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Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next Big Step

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not quite fully “networked”, yet

We’ve praised the concept behind the Nintendo Network a fair bit here on Nintendo Life, and in various news posts and features we’ve stated or alluded to the fact that it could be the start of a bright new online era for Nintendo. To start this particular article on a positive point, there are plenty of encouraging signs: Miiverse looks interesting and offers exciting social opportunities, while online gaming and making friends on Wii U generally seems to be relatively simple and pain free, thanks to the Nintendo Network ID and the console's user account system. There are occasional glitches, bugs, hang ups and issues with Wii U in its early days, as well as a potentially troublesome firmware update, but that’s common for a new system so reliant upon online connectivity.

So, based on what we've seen, what areas could be enhanced on the Nintendo Network in the future? There are still question marks around DLC flexibility, for example, though Nintendo has stated that it's not placing restrictions on publishers. If we were to pick one key area, however, we'd say that it's the Nintendo Network ID that's first in line for an improvement. It's arguably been one of the most eagerly anticipated parts of Wii U, which a number of Nintendo gamers surely felt would finally bring their console experience onto something resembling a level playing field, with features and options already familiar to Xbox 360 and PS3 owners. Yet the term Network ID is only partly right: yes, it’s an ID that manages online interactions, which is excellent, but it’s also locked to one system. It’s not engaging with the cloud and opening up your Wii U experience, it’s chained to your console. If you want to be really, really harsh, you could call it a glorified Friend Code.

That last sentence is probably unfair, but reflects the frustration that’s sure to be felt by some loyal Nintendo gamers that perhaps expected more from this ID from the off. While many may not be particularly concerned, this news spoils some potential fun that could have given the Wii U greater life between friends. For example, if you played a game of co-op New Super Mario Bros. U with a friend or sibling on your Wii U, it may have been tempting to go to the other’s house on another day, fire up their version of the game while logged into your account and, hey presto, you could resume the save file that you’d been playing together.

Another area where this could be an issue is if your system is stolen or unexpectedly bricked, which can happen with any technology. While devices and platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Google have universal IDs that allow simple and immediate retrieval of content and data onto a new system, at present the solution with Wii U is likely to be more complicated. We have little doubt that Nintendo's customer services will assist those that lose their content, but it's a disappointment that the ID won't be a fool-proof, simple way to retrieve information.

We imagine that a few gamers saw the descriptions of Nintendo Network, the various attractive graphics showing the logo, Wii U and various connected circles, and envisioned that the Nintendo Network ID truly was your login’s place in the “cloud”. While Nintendo rightly stops you copying and transporting download purchases from one system to another, it was surely the case that your ID would allow you to connect on a friend’s system. Disappointed gamers perhaps have only themselves to blame — Nintendo never actually said this would be the case, but it sure hinted at it.

We may be wishing for something that will happen in a subsequent update, of course. To reiterate what Nintendo said from our original story.

A Nintendo Network Account can only be used on the console where it was created. In the future, you will be able to use your Nintendo Network Account with future Nintendo consoles and other devices, such as PC's.

So, in the future, we may be able to login to a friend’s machine and access our save data in games that they mutually own, or easily switch content and save data to a new console. It must also be said that, from day one, Wii U is still easily Nintendo’s most social system to date, taking major strides forward; it'd be infeasible to expect that some anticipated features wouldn't be missing on day one.

If the day one update of the system shows us anything, it’s that what you see in your Wii U isn’t the finished product. System updates to 3DS have been notably frequent and have significantly enhanced the device since launch, and we’re certainly hoping to see the same with Wii U. It does seem, meanwhile, as if Nintendo is intent on making connectivity simple and enjoyable for gamers, so we shouldn't necessarily let frustration over some issues deflect from the positive steps we've seen so far. Wii U is a very young system that will undoubtedly grow, and maybe this is one shortcoming that will be fixed; hopefully we just need to be patient.

What do you think about the Nintendo Network ID being tied to a console. Does it bother you, are you happy for it to stay that way, or are you confident that an update will change it in the near future? Let us know in the comments below.

