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Wed 21st Mar 2012

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Oceanous commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swings In At Nu...:

It's always nice to hear good news that's 3DS related. As we all know, the better 3DS gets, the more developers would be willing to make games for it. Which will make 3DS sell more then more games will be developed. I love that cycle!



Oceanous commented on Guide: How to Spot Fake Paintings and Statues ...:

I bought one painting because it was one of the famous Japanese painting called "The Great Wave off Kanagawa".
I've always liked that particular painting and I was surprised to see that showed up when I went into the tent. Needless to say, I bought it for my house. So I don't really care whether it's fake or not because I'm not going to sell it anyway.

Besides, I'm planning on collecting as many Japanese themed items as I can so it was a good start, fake or not.



Oceanous commented on Nintendo "Would Consider" Making Free-To-Play ...:

No for me...

If they start doing this then it might be the end of buying anything from Nintendo.
I just spent $35 to buy Animal Crossing knowing that everything I'm going to get will be free and now all of the sudden you want to nickel and dime me on little things?

The entire Animal Crossing is based on getting stuff. You gather and sell to make money so you can use the in game currency to buy that particular item that you've been eyeing on. If they start to sell every little thing...a wall clock for $1, a bench for $1, a special flower for another $1 then they're going to take away the very essence of what make Animal Crossing series so popular in the first place.

If I can pay real money to buy everything then why the heck do I need to gather and sell and trade stuff?

I really don't think Nintendo is that stupid...



Oceanous commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

I have an Iphone 5 and I do a lot with it in my every day life BUT except playing games. I've tried it and it's just not the same.

Yes, it's true that it's easy to download games/apps onto your smart phones and yes it's true that most of games are only a dollar or two but those games are not AAA qualities. You get what you paid for... Can you play Luigi's Mansion on your phone? No. Can you play Monster Hunter on your phone? No. Unless Nintendo start porting their own games to mobile devices, I don't think mobile devices will take over. And I know Nintendo is not that stupid to port their own games to mobile devices.



Oceanous commented on Satoru Iwata: Demand for Rich Experiences on H...:

I just got my 3DS about 4 months ago. I've been "looking at it" at the store ever since 3DS came out but I didn't want to buy it. I thought to myself that I have an Iphone and do I really want to carry a phone AND a handheld at the same time? And I also thought that there are decent games that I could play on a smartphone, so do I really need a dedicated gaming handheld?
Until 4 months ago I decided I would make the leap. And I was glad that I did. Yes, it's true that there are some decent games for smartphones but you'll never find the well know and popular ones. You can't find any Mario games, Kid Icarus, Zelda, or Kingdom Hearts etc, etc on a smartphone. And I don't believe those games will ever be ported to a phone. I believe that handheld gaming device is gonna live for a long time.



Oceanous commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

I think the downloadable version should be cheaper.
I look at everything and see if there is a re-sale value to it. If I bought a game from a store, I know I could either trade it in or sell it online via or any online places and get some money back.
If I download the game then I won't be able to sell it or trade it in EVER. So there is no incentive for me to download a digital copy when I can just buy the physical copy at the store for the same price and knowing that someday when I don't want it, I could still sell it.



Oceanous commented on 3DS Stays on Top in Japanese Charts:

I don't care about the ranking of the games. I'm just glad 3DS is the top selling device which means that Nintendo and other developers will pay even more attention to making games for 3DS.

And Sony being quiet about their Vita Sales might only mean that it's not doing well. Think about it, 3DS has been sold over 63,796 over the week, if Sony has sold more than that number, wouldn't you think that they would be bragging about it? Anyway, I don't want to bash Vita, it's a good machine, technologically speaking but like I've said, I'm just glad that 3DS is on the top and that means more development will be put into making games for it.