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Sakurai Won't Make a Kid Icarus: Uprising Sequel

Posted by James Newton

Smashing hopes

We've only just asked if Kid Icarus could be Nintendo's next big franchise, but along comes Kid Icarus: Uprising director Masahiro Sakurai to say he won't create a sequel.

IGN asked if Project Sora had created a "lasting universe" the team could return to in future projects, to which Sakurai replied:

If by ‘lasting universe’ you mean to ask if there's a sequel, the answer is no.

Well, that's fairly cut and dry, then. But why?

Because we pushed a lot into the game in order to let people have this short yet deep experience, but the novelty of that would likely grow thin in the next game. For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years.

Before you trail off thinking about what a Kid Icarus game in 2037 might look like, remember Sakurai is working on a new Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. All better.


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Tsuchinoko said:

My guess is that if this game sells well enough, there WILL be a sequel, just not one with Sakurai.



Bass_X0 said:

I thought they pushed everything they got into Brawl but they're making a sequel to that. Money really does talk.



BenAV said:

Such a shame.
I'd love a Wii U sequel!
Scrap SSB and make more Kid Icarus please!




Well that's a big disappointment. Still, doesn't completely rule out another Kid Icarus game, just not an Uprising 2. Why did he say 25 years though?!



alLabouTandroiD said:

The groundwork is laid, it's your turn now, Retro.
Actually i think he's right but i wouldn't have minded a simple sequel on the WiiU. I'd rather see a game with a more cohesive story mode instead of Missions in the future though.
And an amazing new 2D Kid Icarus could launch as early as tomorrow i'd get it. Nowhere near oversaturated with the franchise right now.



onlyaman said:

@ "Why did he say 25 years though?!" Because the game didn't sell particularly well, considering the amount of resources that went into it. My guess is there won't be another high-profile Kid Icarus game for quite a while. I would be down with a 2D eShop downloadable, though.



CowLaunch said:

Perhaps I recall incorrectly, but I seem to remember him saying something similar about Smash Bros. after Melee.



3dbrains said:

Give the guy a break already. He only just finished KI:U. He's been working on it for years. I think some time away from Kid Icarus will keep him fresh.

Kid Icarus is my favourite game of all time.
I love it.
It looks brilliant and plays better than brilliant.

See you all online. (I kick butt, eyetrack orbitars ftw)



19Robb92 said:

"Sakurai won't make a Kid Icarus sequel.."

Doesn't mean that any other developer in Nintendos big amount of deva won't make one. And in my opinion this is good news, I personally wan't Sakurai fully focused on making a amazing Super Smash Bros. game.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

Exactly what I thought before Mr sakurai had a problem making sequels before ( as a matter of fact I think the only series hes continued is ssb) he even left Hal for the reason thy he wanted to stop working on the same stuff over and over again (Kirby for example) so I'm really not surprised but it would had been nice to hear YES ID LOVD TO WORK ON A NEW ONE AS SOON AS SSB4 IS OVER on my bday but ill last :3



Not-Another-Ad said:

Shame,but I guess he's got the two Smash Bros games to make,before he thinks of anything else.
Obviously if Kid Icarus sells millions,there might be one.



Luffymcduck said:

That doesn´t mean any other developer wouldn´t make a sequel to KIU or something more similar to the NES original. Right now, I just want a new Smash Bros from Masahiro Sakurai.



47drift said:

I for one think this is a flat out lie. Further emphasized by his over-exaggerated 25 year prediction.

I'll be sure to bring this quote back up when a new Sora developed Kid Icarus sequel comes to light in ten years or less.



SuperNictendo said:

I'm honestly sorely disappointed. Does he not think hes a good enough developer to put a good twist on the game play enough to make an interesting sequel?



Adam said:

He said the same thing for Melee and Brawl. Of course, those games sold a bazillion copies so Nintendo begged / bribed him.



Chris720 said:

I hope they bring back Kid Icarus sooner rather than later... be a bit foolish of them to spend lots of money rebooting a franchise for one game and then kill it off again for another 25 years.

I'm sure they have a game in the works, if not thinking about it, for Pit. I'd hate to see Kid Icarus die after such an amazing game... I haven't even played it yet, but I know by everything everyone's said about it, it must be truly outstanding.



SkywardLink98 said:

Technically, he doesn't decide if Nintendo will make the game, he decides if HE'LL produce it... right?



rjejr said:

WiU port at least, for those of us who aren't big on tiny screens. Both my kids finished it w/o ever turning the 3D on so I know not having it won't be an issue, though I suppose they can always keep it if they want. And it would make good use of the touchscreen. I don't know how well PSP games sell on the PS3 but since they keep doing them I guess they sell well enough.



