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Rumour: 3DS Gearing Up For Another Price Drop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Not quite as drastic this time

Today's confirmation of Wii Mini, initially in Canada alone, is an intriguing move that is as surprising as it is creative. After all, our very first report of the rumour had a cheeky tagline referring to flying pigs; consider it a lesson learned, never underestimate Nintendo logic. Rumours of a fresh 3DS price drop can't be casually dismissed, in that case, despite the fact that the handheld is less than two years old.

According to the occasionally reliable source NeoGaf (via, it's reported that the MSRP — manufacturer's suggested retail price — is being dropped to just $139.99 for the original 3DS model, which appears to be a reduction of $30. The rumour has credence, with a promotion supposedly on the way to Target next week where the handheld will be reduced to $129.99; the MSRP change is apparently set to officially arrive in two weeks.

The same source has also suggested that there'll be a 3DS XL bundle arriving next week, which will be a blue model with a copy of Mario Kart 7 included. This will apparently be available for $199.99, essentially making the game a free extra; it wouldn't surprise us if MK7 is installed directly onto the system, similar to the Flame Red 3DS and Super Mario 3D Land Black Friday deal.

Both of these are only rumours, at the moment, but a new bundle of the XL and a price drop for the original model aren't beyond the realm of possibility. We should know for sure very soon, but what do you think of these deals? Let us know in the comments below.


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6ch6ris6 said:

"never underestimate Nintendo logic"

haha yeah ...
they should do it after the holidays. 3DS will sell well without a pricedrop



Mk_II said:

think they are adjusting their RRP to the real world prices out there... with the XL model, the regular 3DS seems quite expensive in comparison and a lot of shops already discounted them.



AVahne said:

This will probably make things even worse for the Vita if Sony can't drop the price.



Ecto-1 said:

The Mario Kart bundle is real. A local Walmart I went into earlier today actually had it on their shelf. I just thought it may have been announced and I missed it so I didn't think to take a picture of it (that and there was a crowd of people standing in front of their case). I know this doesn't make for an official confirmation, just sharing what I saw. I might pick it up when I have the extra if it is still available. Does anyone know if you buy a system with a game preinstalled, can you transfer your stuff from another system without losing the "bundled" game?



idork99 said:

The XL model with Mario Kart installed is a killer deal! I'd also consider the original 3DS for $129 but I played my cousin's over the holiday weekend and you just can't go back. The original looks like a 3DS mini after playing with the XL ;P



Rashef said:

How much does it cost to kill PS Vita? Apparently 30$'s per each 3DS sold.



Shiromikio said:

Nice, there should be more 3DS units ending up under trees this holiday season. Alas, the XL colour choices are still too limited in NA, so it's a pass for me.



iphys said:

I was going to get an XL on Saturday, but now I've been thinking of waiting because of the rumour — MK7 is one of the few retail games I'd love to have a digital copy of, but I can't rationalize paying $40 for it when I already bought the cartridge, so it would be nice to get it as a bonus with the XL.



GumbyX84 said:

@shinokami Would be nice but I highly doubt it. I just bought my XL two weeks ago, so color me not happy. While I don't care for Mario Kart 7, getting it for free would have been nice.



WesCash said:

"According to the occasionally reliable source..." Lol.
If this is true though, that's a damn good price.
Hopefully they make us early adopters VIP Ambassadors or something.



Boo_Buster said:

Nintendo is making me a bit mad only offering two XL colors here in NA. Red or Blue, take your pick! So many choices, I just can't decide. Those are the only two colors. Can we at least get a generic color such as Black or Silver? Some twenty something year old gamers do not want a Red or Blue handheld system. Yes, older people game. Older people have great jobs in the radio business and still play handheld games. I love Nintendo, but sometimes they make stupid decisions, like putting together a special edition XL bundle with MK7 included on a color that is already available for purchase. If someone wanted a Blue XL they would already have it. Their logic: Let's put together a Blue pack here in America to get rid of some extra Blue XL's, because America does not do handheld gaming like the Eastern culture, so we only offer two colors to the consumers. Lol ok, my rant is done. Japanese gamers are more lucky than they know



rayword45 said:

I don't expect any Ambassador titles for a $30 cut.

This is a year and a half into the console's life. A small price cut makes sense now.
A $80 price drop less then half a year in is more likely to alienate current owners.



Rococoman said:

As much as I like to criticize Nintendo, I actually think the 3DS is reasonably priced at 169; heck, that's only $20 more than when the DS debuted. A $30 drop sounds kinda desperate. Why not drop the usual MSRP on games? Honestly, the jump from 30 to 40 in $US for handheld games is a big turnoff for me. I imagine that this is the case for others as well, since you can grab used games like Mario 3D Land at shockingly big non-Mario-like discounts.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I already own a 3DS and MK7, so neither of these deals interest me. If the 3DS XL was dropping to $160 I'd take notice though.

Wait, so Target will have the 3DS on sale for $10 off right after the price drop?



BenAV said:

It makes sense that the original 3DS would drop in price sometime soon.
Having it at the exact same price as the XL surely can't sell too many of them.
If they drop it then people will need to make the tough choice of cheaper small model, or more expensive big model.



greatcompintel said:

I can confirm the 3dsxl blue bundle with mario kart installed... I work for wal-mart in texas, and saw them last night in the backroom. The price is still 199 and the release date is 12-4.



gohanrage said:

I do not see the point of lowering the price again. Nintendo Took a Really Long time to lower the price of Wii. I would find ways to make the 3DS cheaper to produce while maintaining quality and keep the price the same. Money needs to be made so Great Software can be Made



triforcepower73 said:

@Koto Yeah and it doesn't help them that they never learn from their mistakes. If they do make a price drop, it'll probably be very small.



rjejr said:

Aren't they still selling DSi for about that price? Or the DSi XL?

Maybe they are lowering the price to kill the DS? (not the Vita, Sony is killing that for them). What I mean is, they get the price low enough so they can stop selling the DSi and get people to migrate the to 3DS so game companies - I'm looking at you Gamefreak - stop making DS games.



LittleKing said:

"According to the occasionally reliable source NeoGaf ... "

That made me laugh. Partially because it's true and partially because you actually wrote that.



Devil_Surivior said:

The question is are they making a very good profit off the basic 3ds model now and they can afford to do thus again?I think must be making serious bank on the 3ds now or otherwise they won't be doing this.



Sun said:

Just drop games prices, 45€ per 3DS game is just too much. Do they really want to sell more at that price? Seeing Pilotwings Resort at 45€ on the eShop should be embarrassing.



MegaAdam said:

The original source of the rumor recanted, saying the $140 price point was probably just a retailer's promotion, not the new MSRP.



Adversus said:

The yen has dropped in value a lot in the last few months meaning that they're probably making the same as before.



SyFyTy said:

@StarDust ebay sells a nive reallly thin aluminum cover, that mimics the real ouside of 3ds XL without added bulk, and there's no hinge to break. Available in every colour except white. Best cover I've bought for any DS model.

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