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Satoru Iwata: Demand for Rich Experiences on Handhelds "Not Going to Go Away"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Smartphones provide "different" competition

For Satoru Iwata, there are plenty of priorities and challenges to face. Nintendo is currently preparing to brings its next home console to the market, while also generating and sustaining momentum for 3DS. Both are important, but it's perhaps 3DS, and dedicated handheld gaming as a whole, that has been under the most pressure over the last year. Nintendo has had to act quickly to revive 3DS sales to a level that is, at the moment, acceptable, while its traditional rival from Sony, Vita, is still struggling to sell in good numbers. Many point to the same cause: smartphone and tablet gaming.

Iwata-san has tackled this issue in an interview with Kotaku, in part by highlighting figures used by Reggie Fils-Aime at E3: 3DS has been selling quicker than DS did in terms of hardware and software. He acknowledged that these figures can be argued against, but made the point that despite apparent doom and gloom Nintendo is still selling a lot of handhelds, even as it recognises new challenges on the horizon.

I'm not saying there aren't people out there who aren't going to purchase a dedicated handheld device based on the availability and the fun factor in their smartphones. The examples you gave are factual. I'm not saying that that's not true. I do want to say that there are still people buying our devices and that is also factual.

I don't think there's not a bright future for handheld devices but I understand that the competition, again with the rise of smart devices is different, and I do recognize that.

Previously we had to think, ok, 'How are we competing with Sony?, How are we competing with Microsoft?, How do we compete with all the other software titles and all the other publishers out there?' That environment has changed. And the games available for smartphones, I'm not saying that none of these are interesting, rich or fun experiences, because I know that there are some. And one way we can ensure that there's a market for handheld gaming devices is by continuing to bring out entertaining and engaging software that will provide users experiences that they cannot get on these other devices.

Iwata-san then made a point that is often heard in the debate about the continuing relevance of dedicated gaming handhelds against smartphone games: that the game experiences can be different, deeper and richer.

I think within games you have two needs that people fill. One is the time-filler need. The other is that it's a very important time for me and I want to have a rich experience. Those are two separate needs, I think.

The other thing is how much are consumers willing to pay to play. I think that consumers who are willing to pay money for a gaming experience are looking for something that is more rich and are willing to spend some of that valuable time on that experience. I believe that as environments change and as the world progresses we're going to have different ways in which people want to spend their time. That being said, I don't think we're going to see the desire to have, again, rich and deep sort of gaming experiences... we're not going to see that vanish. That's not going to go away.

This represents just the latest defence of the continuing role of dedicated handhelds, and at the moment Nintendo can point to respectable sales — if not on the stratospheric levels, yet, of the DS family — and say that the market still very much exists. What do you think of Iwata-san's comments?


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19Robb92 said:

I like that mindset. I hope they keep at it for as long as they can, I'm very much enjoying my 3DS.



hYdeks said:

well, I own a 3DS, and after years and YEARS of people bugging me, I STILL DON'T OWN A CELLPHONE!!!! (YAY! Take THAT stupid phone companies! I denounce thee!!!) Ahem...true handhelds will always be better, I don't think I will ever own a cellphone, there like lil leashes you carry around lol



Araknie said:

I just want to say this: i've played THETHRYTHM 60h by now, KH 3D is over 30, DoA Dimensions is over 20 only counting battle time, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles it's over 60 also, i'm over 32 in Revelations, and i didn't ever see a smartphone game lasting more then 5h.

Yeah, handheld games cost more...guess why?



Bankai said:

That's funny, Iwata, because I'm playing plenty of rich, deep games on my iDevices at the moment.

I guess it's easier to just stick the head in the sand and hope the problem goes away.



Linkuini said:

My 3DS conked out for a little bit over the summer and I had to subsist on smartphone games when I had time to kill. There were a couple good games that went up for free for a week, like Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing, but in the end, do we really want the buttons to cover the screen and the entire world to tilt whenever we steer a vehicle? That's no way to live.