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Knux said:

Nintendo Network really isn't much of a network right now, which is why I'm going to wait on buying a Wii U.



Wonder_Ideal said:

@Thomas_Whitehead I share your optimism in relation to system updates and the Wii U becoming better. While the ID may be tied to a single system now, I believe that will change in the future. But for now, let us enjoy our Wii U's!



shake_zula said:

This is a massive disappointment for me, I'll be taking the same approach as I did with the Wii and not purchasing any eShop games. My first Wii died on me, causing me to lose all my digital content, and I've had other consoles brick in the past as well. If my Wii U bricks I don't want to have to send it off to Nintendo along with a new one, and be without a console for weeks while they transfer my data (as was the system with the Wii). I'd rather just stick to retail games and not take the risk.

I would have spent hundreds of pounds on Virtual Console and WiiWare if it wasn't for this, so it seems like a silly approach. I assume it's an anti-piracy move, so maybe it pays off for Nintendo overall, but it doesn't seem to bother Sony and Microsoft. Hopefully Nintendo will change the system eventually.



Klunk23 said:

I acctually would really like to have acces to a nintendo ID on my 3DS. That would please me very much.



SCAR said:

I thought it was going to be added to the 3ds. They just probably don't want to confuse 3ds owners with saying that they need to make a N ID, and don't know much about gaming profiles and such. Im sure a linked account available from any console is in the works, but as of right now, even if there was a linked account system, I wouldn't be able to use it because no one I know has a Wii U, and theres no use in 3ds pairing right now unless they let me transfer VC games to it, or let me use the Wii U as a backup storage, which I don't even need(have a 32 gb sd card). I guess what I'm trying to say is, an account system has been wanted since last gen, but this early in Wii U life would have pretty much no purpose.



Bliquid said:

@SCAR392: It has the purpose to let me sell my 3DS maintaining the purchases i paid for, just like the console.
And honestly, in this day and age where almost everyone uses smartphones or tablets, i seriously doubt that anyone would be confused as you say.



SCAR said:

@Bliquid It technically is 2 days old in Nintendo years. Besides, Nintendo always has a more complex way of doing things and making it look simple. As for PS and Xbox, they have a simple way of doing things, and making it look complex. Just my opinion. Nintendo's consoles seem to be alot harder to sync to an online account, with having the actual classic files from NES i.e. available online. Remember when Starfox 64 had framerate issues on Wii, because it was using the Wii's power instead of a N64 emulation, tgen updated it because people were mad it didn't play like the N64 console original? They're trying to stay true to their guns, and give everyone what they want at the same time.



Nntndo_1986 said:

I can understand part of the argument that this is a new console. But...this is 2012 not 2003. As someone pointed out in another thread, the name should have been Wii U ID because that's what it is, and that would have explained a lot. I can see more of the argument being well they need time to implement the groundwork to use the ID across WiiU and 3DS and maybe online PC like Xbox whee you could sign in and DL stuff while away from home, sweet but why start the road map on Novemebr 18th 2012? Why wasn't this part of the Wii U development process. I just don't see how a company can just say we'll get to it, I mean geese they are doing it but wow my brain still hurts with the mere understanding of these decisions lol.....



SCAR said:

Hardly anyone I meet in person ever knows what an inline accont is, and fear loss if anything is changed on there account. It's like when you ask someone to copy answers on a quiz at school, even though you know how to do the math i.e. and even though it IS copying the answers, you still know how to do the problems none the less. If you say no to my asking for the answers, then I'll just turn in my homework late, and get half off the final grade. Just because I ask for the answers, doesn't mean I don't know HOW to do the homework. I know this is a weird explanation of this situation, but it really does make sense. Nintendo knows how to, it's just how they are going to do it conveniently and naturally.



TingLz said:

Meanwhile I'm enjoying games like Little Inferno and Trine 2. Keep at it whiners :3



Sforzando said:

The only difference beween the nintendo ID and a Friend Code is that it's console wide and not made of numbers. From what I've heard of the WiiU's online it's a big step forward.