Whopper744 said:

Aww man. I really hope someone else gets ahold of this series soon then. There is too many great characters to just leave it alone.
Too bad he won't be with the series anymore apparently. He can make some good games!
At least Smash Bros is coming eventually. Hope we see some Uprising characters, especially Mangus



hYdeks said:

not acceptable in my opinion. You can make 100's of Mario games and such but you put all you could into 1 Kid Icarus game after 25 years and you can't see another sequel? Wow...sad....just.....sad...

I'm down for new Smash Bros, but Kid Icarus needs more focus on it.



Emaan said:

This is really disappointing, after playing Uprising I was already hoping for a sequel since I really loved the characters. It would be a shame if Kid Icarus made a big comeback only to be forgotten again. I'm wondering why Sakurai was so short about it. Oh well. Let's just hope another Nintendo team picks the series back up sometime in the future.



Onett said:

Heartbreaking not only because their won't be a sequel developed by project sora, but another developer will have to pick it up if we want to see Pit fly again before the next decade or so. It's a shame because Kid Icarus: Uprising is a refreshing change in comparison to how stale Smash Bros. is becoming.
It's all about money these days unfortunately.
Let's hope that happens here.



StephenYap3 said:

I do like Uprising, but I think having a sequel wouldn't be neccessary since I think the gameplay is awesome enough already. The next sequel, I want it back to its roots.



bahooney said:

For someone with such an artistic, innovative brain, the guy sure has some bad ideas sometimes.



Squiggle55 said:

I just rented this one from gamefly for about a week and it didn't leave me dying for a sequel. Very pretty game and funny and great for short bursts of gameplay. But in the end I didn't feel compelled to buy it. I'm always up for a classic 2D platformer though.



SonyFACE said:

Those of you who said retro should pick this one up, I agree 100%. After they're done with whatever they're currently working on for the Wii U, make this one a priority. And have it come out on both platforms please.



CommanderAudio said:




LittleIrves said:

Notice that his answer is in the present tense: "If by ‘lasting universe’ you mean to ask if there's a sequel, the answer is no." If there IS a sequel. Right now. And of course there's no sequel right now. As someone else stated, KI:U just came out. Let it sell and see how it does and then we'll talk about the next one. Sheesh. Patience is a virtue, y'all.



Lalivero said:

@LittleIrves Exactly, It only recently came out.

Even a 'maybe' this early on would cause a HUGE uproar and the sequel would be far too overhyped. By that I'm talking about how the team should be trying to put all they can into getting these next Smash Bros. games out(yes, for the 3DS and WiiU, also the fact of them being able to connect somehow); that's 2 games they are trying to focus on.

Kid Icarus, though I have to admit I loved it as well, is going to have to wait a bit before anything about it is continued. It isn't going to be one of those franchises that has 1-2 games per year, but I see it popping up here and there as one of those 'gems'. A 'no' right now is understandable with them having other priorities.

On the topic of reviving games though, can someone start thinking up ideas for a full-fledged Ice Climber adventure?



Malic said:

Well i wasn't expecting that. Im hoping someone makes another kid icarus more like the original



WingedSnagret said:

Like several other have already said, SAKURAI said he wouldn't make another Kid Icarus game. That basically means that some other Nintendo team would continue the series, as they should. They better not put Pit away for another 25 years, or else!



FriedSquid said:

I kinda expected this, and I think I know what Sakurai means. But it's no big deal, I should be plenty satisfied with SSBB 4.



DaveGX said:

UNACCEPTABLE! They've come too far to bring Kid Icarus up to Mario and Zelda's standards. There's simply no turning back and killing off the series now. I'm not saying I expect a sequel anytime soon with the series only having just been released, but PLEASE don't let this be the end of it! Gameplaywise, i'm not exactly sure how complex things are and the contral factor with the stylus myself, as I actually quite baffled when I was going through info videos about how everything was supposed to work, whether or not I'd find a comfortable control scheme. Even the idea of adding a small, handheld worthy MP side seemed a little off to me as if it doesn't really quite fit the series. Still, I feel we're all in our right minds for proper sequel, perhaps in the WIi U's future next time around. I mean just think what could be done here; If anyone has seen the early YouTube footage of the Wii U demonstrating upcomnig games, like NEW! Super Mario Bros Mii for example, if I'm understanding this correctly that it can be played with either Wii U draw tablet OR Wii's own current Wii remote and nunchuck controllers, just imagine what doors this could open for perhaps a combination of combined controls. Kid Icarus series still has the potential to be as every bit as epic (especially on console) as Mario, Zelda, Metroid, name it.



dizzy_boy said:

tbh, if kid icarus gets a sequal, they need to sort out the controls because uprising is unnecessarily horrible to play.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

If you go to other websites, you'll see the conversation continue with Sakurai saying, "For now, my thought is that perhaps we'll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years."



