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Tue 8th Sep 2009

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Genostar09 commented on Talking Point: Music and Rhythm Games Are Comi...:

@L4DYB4NSH33 Agreed! Ulala's character and dance moves are infectious; although the gameplay reminded me of a glorified version of Simon Says, I never had so much fun playing a rhythm game before!

Theatrhythm, DJ MAX Technika Tune, Rhythm Heaven Fever and Project Diva f, i'm short 200$ due to these games and I dont regret it one bit.



Genostar09 commented on Review: Jewel Legends: Tree of Life (DSiWare):

Agreed. The nose to the right of the banner deterred me from whatever score this game recieved. The overall character design is fine, reminds me of Crushed3D, but that nose...Eww. I cant see how this differentiates itself from the rest of the bejeweled clones out there anyways..nevertheless great review.



Genostar09 commented on Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story:

I just went to a gamestop a few hours ago and I reserved Mario&Luigi RPG 3 and they told me that it was going to be released on september 15. Nearly every internet site is claiming it will be released september 14, i'm not really sure what to believe. Did the clerk make a mistake or is that the day gamestop gets mario&luigi 3? I'm pretty confused can someone help me out....