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Mon 11th Aug 2014

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underdog-gamer commented on Sakurai Won't Make a Kid Icarus: Uprising Sequel:

"Super Smash Bros" is a dead end (how many ways are you gonna get the same characters to beat each other up?). The Mario franchise has done EVERYTHING (it's had a good run). And sonic is following close behind Mario (only fair because it started as an 8bit also). Legend of Zelda has seen to little variation on far to many games (MIX IT UP A BIT!).
In short: Nintendo needs a new game in the spotlight and although the mythology is a mix of real Greek mythology and a few additions and mix ups, I believe it time for Nintendo to "spread it's wings" and put KI in the big leagues. Like what if Palutena had to train new heroes (Magnus, Tip [pitoo], Gaol and the chariot master [resurected by Palutena because she felt bad that she was responsible for his death]) because a war with the titans or giants started? The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to Greek mythology!