TruenoGT said:

I think it's important that Iwata-san is recognizing the competition and acknowledging that they need to provide unique and engaging experiences to compete, not simply ignoring and saying they are incomparable. The bottom line is that there's different experiences on each platform and it's up to Nintendo to prove their games are more compelling or compelling enough to co-exist. Maybe things are significantly better on iOS, but as an Android tablet user who has actively sought out good games, my opinion is that the 3DS has access to easily the most diverse and high quality gaming library of any portable device.



BestBuck15 said:

Nintendo just make good games and quit talking crap. Bring back the old Nintendo because the new Nintendo suck. I reckon Nintendo is about to get a major wake up call when the WiiU flops. Maybe I'm wrong, but all I know is Nintendo has alienated its core fans. There is not one game on WiiU or 3ds that has me excited. Bring back Hiroshi Yamauchi



SaKo said:

@OlympicCho Yeah! Like... umm... Angry Birds! And... uh... Draw My Thing! They are so rich and deep! I spent over like... 1 hour playing them! (iDon't own any iDevices)


Wait... are you that Waltz Elf person?



ClockworkMario said:

@OlympicCho Somehow the first thing that I thought of when seeing that headline was you furiously defending Apple and/or bashing Nintendo. Seems I was right.
On topic I agree with Iwata at least at the moment. I haven't played a single game on my droid that has had nearly as much content or was as fun as well any game I've played on the 3DS.



Ren said:

Yeah, it's great to hear him actually acknowledge that the phone games exist, but I'm not crazy optimistic about the WiiU either. I played the demos and it's not very impressive to say the least. "Wow, HD graphics! Straight lines! 10 mini games in 1 with over 5 simple enemies to fight! and look, wireless technology and world wide internet!". It feels like a celebration we all had a few years back about games that were released elsewhere this year.
3ds XL has breathed new life into my handheld experience, this week so I'm glad for that. Funny thing though, I play so much content loaded onto it that I just realized my cartridge games got messed up from being in my wallet or something, can't even play them! Anyway, I wouldn't have even noticed had I played some real cartridge game in recent months, but I love the camera and all my downloaded games, animation tool, 3d video. I'm not alone; tell me that's not a sign of the viabilty of phones as competition. If iphones had the 3d camera I'd bail on my 3ds. (people seem to forget here that phones can also make calls, and play any videos, and a thousand other smart useful apps that aren't 'games', that's pretty appealing if the games are even playable and you're over 15)



gameruk said:

i got 3ds an xl, ps vita and i pod touch and girlfriend has i phone 4 and from playing all over time phone games jus dont do it for me my 3ds gets used most then vita jus dont bother with cell games now.resident evil revalations cant be beat by a phone as many other use a phone for wot it is to phone ur friends and use a handheld for wot it for gaming plus ps vita has skype also can ring normal mobile off it or landlines



MAB said:

lol nice meaty piece of troll bait left by Iwata now I will buy you that beer mate



Bankai said:

Lol. I don't own these devices, but I'm an expert in the games that are available on them, and so when I say there's only Angry Birds, that's all there is.

Go play Horn or Infinity Blade 2 or a Spiderweb RPG or Chaos Rings or or or... Nah, I was right the first time. It is easier for them Nintendo fans to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it's just Angry Birds that millions of us are playing rather than those oh so deep 3DS experiences like Dual Pen Sports.

Whatever helps you kids sleep at night.



Lunapplebloom said:

Iwata never said there wasn't rich and deep experiences on those I devices. He simply stated that people will still want those rich deep experiences. Both platforms can offer that, though the 3DS is more suitable for certain types of games, And so are the I devices. It all comes down to personal preference really.



Wheels2050 said:

@OlympicCho: While I'm not qualified to comment on the depth of games on mobile platforms (I've played very few games on them), the sales numbers of the 3DS speak for themselves.