SCAR said:

I was just seeing what was up on here since the Wii U came out and there's tons of games to be played, in HD and 5.1 surround sound with the new gamepad and headsets starting at $20. I don't mind complainers, I actually encourage it most of the time. The difference is, I'm not the one complaining, even though it benefits me. hahah.



ultraraichu said:

I don't expect anything bad to happen to my Wii U to put it in a state that makes my system and account unuseable (theif, crashed into piece, etc.) so I'm good.

I'm sure the Wii U will have the ability to transfer the NN ID to other Wii U in the future. It's best to release something with all the bugs and security worked out then release it and then start seeing posts about people getting their accounts hacked.

At the moment I view this as extra security since no one else can use my nintendo network account even if they knew my ID and password. Optimism at its best :3

@SCAR392 that's thinking outside the box. Thumbs up



ThomasBW84 said:

I'll just say that we've given a lot of focus in recent days and weeks to the positives of Wii U - there are many, which is brilliant - but there's nothing wrong with questioning some strange functions such as this ID being tied to a single system. If you don't want to question these things, that's fine, but I'm sure that the majority here ultimately want Nintendo's systems to reach their full potential and compete well with rivals.

The concept of universal IDs is old and well-worn on various devices, and I personally made the mistake (though I know I'm not the only one) of assuming it'd be on Wii U with Nintendo Network. It's a shame it's not but, hey, it's likely to be on the way eventually.

So we're not Nintendo bashing here in this article, but it doesn't hurt to look at instances like this that fall behind the industry standard, look at what effect it has and hope that it'll be resolved soon.



Ryno said:

I'm not really bothered by it one way or another. I'm the only one of my friends that has a Wii U anyway. I know updates will come and things will change as does PSN and Live. It will be interesting to see how things develop.



SCAR said:

I'm using the Wii U internet browser, and it's the best internet on any device besides a computer that I've ever used. Better than any tablet or tv device. Maybe they could even add a Nintendo Document app so kids can do homwork on their Wii U. Who knows. That's honestly how much potential this console has. If PS3 was the strongest computer in 1998, I can only imagine what Wii U can do at maximum, especially considering that there's a gamepad to work with now. My brother is going to school for 2d animation, and having an immensily updated flipnote hatena would be a dream come true for him.



shingi_70 said:


You haven't used many other broswers have you?

And what are you talking about regarding the ps3?

Also its disheartning nintendo can't get basic stuff right.



SCAR said:

Apparently I haven't used any better HARDWARE supporting even the most simple of web browsers. You can use internet explorer on Xbox 360, it doesnt mean it's going to work as good as a regular computer. What better option is there if you don't mind me asking. The PS3 would have been the worlds most powerful computer in 1998, which came as an official statement from Sony when it was released, and that sounds about right. As for getting the basic stuff right, Nintendo actually had an internet browser pretty much when the Wii came out, as opposed to Xbox 360. Maybe I am naive, but I don't really give a f*** either.



aaronsullivan said:

So, I was browsing through the eShop sort of stunned that I could just download those brand new Nintendo games. Full brand new Nintendo games just a click or two away. Problem is it's not as cool as it looks at first. I'm very used to using the iPhone/iPad system and we have these games on multiple devices and if you buy a new one it's just all up in the cloud. That's not what this is. This doesn't feel like I get to carry these games with me into the future anymore. If that console goes, it's a problem.

And my Wii is hanging on by a thread even after

I really want to stop buying discs, but Nintendo has to reassure me about this some more.



NintyMan said:

The online isn't perfect yet, but right now, I just want to enjoy my new Wii U.



SCAR said:

@Sony_70 I don't run any business. I just see it how it is though MY eyes. If the I see the Wii U running basic applications better than any other product out there RIGHT NOW, I'm going to think it's better. Seeing something work faster than anything else, isn't an opinion at that point, it's fact. Let's just go get the first computer ever made, and try and get it to run Internet Explorer 11. That's pretty much what you just said regarding web browsers.



aaronsullivan said:

I was impressed with the broswer, too. I still give the winner to an iPad and Apple TV combo which gives you better clarity on the device (text on the GamePad can be a mildly distorted sometimes) and the ability to show everyone what you're looking at, too. It's also nice to pinch-zoom, etc. Still, I loved the simple ability to show people what I'm looking at with the little visible purple trail that shows where the stylus is on the screen, and the curtain is more practical than you'd expect. No one wants to watch you search for stuff.

