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What Do You Make of this Hello Kitty Sonic Crossover?

Posted by James Newton

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Two of the world's most recognisable animals combined today in what scientists are probably calling "disgusting".

This Hello Kitty and Sonic the Hedgehog plush toy — officially called the Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plushy — is heading to Japan this weekend to commemorate the reopening of SEGA's flagship Joypolis arcade. It's part of a new collaboration between Sanrio and SEGA that will spread worldwide next summer, so you're safe for now.

Hello Kitty confirmed as playable sidekick in the next Sonic game, then. As long as we can be Badtz-Maru we're happy.


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LordJumpMad said:

James beat me to it >:[
Poor Sonic, I guess Sega isn't giving him enough chill dog money.



SkywardLink98 said:

I showed my brother who's a huge sonic fan, and told him hello kitty's gonna be in the next game.

"I'm not getting that game."




It won't work. My little girl who's six likes Hello Kity likes it because its feminine and pink. Sonic is well known as a male so is unlikely to wear a bow on his head! He's also blue! Make him a "friend" of Hello Kitty and remove the bow then that's fine. Or at least make it a bow-tie or something if the bow indicates the connection with HK. Why am I discussing this?



LavaTwilight said:

Gotta see it as Hello Kitty wearing a Sonic outfit... then it's kinda cute... If you see it as Sonic and Hello Kitty have stepped into a matter-teleportation device and got dna-cross over alla The Fly then yeah it's really disturbing...



Knuckles said:

[Knuckles goes to check NL news. Oh a Sonic Article.........]


What. Have. You. Done. Sega!
This is a disgrace to all Sonic Fans! Its worse than Sonic '06!



Marks said:

He is so much more manly now. LOL
I wonder how Tails would look like.




Is SEGA really that strapped for cash that they sell the soul of Sonic to the Hello Kitty franchise. Its like they genetically spliced the poor hog. Mind u, its only as ridiculous as the werehog, SEGA's own ridiculoud creation!



Morpheel said:

What's up with that cat skinning alive and wearing videogame characters hides so much recently?



sinalefa said:

Pretty funny looking. The disturbing part for me is not how it looks, but that it is an official thing. Seems like Amy Rose has competition now.

And if you look closely at the position of the feet, it almost looks as if it is wearing high heels!



amri_rizqi said:

Mario Kitty or Donkey Maru would be SO MUCH FUN, Nintendoland or AnimalCrossing + Sanrio (or SanX) would be my PARADISE .... Please make it True (T_____T)



Genostar09 said:

Thats great that Sega is teaming up with the reopening of the Tokyo Joypolis Amusement park! I could only hope this is an indication of Nekomura Iroha's inclusion into the Project Diva franchise...

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