I'm absolutely certain that there are people who bought a DS back before smartphones became prevalent but have skipped a 3DS because their phone now offers what they want from portable gaming, but there are many people still buying 3DSs - that can't be argued with. As such, Nintendo's strategy is still working, at least for the time being, regardless of Iwata's views.

Having said that, it'll be interesting to see the final sales figures for the 3DS. My guess is that it won't reach anywhere near DS figures.



Bankai said:

@wheels while I do actually agree with you, and I do believe there is a place for the 3DS in the market, I really, really wouldn't recommend using sales figures as a defence when you're talking about a rivalry with Apple.

My point of contention is really simple: Denying that the iOS doesn't have rich game experiences is like claiming the earth is flat. It's factually incorrect. Nintendo enjoys advantages in the handheld environment over Apple - namely Nintendo software, but Nintendo does not have an advantage in terms of the quality of games on offer.

It's a different range of quality games. That's it.



birthgirth said:

@OlympicCho I've played plenty of games on mobile devices. I've had everything. From Android, to iOS, and currently Windows Phone 7. All of these do have some great games. Android was probably the worst because it was so unrefined and buggy, like a beta os. iOS and WP7 both have some quality games, but they're always just time killers. They're games that you play when you're finished early in class, or you're on the toilet for a short time, or in the waiting room at the doctors office. WP7 probably has the best experience because of its quality and connection to xbox live, but I never find myself spending more than 10 mins max on a game. Nintendo games have put me away for hours though, especially games like Mario & Luigi Partners in Time. I can guarantee I will be playing Paper Mario Sticker Star and Animal Crossing: Jump Out for hours. I have yet to find a game on a mobile device that can do that to me though, its always been time killers.



Hokori said:

Ok recommend a great iOS game that I can play for hours that isn't currently on the DS already (FYI I hate infinityBlade)



Wheels2050 said:

@OlympicCho: I'm not talking about a rivalry with Apple, though - that would be pointless, and in any case not comparing apples with apples (sorry). I'm simply saying that with 20 million console sales, the 3DS is, objectively, not a failure and shows that there is still a market for dedicated handhelds. It's (now) turning a profit for Nintendo, which proves that handhelds still have a justified place in the market, even if that market share may be shrinking.

I'd wager that in 5 or 10 years they may be an extinct species, but for now they're doing OK.



birthgirth said:

@Wheels2050 Yes, as soon as smartphones can acquire games that people would like to play for hours at a time (like nintendo handheld games) and when they get battery life capable for longtime gaming. Also...physical buttons. Action games on touch screens blow.



grumblebuzzz said:

Until smartphones can deliver a rich gaming experience that is NOT a time-killing puzzle game, RPG, or shooter, I won't be jumping on board. The lack of actual buttons is the kicker for me. As a fan of platformers, you just can't comfortably play one with virtual controls. It's not precise enough.



Bankai said:

Time killing... Have you people not seen Civilization Revolution, Spiderweb Software RPGs, Square Enix's iOS games, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Horn, Galaxy on Fire 2, Real Racing 2, or any other number of 'real' games on the App Store?

Here's the reality: the App Store has just as much 'real' gaming as either the 3DS or Vita. People who say otherwise have simply not looked hard enough, or even bothered to visit a website that takes iOS gaming seriously.

That's your problem, not the platform's.



Hokori said:

Well the square RPGs are the only ones I'm interested in and I can play them on my DS or PS and Phoenix wright on my DS as well



AVahne said:

Just bring us more games Iwata. By region-locking and not encouraging Japanese publishers to bring their games over, the amount of "rich and deep" gaming experiences on 3DS is SEVERELY limited in America.



Bankai said:

I'm 100% certain the definition of "deep, rich experience" is not "what LordOtakWiiU is interested in."