I generally prefer to browse on the iPad (and also the Wii U now) because it's much more versatile than a PC (it's not locked down, or forcing me to sit weird if it's a laptop and I don't have to pull people over to me to show them something, you just show it on the TV.)

Full hardware keyboard still wins if you have to do a lot of typing, though dictation is getting pretty amazing. Gamepad has neither.

Ultimately though when you start comparing prices on Wii U vs. iPad+Apple TV vs. PC and monitor, Wii U is a VERY nice sweet spot and I think what we're discussing here is going to be what gives the Wii U legs for more casual gamers and non-gamers — that and the Nintendo TVii.



shingi_70 said:

Basic stuff right is having an account system that actually works. Also I agree that xbox coming late to the broswer game is bad. (Though they did it with good reason)

Speaking of browsers or TV internet experiences which are better than the wii u.

Apple TV and ipad airplay
Google TV and android devices
Xbox ie with windows phone and windows 8
A stand alone tablet.

But as far as convience the wii U browser is still pretty good and that's what the most important thing is.



aaronsullivan said:

From all the Ask Iwata stories and other interviews I really get the feeling that the ongoing excitement about new games and features over at Nintendo has two prongs: Asynchronous GamePad and Online.



SCAR said:

Everyone's entitled to their opinion You like iPod iOS running Safari, that's great. I have a Wii keyboard too, and I hope Nintendo updates the console to use it. I just tested it and it doeen't work typing on to the gamepad. I don't mind though, I don't do that much typing on a game console anyway. I play games on my Wii U mainly, even though it would be nice to be able to use a usb keyboard that says Wii on it, which actually did surprise me that it didn't work just a second ago.



ultraraichu said:

@Sony_70 Naive, maybe (close to yes) but that because I see the potentials for improvement and growth. I know that the Wii U have its flaws, every new piece of technology does but that doesn't mean it can get better in time (this also includes Sony, Microsoft, and especially Apple). I wouldn't want these and future flaws to stay but at the sametime I will enjoy all the other things that gone right.



SCAR said:

Sorry, *iPad. I didn't like iPad 2, but the newer one seems alot more worth it. But, those are way more expensive, and $100 or so for the Apple TV box, and thats already alot more $ than a Wii U thats not even as strong, and is only small app based. Maybe with Wii U, we can actually dl 'apps' that work more like actual softare that would be on a computer. I promised myself that I wouldn't get another iPad tim it runs Mtn. Lion or some other actual computer OS. I don't like iOS, obviously. haha.



SCAR said:

Exactly, you have to look at the potential. If Nintendo shut down right now, do you really think your Wii U conso'e would be completely useless? If your a good computer technician, you could technically make your own games for Wii U, on the Wii U, and that's legit. You could use every thing in the console for other things. I bet if you knew how, you could run Windows 8, or any other OS on Wii U. You could prbably use the Wii U as a communications device with 3DS in the middle of the desert, if you knew how to configure it that way. I know I'm rambling...



AVahne said:

Was really hoping Nintendo would have implemented a true network system, especially with eShop. If Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Sony could do it years ago, why not Nintendo?
If I change phones, I know I can redownload all my apps back onto my new phone. I sold my PS3 for money towards Wii U, but I ever decide to get a new Sony console years down the line, I know I'll be able to download my paid copy of Scott Pilgrim back onto it.
Wii U, 3DS, Wii, DSi? Nope, can't do anything like that. Lose your system, lose your games. The main advantage in my opinion that digital copies have over physical copies is the guarantee that you'll never lose your games unless your account is stolen as well. Until Nintendo finishes up work on Nintendo Network, there's no point in buying digital retail games on Wii U.



