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Nintendo Denies 3DS Redesign, Wii U Price Revelation

Posted by James Newton

So there you are

Nintendo Japan has issued a statement denying the earlier rumours of a redesigned 3DS and Wii U price information.

The strongly-worded statement says Nikkei's story isn't based on information released by Nintendo and is full of mistakes, which both sort of mean the same thing.

Guess we'll find out the real truth tomorrow (or today, depending on where you are) at Nintendo's E3 conference.


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Tasuki said:

I dont know didnt they also deny the circle pad pro before it was revealed?



McGruber said:

I didn't believe that rumour for a second. From where I'm sitting, I don't think there is going to be much revealed for 3DS tomorrow. In fact I think a lot of developers have been paying it dust, and that is a big reason why.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

That's good. Nintendo's focus should be primarily on the Wii U. If a redesign was to happen, it shouldn't be until a few years.



Retro_on_theGo said:

All Wii U tomorrow and then all 3DS at the showcase thing on the 6th. Hope we get major new games announced for both. Good thing this was fake.



NintyMan said:

Can you say, "I told you so?" I didn't believe those rumors, and now Nintendo cna get this confusion out of the way. It's too early for a new 3DS model, and Nintendo clearly said before that they wouldn't announce the price until after E3. Don't know where Nikkei got the misinformation from.



RR529 said:

@Lionsgate, only western devs have been giving the 3DS the cold shouler. Japanese devs are supporting it greatly (it's just that many of the games haven't made it out west, which is a shame). At least were getting great titles like Kingdom Hearts 3D, Code of Princess, Unchained Blades, Nintendo's fine line-up, and whatever's announced over E3.



Capt_N said:

@Knuckles It's a secret to everybody. (Knuckles collects 10 rupies from moblin)
Now, you can take your 10 rupies, & let's play money making game.



FunkyMonkey said:

"Nikkei's story isn't based on information released by Nintendo and is full of mistakes"

If this is all the statement says, that doesn't completely debunk the rumors for me. They could still very well reveal these two things, just from a little bit of a different angle. Time will tell.



lanabanana said:

Wooh! I'm so glad they're not releasing a new version of the 3DS! I would've been so pissed if they were! lol



BenAV said:

I want a new 3DS at some point, but definitely not yet and definitely not a bigger one.
They should just make improvements to it and keep it exactly the same size, as it's perfect the size it is now.



paburrows said:

Yeah its too soon for a redesign, we will probably find out about a bunch of games and an update of some sort for the 3DS. A new 3DS would only steal the thunder of the Wii U and if I'm remembering correctly Nintendo's never launched two systems in the same year.



grumblegrumble said:

Haha! Well, thanks for setting the record straight. (My, my.. doesn't the 3DS look TINY in his hands in the pic?)



AVahne said:

This time Nintendo flat-out denied it instead of saying that they don't comment on rumors or speculation. So Nikkei is VERY wrong this time.



Bubbab5 said:

That sucks I was looking fowaed for a bigger one so I could actually see the dang game btw I have bad eye sight Ithats why I want an XL version



SteveW said:

I don't get why people are upset that Nintendo would release a larger one, if you don't want it then don't buy it! some of us would like it.



ecco6t9 said:

Remember it was Nintendo who denied the DS Lite then 6 hours later showed it off.



Tsuchinoko said:

@XXITheWorld Do you mean western regions need those games? In Japan we have them. I'm addicted to my Monster Hunter and my fire Emblem. Getting Layton 3DS, Kyokugen Dasshutsu Adv (999 sequel), Guild01, and a few others. Still on the fence about Zelda 3d, Kingdom Hearts, Theatrhythm, and Metal Gear Solid 3d, but definitely getting Bravely Default, Luigi's Mansion 2, Monster Hunter 4, Fantasy Life, Smash Brothers, and Prof. Layton vs. Ace Attorney when they come out. I dunno, I'm happy with the library of 3DS games. I do wish VC would get beefed up a bit, but overall I'm happy.



yobucky said:

I think there won't be a redesign just yet. Historically the console redesigns usually only come when there is a design flaw (xbox 360), they need to reduce the cost (so they ditch some of the features, ala ps3) or the system has been selling buckets and they can afford the r&d cost to make a new one (like the original DS). At this point the 3ds is none of the above and they'll already be spending a lot of money on the Wii U R&D so I'll bet it'll be a little while before we see a 3DS "lite" or "XL".



zachts98 said:

If they do it would be kinda stupid to launch to consoles this year!! plus I was RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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