Also the are some exclusive Square Enix games on iOS you can't play on your DS, or anywhere else. just sayin'



AVahne said:

And vice versa OlympicCho. iOS may have many games now, however 3DS and Vita with their backwards compatibility with their predecessor... well, 3ds mostly, and their online shops in addition to retail games still easily beat out the amount of "deep" games on iOS. So it becomes a question of quality. Not saying that iOS has low quality games, those games you listed are pretty good, but 3DS and Vita are a much more worthwhile investment for those seeking an in-depth gaming experience in their pocket (or book-bag).



birthgirth said:

I suppose maybe the square enix games would be good on an iPad. But playing games like that with a touch-based control scheme on a smaller screen iPhone just feels wrong. It makes me not want to play them. Games on iOS just feel more like a courtesy feature and are simply for time killing.



The_Fox said:

Regardless of whether people want to believe it or not handheld gaming on a dedicated device will likely never achieve the same success it has had in the past. Phones and tablets have taken a sizable chunk of the market already and I expect their share is only going to grow.



MysticX said:

The problem that Nintendo has is this: many gamers who started out with Nintendo are 30-something now with jobs and such, for use during a commute, a phone with games is all they need without the requirement of carrying another device with them.

The "Rich experiences" are had by those people on regular consoles (handhelds can't match the power of those machines), where does this leave the 3DS?

As for younger kids, a lot of them torment their parents into buying them a phone or tablet instead of a 3DS, with extra argument for the parents that phones and tablets can do stuff besides games (make calls, do e-mail, surf the 'net, and so on), so that's a lot of people for who the name "Nintendo" isn't the first choice for gaming anymore...



blackknight77 said:

I agree. There are some good iphone games but they are more like diversions. When I want some games with some meat on the bone I look to Nintendo



Lalivero said:

@MysticX That more than likely just depends on where you are then. Around where I live at least, among the usual older gamer picking up their pre-ordered copy of whatever, there are always younger kids with their mom/dad going in to buy horse games or Spongebob games or the like(you know...what you kinda would expect to see them get anyway) or a DS/3DS if they don't have one.

I'm not saying that there aren't the ones who ask for phones, etc., I'm saying that believing that that 'kind of kid'(phone) is going to take over and crumble the likes of '3ds/vita/etc' kids is far from the truth. Game stores and the areas in other retail stores meant for dedicated devices are constantly getting business by people of all ages.

There's a reason why actual dedicated cameras, music devices, etc. still exist in full force despite the fact that many cellphones can do all of those...dedicated devices aren't going anywhere anytime soon.



MysticX said:

@Chriiis: I didn't say that the 3DS is doomed or that iPhone-kids are going to conquer the world (They have iKillYou-bots in development to do that ), "the problem that Nintendo has" that i mentioned is that their share of the market for handheld games is shrinking due to phones and tablets, for a lot of people the "Handheld = Nintendo"-link isn't as absolute anymore as it was in the Gameboy - Early DS time, and that (coupled with the Wii being near the end of its life-cycle) is hurting Nintendo at the moment...



Ren said:

Thank you Mystic-X. can people get there head out of wonderland and think about what "handheld gaming" even means? it's portable for a reason: so you can play it in short bursts on the go, and if you can save and get a richer long term experience; great. But that is not the fundamental function except for the (growing) gaming crowd.
For the same reason, though, phone games have gotten quite advanced, and some small ones are still incredibly enjoyable in short levels. Plus they make calls, fantastic organizers, facebook, geo-positioning, HD video, shopping, porn... you name it. And do all of that pretty well, like a laptop of 3 years ago. JUST the games are a lot more than 'Diner dash' and 'breakout' now, it's only die hard gamers that will deny it; god knows why.
No one said either one is 'doomed', but they certainly share the same market now, especially the older, busy, gamers with jobs and other stuff to think about... MILLIONS of people. And we can afford great home consoles for those deep hours of play. This means Nintendo HAS to offer a lot to make it worth carting around and it IS risky business despite the "sales figures"; it's a splitting crowd that they have to pay attention to. The control buttons are not just one advantage, it's the LAST advantage it has over powerful Mobiles (not even "phones" anymore). Be realistic people.



aaronsullivan said:

When it's time for the next DS it will be time for something dramatic from Nintendo. Mobile devices don't stand still for 5 years and game developers will go where the money/players gather. iOS became a significant game platform without even trying.