Henmii said:

At least the franchise is back on the map! Now it's Retro studio's turn to make this into a free-roaming Zelda-like franchise, on the Wii u!!



hillbill26 said:

NOOOO! Well, we will se Pit and friends eventually either in another Kid Icarus installment or as either playable characters or cameos in other games. Plus, we must wait for Super Smash Bros 4!



lanabanana said:

Ehh, to me it doesn't matter. They're already working on SSBB so why should we complain?



ianmage1 said:

He's only saying that there won't be a sequel to Uprising. There's still a good chance that we'll see Pit in a game that doesn't use the same mechanics as Uprising. Many people would like to see a sidescroller Kid Icarus, which is very different from Uprising and probably wouldn't be as difficult to make. There's still hope.



MetalMario said:

Shouldn't that be another 21 years?

But still, wish there would be another. Loved Uprising.



Nintendude789 said:

I've heard Nintendo is making Kid Icarus Uprising for both Wii and Wii U. I'm pretty much sure about the Wii U. The Wii version sounds FAKE.



DaveGX said:

Honestly, the whole 25 years thing sounds like a rather obvious inside joke. Still, denying us another sequel just doesn't seem right. As stated earlier, after all the videos i've seen of it, I still believe it has the potential Legend of Zelda (at least), Mario, etc has. That said, I see no reason for no sequel, or heck, a midquel(Seeings how we already have the prequel...Unless they were to puli an Ocarina of Time, or Skyward Sword for that matter if it's even legit, and somehow foretelling events leading up to it) or perhaps other side stories. Metroid seem to have no trouble puling this off.



RevolverLink said:

Well, Sakurai is going to have his hands very full with two Super Smash Bros. games, and presumably Kirby to some degree, for the foreseeable future, so it's not he'd have much time for it anyway. Maybe by the time he's finished with those projects, he'll feel differently and be ready to approach a potential Uprising sequel with fresh vigor and new ideas.

And the 25 years thing is clearly him just having a little self-aware fun. Much like he did with the banter in Uprising itself.



JimLad said:

25 years is how long it will take to make the next Smash Bros, then he'll be retired.



Onett said:

Here is the solution.
Kid Icarus + Wii U + Tablet Controller = Entirely different experience. No novelty threatened here.

He'll change his mind.



Nibblet said:

This is a good thing for me because I couldn't care less! Yay, this way the new SSB game will come out sooner! Who cares about a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel?!



Spire said:

Man, this guy is picky. I just think he gets sick of things quickly. Well f him, genius or not, because I'd like a sequel shortly in the future, and not when I'm 41.



DaveGX said:

@Nibblet Plenty of people who aqppreciate a true classic like myself care for a Kid Icarus sequel. Sadly, I have to agree that SSB is just another waste. Seriously, how long will it be before we suddenly see Mario Kart bogging up a char frenzy like SSB, or thusly the same thing happpening with yet another Maio sports title, or Mario Party? What ever happened to Super Mario "Bros" for that matter? Either way because of such titles it appears to me as though they have a hard time balancing out which game deserves the next big hit to take the spotlight; They've got enough chars in the roster...Why waste it on watered down mediocre titles? Are they scared to take a chance and revamp old classics not even seeing the light and day?



Wowfunhappy said:

Honestly, this really shouldn't come as a surprise. One of the main reasons Sakurai left Hal Laboratories was that he was tired of making sequels! He hates making them... he'd much rather work on new projects.

While I'd love to see a KI sequel... power to him! Hopefully we'll see some more new Nintendo IP's come from him in the future.



Linkachu said:

Super Smash Bros for 3ds!? that covers up anything now i kinda dont mind having no kiu sequel ... well i want that too.



underdog-gamer said:

"Super Smash Bros" is a dead end (how many ways are you gonna get the same characters to beat each other up?). The Mario franchise has done EVERYTHING (it's had a good run). And sonic is following close behind Mario (only fair because it started as an 8bit also). Legend of Zelda has seen to little variation on far to many games (MIX IT UP A BIT!).
In short: Nintendo needs a new game in the spotlight and although the mythology is a mix of real Greek mythology and a few additions and mix ups, I believe it time for Nintendo to "spread it's wings" and put KI in the big leagues. Like what if Palutena had to train new heroes (Magnus, Tip [pitoo], Gaol and the chariot master [resurected by Palutena because she felt bad that she was responsible for his death]) because a war with the titans or giants started? The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to Greek mythology!

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