, I got my money back thanks to PayPal.



Aloth commented on Super Castlevania IV Is Coming To The North Am...:

Tennis and baseball are very simpleg games, they have a great library of games and they are re-releasing these!!! The Capcom approach is very nice indeed, releasing 3 games and giving discounts is very nice.
If it was done with Castlevania, I would buy them all!



Aloth commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 3DS:

I am really happy about my 3ds, what I hate is this week release of old titles, they should release more gb, gbc even snes every week. Why cant I play castlevania 4 on my 3ds?
I havent got the altered beast on the japanese 3ds, it doesnt interest me, but I will get hang on or sonic.



Aloth commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Download Takes Up Almos...:

I was very happy with the download option, I live in Brazil and the price of the 3ds games here is about 75 dollars!!! But since we have a brazilian eshop, nintendo doe not accept brazilian credit cards in the american eshop, so the download price is 75 dollars, no problem though, I have preordered mine from play-asia for 45 bucks with shipping!



Aloth commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

Wow, I love square games, I´ll download it, Square Enix games are more expensive than others, I think it´s worth but, like chrono trigger on the DS, it´s expensive, I just bought the world ends with you for $ 20, and it´s a new game, with new technology. But, i do not buy final fantasy games for it´s beautiful image, i buy them for the story, the gameplay, and I do think that FF IV is one of the best rpgs ever.



Aloth commented on USA VC Update: Boogerman:

I´m waiting for Phantasy Star IV, but I haven´t played some of the EXCELLENT recent releases like shinning force 2, secret of mana. I think that we are having some slow weeks before we get real good stuff again.



Aloth commented on Ys Book I & II:

Just finished Y´s I in about 7-8 hours. Real good. I couldn´t stop playing it!!! It´s not the best rpg on VC, but it´s a very good one, well worth 800 wii points. I´ll get shinning force II and Secret of Mana too, they are better, but don´t miss Y´s.



Aloth commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

Good memories!!! I´ll buy this one. There were some SMS games that were not just a simple version of the Genesis games. In Brazil the SMS was a huge success like the PS2, we had even translated games and "transformed" ones (this is really really uncommon, except in the PC). Does anyone remember castle of illusion???



Aloth commented on Top 10 Shmups We Want To Come To The Virtual C...:

Nice lists, both of them. I have good memories of some of these games. We all kinda know which games that were released are excellent but I think it would be nice to have a top ten list of the games that were released so far. I´m still playing gate of thunder.



Aloth commented on USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer:

I think it is a pretty good week. Two good shooters. I really do not understand why all the fuss. We can download more than 200 classic games already. I have downloaded a lot of them, but there are a lot that have been released and that I haven´t (of course I´m wainting for some games too). Maybe the naysayers and the guys who are going to burn their wiis because only 2 good shooters were released have downloaded all the good games.



Aloth commented on Neo Turf Masters:

Is it going to be in the collection they are releasing this month? I don´t know