Despite the harsh tone, Ren has pretty much summed up the situation pretty well.



grimbldoo said:

It would be cool to have a phone capability on my 3DS, just dial the number then close it and hold it against your ear.



Wheels2050 said:

@Ren: right on. Not to mention that phones, for most people, aren't an optional purchase - most people have one anyway, so the barrier to entry for mobile gaming is very low. It's pretty common to get some sort of smart phone included in a monthly plan these days, and so people end up with a gaming-capable device as a result. There's no need to go and spend another $200 on yet another device that, for many people, won't offer anything over their phone.



Ren said:

3ds with a phone (and a flash player); whoa. THAT would be a 'game-changer' fer reelz.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@OlympicCho Civilization Revolution is better enjoyed on a console or PC proper (that goes for the NDS port as well); Avernum, which is the Spiderweb game I guess you're talking about, looks boring; the Chaos Rings series was middling fun for me (never beaten) but I'd easily take something like Phantasy Star Portable 1&2 (PSP) or the Etrian Odyssey series (beat all) over Chaos anyday; Galaxy on Fire 1&2 is visually awesome but I thought it was boring and quickly grew tired of; Infinity Blade 1&2 are breathtaking visually but I've only played them for minutes; and Horn? I'm not giving Zynga any of my money.

All in all, I personally prefer handheld games over smartphone games. I only make the distinction between handheld/smartphone game so one knows what I'm talking about but a game is a game is a game to me. It really seems as if this whole smartphone/handheld gaming debacle is just a matter of preference: neither one is "better" but for me, I prefer handheld gaming more. Smartphone games just aren't as appealing to me and aren't nearly as fun. Plus, people always gloat about smartphone gaming but never talk about how much of a battery suck that is, especially playing something hardware-taxing like a three-dimensional game featuring highly-detailed visuals with complex lighting and effects. I've played a few of those on my iPod touch and the back nearly burned my hands LOL. And for all the "deep, rich experiences" on platforms like iOS, the smartphone games I have more fun with are the simpler ones like Temple Run, Saving Yello, etc.



ZinogreMaster said:

@OlympicCho Everyone has been saying that lately, that the quality of Nintendo games is bad. Now I know thats the opinion of some people but i think thats simply not true. Nintendo has been in a rut lately but its still a great company that makes great quality games.



Lalivero said:

@MysticX Sorry if that seemed a bit exaggerated.

(the next bit is what I got from the post, not directed entirely at you )

From the way you worded it, it appeared that you were implying that handheld gaming devices were dying in favor of smartphones, tablets, and all of that...which, from what I've seen myself, seems to be a bit off. There's a reason why 3DS is selling really well at the moment.

It's true that the smartphone, etc. gaming is rising in popularity, but I'm one of those people that thinks that that type of gaming and a dedicated device can exist together.

It is also a bit too early to decide the fate of the 3ds' sales figures and compare it to the DS', since the former has only been out for a year and some months and the latter 8 years and counting(hasn't the former outsold the latter if you compare both's start anyway?). Once the 3DS makes way for the next handheld(which they've already started on to the best of my knowledge), then we'll be able to see if the decline is as much as people have exaggerated on.



ajcismo said:

Iwata-san is a smart cookie. There are still plenty of us out there who would rather play real games on a real gaming device and not on a phone. Someday down the road we'll probably see a Nintendo phone, probably with Apple being a partner, but until then my portable gaming will be done on my 3DS/DSi with my phone doing what it was made for: calling and texting.



Vincent294 said:

@hydeks That's a bit much, a phone can be quite useful. I have some crappy phone that's no use for gaming, so I use my 3DS. If games like Resident Evil on it can get more marketing, richer game experiences could rise in demand.