SCAR said:

Just remember that theres aways solar panels, too. That should keep your Wii U up and running in the desert, and you don't even need a TV to use the Wii U, so that could help...



antdickens said:

Some of the staff had a very similar discussion when putting this piece together Interesting!



Metal_Slugger said:

Nintendo should have one account. Your nintendo club account linked to any nintendo gaming device you have, and any game you ever bought should be redownloadable on any nintendo device you purchase in the future in case you want to upgrade.



shingi_70 said:

Well the potential is there I'm just worried like the wii the wii u won't reach its full potential.

I think being on gaf all the time and the GB wii u livestream has made me a bit cyncial.



Mustache-Gamer said:

Back On Topic: I Dont own The Wii U, But i tryed it out at a local gamestop and it seemed fun. <<<< Thats what were Talking about....right? x.c



SCAR said:

Just Nintendo in general, and yes, there will be a Youtube app for the Wii U.



Syntax said:

Question for wii u owners, do you guys know if the wii u can use any brand of headphones besides turtle beach? Because i have a very overpriced headphone with in-line microphone & remote and surprisingly the 3ds has support for both the features, so can you guys confirm this theory?



rjejr said:

I can only hope this will change. It took the PS3 a while to get Home working (still in beta last time I checked a few weeks ago) so the "network" ID may someday have something to do with a network.

Good to read about the browser being usable. Does it go into "mobile" mode on the Gamepad? My iPod touch (and it's tiny 3 1/2" screen) always went into mobile mode - when available - but my 7" Tab 2 never does, which is fine most of the time, but sometimes I wish it would. Also, does the screen rotate into portrait mode? I'm kind of used to that for web browsing. Even if it doesn't rotate, still sounds like a big improvement over Wii.

When's the TVii update?



MrWu said:

Over-reactions about the current lack of profile migration aside, the NNID thing seems to be working really well.

I was half panicked when I couldn't find my CLUB NINTENDO registration for my Deluxe Wii U, only to find out it had already liked my console to ClubNintendo when I signed on-to the eshop.

Miiverse is a lot of fun too. I think, ironically, what Nintendo Network is missing now is scope. If they can get it on to 3DS within the next 12 months as well as PC, and maybe even the Wii, Nintendo Network will feel much more like a platform.

Right now, it's not really showing anything great yet!



SDDMN said:

As quoted by the maker of the video:
"I wish Nintendo would have just made this more clear. The wiiu supports headphones and earbuds with that have built in mics. But the audio doesn't come from the gamepad itself. I didn't realize that my earbuds and headphones had a built in mic.This is still good news because unlike what was reported it doesn't have to be a bulky expensive headset. It can be cheap earbuds that have built in mics. I have seen them on the net for less than 4 dollars."



sr388survivor said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't PS3 and 360 users have to pay to be able to put saves on the cloud and play them on another console?



MrWu said:

@Sony_70 I absolutely want to see accounts to be migratable, because I would be unwilling to do much DD otherwise.

That said, it's pretty clear Miiverse, Wii U eshop purchases attaches sales to NNID profile and not the console. So I think it's technically feasible to allow it down the road. Even if it is not as easy as steam.



SageWaterDragon said:

I am just waiting for the Nintendo 3DS's Friend Code's to be replaced by Nintendo IDs. I have been waiting for that day to truly dive into the 3DS internet experience.



Sam_Loser2 said:

I was really looking forward to this. It does worry me with the 3DS. I have 250+ on that system.



Prof_Clayton said:

Classic Nintendo, releasing the most promising system yet, and being scolded for a little flaw. u.u



Taceus said:

What!? Nintendo marching to the beat of their own drum. Who would have thought?
Haters gonna hate, whingers gonna whinge. But hey, I might be a whinger come Nov. 30th.



Hokori said:

It's coming, to both 3DS and WiiU... Just be patient... Geez you guys didn't complain about the 3DS when it launched, why now? IT'LL COME



MitchVogel said:

I'm definitely interested in a Wii U, but I'm not buying any sort of digital content until I can know for sure that I won't lose it all if the console breaks...



Hokori said:

Another thing I'd like to add is the whole not buying digital until NNID appear on 3DS/WiiU.... What do you call VC/Wii/3DSWare?



HaastMK7 said:

All I want to know is what date has been confirmed for the 3DS Miiverse release?



shingi_70 said:


Yep with Xbox live you get 512MB of cloud storage (windows phone 8 and windows 8 games don't have a cap), while I think PS+ gives you a either the same amount or 1GB currently.

Good for moving around saves, making room, and making sure they don't get deleted by mistake.



MrWu said:

Some games have spotpass features, so I wonder if there is a WiiConnect style functionality updating miiverse postings and the link stored on memory while the system is powered down.

Unlike the Wii however, the LED goes from Blue to Red. As we know, Red for Wii means, plugged in but no Internet WiiConnect functions. There's no intermediary Orange LED indicator with the Wii U.



SCAR said:

Just to let everyone know. If you actually have the broken console(if that just so happens to be the issue), you can repair it through Nintendo and still have your purchases. As for losing or selling it, you can't for now if you want to keep your games, but even if a new console comes out that has DLC backwards support, you got lucky already. I transfered all my Wii shop purchases, and am glad they included that. They don't expect you to sell their newest console and just say I'm done. Maybe you just shouldn't buy a console and buy DLC for it if you plan on selling it somewhere down the line. That's all there is to it. Sure it would be nice, especially to share games with family(main reason I see, so you can play with them online), have multiple consoles hooked up, or have the portable and home console pretty much using cross play, but thats beside the fact.



brooks83 said:

It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if I was interested in getting a Wii U on launch day, but it's something Nintendo needs to fix sooner rather than later. I'm hoping they will, as I do plan on buying a Wii U next year. Personally, I will be getting a PS3 on Black Friday to go along with my regular Wii



brooks83 said:

@SCAR392 - "Maybe you just shouldn't buy a console and buy DLC for it if you plan on selling it somewhere down the line. That's all there is to it."

No, that's not all there is to it. Microsoft and Sony have been doing this since 2005 and 2006, respectively, and iTunes has been doing it even longer. And, no, sharing games is not the main reason people want Nintendo to do this. Nintendo could easily limit game sharing if they wanted to. The main reason is if your system crashes or if you decide to buy a new model Wii U (different color or bigger HD perhaps) you still have access to your games without having to send your Wii U into Nintendo to have them transferred. And I have heard several cases where Nintendo did not allow transfers on some Wii's that crashed. You're comment about not buying DLC is just complete rationalization. I would think Nintendo would want people to download more DLC, not less. And sometimes hardships come up where people are forced to sell their video game systems. People don't always sell their systems simply because they want what the competitor is offering.

With all that said, I do expect Nintendo to correct this down the line. If they want to be taken seriously, then need to. And, seriously, it's ok to question Nintendo's decisions. I will be getting a Wii U too, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna make excuses and rationalize everything Nintendo does just because I like them.



Bliquid said:

This is getting pathetic.
All the fanboys around not seeing the elephant in the room, throwing their "haters gonna hate" around, without realizing they are prey to blind consumism.
It is 3 years Nintendo has been following the " buy and you'll see" strategy, saying they got pkenty to come and never showing nothing.
No thanks, i deserve, as a worker with a passion as well as many expenses (most of them called "living"),
Too see BEFORE i give money.
For all i've seen now, WiiU is a giant, unportable HD DS, with prehistoric online functions and storage systems, which doesn't come complete out of a box that costs money.
"Haters gonna hate"?
I've been playing on Nintendo consoles for more than TWENTY years, and with the last 2 yes, now i hate Nintendo for not being what it was, but just stupid and greedy.



brooks83 said:

@Bliquid - They wouldn't even have to show us anything if they would just let us know what is going on. If they came out and said that they are working on an account based solution that will be in a future system update, it would put a lot of people (myself included), at ease. Or what about the VC, Nintendo? Are you planning on eventually implementing the VC catalog into the Wii U's eShop? It's this secrecy and so many unanswered questions that convinced me to spend my limited gaming budget elsewhere, otherwise I probably would have gotten a Wii U at launch.



erv said:

Looks to me that miiverse is huge. I think I'll enjoy it a lot. I hope my wiiU gets delivered on time next friday



Kirk said:

It bothers me that Nintendo has slightly gimped quite a few things about Wii U. This just being one them.



luminalace said:

While it's kind of a bummer, I own a PS3 and Xbox 360 and have never signed into my accounts on systems other than my own! In that respect I doubt it's really going to mean much for me that the Wii U doesn't have the option to sign in elsewhere!