MeloMan said:

I think within games you have two needs that people fill. One is the time-filler need. The other is that it's a very important time for me and I want to have a rich experience. Those are two separate needs, I think.

Exactly right on the money. That is why Angry Birds is perfect for a smartphone rather than a portable gaming system and NSMB2 can be better played on a portable gaming system than a smartphone . Each experience is necessary for the varying audience of gamers out there.



Malic said:

@OlympicCho you are compairing two different things no one buys smart phones and tablets just to play games and everyone who buys a 3ds does it just for that reason to play games, so your sales comparison doesn't add all



Hokori said:

This just in, Nintendos doomed because people are more willing to buy food then videogames. Seriously Nintendos doom and gloom needs to stop, it's 2012 not 2011 ok, iPhones are different and arnt going to kill nintendo



Oceanous said:

I just got my 3DS about 4 months ago. I've been "looking at it" at the store ever since 3DS came out but I didn't want to buy it. I thought to myself that I have an Iphone and do I really want to carry a phone AND a handheld at the same time? And I also thought that there are decent games that I could play on a smartphone, so do I really need a dedicated gaming handheld?
Until 4 months ago I decided I would make the leap. And I was glad that I did. Yes, it's true that there are some decent games for smartphones but you'll never find the well know and popular ones. You can't find any Mario games, Kid Icarus, Zelda, or Kingdom Hearts etc, etc on a smartphone. And I don't believe those games will ever be ported to a phone. I believe that handheld gaming device is gonna live for a long time.



GreenDream said:

/Cranky Kong mode

Don't forget, Nintendo devices don't need constant paid subscriptions... what good are smartphones without their overpriced subscriptions, anyways? I'm fine using a dedicated (cell) phone device and a dedicated gaming device. Who really needs smartphones or tablets, anyways? They're just spruced-up amalgams of other devices, designed to monopolize the technology market with anti-competitive, anti-worker corporate philosophies!


GASP...GASP... I'M........ getting old...

Don't forget... Nintendo used anti-competitive strategies in the past, too...



Kage_88 said:

I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy, and I decided to try out Angry Birds.

My God...I've never played a game so boring in all my life.

Even after playing a bunch of other games (many of which ARE good), I still cannot see myself abandoning traditional handheld consoles anytime soon. A phone is a muti-use device - not a game console. Using the thing for everything (besides making actual calls) sucks the battery life like nothing else, AND I still need to pay a monthly fee.

Yeah, the 3DS and Vita aren't going anywhere.

@BestBuck123 - Geez, I don't know where to begin with you, fella. How is Iwata "talking crap?"

And in case you haven't noticed - Nintendo are still making good games. They have never stopped making good games. You say not a single game on Wii U or 3DS appeals to you? What the hell do you want, then?

@OlympicCho - Gee, what a surprise, the iZombie once again spreads his vitriol...

Look, buddy - even if the iPhone/iPad was somehow a videogame heaven, there would still be some people in the world (like myself) who would still refuse to bow down to Apple, due to their horrible business practices and dodgy products. Hell, when I bought my phone, I was advised by the store AGAINST buying an Apple product becuase of their shady tactics.



SaKo said:

@OlympicCho It's just that I cant find any iOS and Android games that are as deep and engaging as Kid Icarus: Uprising, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and Metal Gear Solid: Sanke Eater 3D... that is all...



Hokori said:

So waltz what square game is iOS only again? I'd like to know since you know im a fan of Square and Japanese games



Jukilum said:

I'll answer that one: Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings 2 are all Square Enix games exclusive to iOS and I'm pretty sure there are some others coming up.

As for the deep experiences debate, there are quite a few great iOS games which is also not contradictory to what Iwata said. Just looking at the games currently on my iPod Touch (I'd like to note here that I got my iPod touch for the express purpose of gaming, and the same goes for my little brother and his iPad, so the argument against that is invalid. I might just be in that small overlap in the Venn diagram though, I'm also proud to have been a 3DS owner from day one,) there are quite a few here:

-Game Dev Story and every other Kairosoft game
-Jet Car Stunts, an extremely cool and creative cross between a racing game and a 3D platformer
-Burnout Crash
-Civilization Revolution, an improved version of the DS game
-Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor, a... platformer I guess. It's kind of hard to explain.
-Zenonia, an RPG that was later ported to DSiware which Nintendo Life gave a 9 if I remember correctly
-Plants Vs Zombies, a much better version than the one on DS from what I've seen
-Quarrel Deluxe
-Rolando 1 and 2, both very good platformers
-Steambirds: Survival, very similar to the popular board/tabletop game Wings of War
-NyxQuest, a port of the WiiWare game of the same name
-World of Goo, also a port from WiiWare
-Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, (if you keep saying that there are no good games on iOS, you're deying that these great games that originated on Nintendo platforms were no good in the first place, especially with games like this one that were played exclusively with touch controls in the DS version)
-Jetpack Joyride, probably not the very deepest experience on iOS, but probably the best in the genre that inspired Bird Mania 3D which was very well received on this site
-Zen Bound 2, not sure how to explain this one
-Osmos, again, hard to explain
-Beyond Ynth, another really great and original 2D sidescrolling platformer
-Lost Winds 1 and 2
-Squids and Squids Wild West, really fun turn based strategy games perfectly suited to touch controls
-Moto Heroz, another game proted from WiiWare
-Bit.Trip Beat, yet another from WiiWare

There are more, but I think that's a pretty good list.



Hokori said:

Well that is a good list ghost trick is the only one that interests me



Bankai said:

"@OlympicCho - Gee, what a surprise, the iZombie once again spreads his vitriol...
Look, buddy - even if the iPhone/iPad was somehow a videogame heaven, there would still be some people in the world (like myself) who would still refuse to bow down to Apple, due to their horrible business practices and dodgy products. Hell, when I bought my phone, I was advised by the store AGAINST buying an Apple product becuase of their shady tactics."

Oh the irony. I'm a "zombie" but the 80 per cent of people in every comments section on this website who worship everything Nintendo does are completely free-minded people. Yep.

At least I own a 3DS before judging it. Your snide insult is especially amusing since I don't even have a special loyalty to Apple. I've got all the consoles and devices, buddy. I am one of the tiny fraction of people out there that actually realise that it's the games that count, not the hardware, and good games exist everywhere. I get called "fanboy" for just about every console at some stage or other. I've been called a Nintendo fanboy quite often. The reason is, of course, nothing to do with me - fanboys can't stand any perceived criticism of their precious toys and so they justify their knee-jerk denials by pretending that the person "criticising" their toy doesn't have a legitimate opinion.

But to move past the your childish insults for a minute - I really don't care what you think about Apple or Nintendo. It's completely irrelevant to this discussion. My point from the start has been that there are what Iwata refers to as "deep" games on the iDevices.

This isn't opinion. This is fact. It's fact because I can list at least 100 games that are deep experiences and are available on the iDevices. Not necessarily games I like, but games that are objectively deep, "full" games. And no, Angry Birds is not one of those.

You might not like those games either, but I really couldn't care less about your taste in games. The definition of a "deep game" is not dependant on whether a random Nintendo fanboy likes the game or not.



Malic said:

@OlympicCho I've been saying this to people there are plenty of good games coming out for tegra 3. Its funny some people still think angry birds is the only thing these tablets and phones have to offer, but nintendo isn't going anywhere anytime soon its the games that count like you said. They will sell systems on mario alone not to mintion zelda and metroid, games that ios and the like dont have to offer. I love my nexus 7 and my 3ds equally if i had to chose to get rid of one or the other I wouldn't be able to make that decision



Henmii said:

Poor Iwata! He has to comment yet again on aaalllll this nonsense! But of course he keeps his head cool because he knows Nintendo will survive!!

We may not always agree (personally I disagree with Nintendo many times), but they do know how to keep their company alive!!

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