AmishThunder said:

I'm sure that Nintendo wants to ensure that their network is secure and reliable before they start adding too many features. We'll see cloud features in a future update. I'd rather not have some features at first over having everything right away but the network crashing every 5 minutes.



9th_Sage said:

Yeesh, most of us aren't hating on the WiiU...we like it, and that's why we want it to improve (I feel like a few of the people in this discussion don't get that). No reason to go all fanboy over that. I've had a lot of fun with mine since I got it on launch day, but I do still feel like the IDs need to change so that you can use them on a different system. I'm not afraid of mine being stolen, but I'd feel better knowing that if it ever DID somehow, I could recover my downloads (especially since I just dropped $60 on a download of Mario ).



Hokori said:

@Bliquid I'm sorry but do you have a WiiU? I showed my friend who has a 360 and PS3 what Miiverse can do and he said the online was better for WiiU then those systems



brooks83 said:

@HarmoKnight - apples and oranges. Miiverse is a social network for the Wii U and has nothing to do with his complaint about the lack of an account based system.



Olaf-symbiote said:

So, if your Wii U breaks, will Nintendo transfer your account into a new device, or will they be like "Sorry, tough luck!" I'm assuming they will, in which case there isn't any problem with the "account tied to your console" thing, but if there are any instances where Nintendo can refuse returning your account, the whole account system becomes really worthless.



Bliquid said:

Maybe not everyone is aware of this, but since we are living in a full fledged digital era, laws regarding the matter are coming by.
Buying a digital item is regarded the same as buying its physical counterpart.
That means the purchaser has the rights to do whatever they want, as long as it's legal, with such item.
By not having a console-independent online ID but still selling (read: making profit out of) digital items, Nintendo is not allowing customers to manage their purchases as they should RIGHTFULLY do.
If ppl don't start understanding they have rights and they aren't just cash cows, or even if they don't wanna care, then they DESERVE to be milked.
I do care, because i like videogames but i don't like to give money to business men who don't listen to their customers, or even use plain common sense.
"Nintendo Difference" has become more of liabilty, and that's why i'm not buying anything from them until they start giving something worth of my hard-earned pay.
'Nuff said.



SCAR said:

I completely agree. Nintendo does want digital sales, because it ups their profit by pretty much as much as it costs to make the packaging. What I'm also trying to say is, if you're scared that you won't have your DLC available forever through an account, than don't buy it until they do this. Nintendo wanting to sell more digital copies is just more reason to implement an account system, which in my eyes, means they will. I really don't care much if they make an account system. Will I Use it when they add it? Yes, but I'm also not relying on it as a needed function. I don't really plan on selling my Wii U console for at least until the next console comes out. As for Xbox and PS, I don't plan on spending ANY money on them until the next console, because Nintendo has the best available console as of Nov. 18th. I have tons of DLC, on Xbox and PS, but until the new consoles, I won't be claiming any content I have(sold Xbox, not using PS anymore), until their next gen, as long as the consoles are as much as they are charging for the current ones.



kdognumba1 said:

I'm not a fan of the ID being bound to the console nor am I a fan of how the not so integrated Wii backwards compatibility/SD Card compatibility. These don't make the Wii U experience worse per say but definitely bring up some major complications. I personally think all can be changed in an update but question whether or not Nintendo will care to make them. My guess is questions about these topics will be pushed to the side by the press and when these topics do occasionally come up Nintendo will be very vague about it keeping people in the dark never doing anything, as usual.

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