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Rayman Origins 3DS Hits North America on 5th June

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Reduced price and launch trailer may tempt you

After delays and some mystery, we finally have the North American release date for Rayman Origins: 5th June. That's three days before it arrives in Europe, and less than three weeks away for those who've been impatiently awaiting its arrival.

Ubisoft has also confirmed the price for the U.S., which is a rather attractive $29.99, less than a standard new release on 3DS. This may be to accommodate for the delayed launch and the fact that the title has been available on Wii for a number of months, but it's certainly good news for those considering taking the plunge. You'll apparently be able to share your game progress with others via StreetPass, and if you're currently unsure you can also try the free demo on the eShop.

There's also a launch trailer; a good day for Rayman enthusiasts who own a 3DS.

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IsawYoshi said:

5th june? Isn't nintendos e3 press conference on that day? Mabe nintendo wants this to become the retail games answer so link to the past (the game that launched on the e-shop the same day as nintendos e3 press conference) and launch it online as well.



zenarium said:

@Kinioka For your information, I am a big fan of Rayman.

The 3d effect is awsome!! The music is awsome!! The graphics are good. Everything else is good. I didn't play only the 3ds version but this one is the best version!!



paburrows said:

Just checked the e-shop and they also have a preview of next weeks releases, with videos, Game and Watch Gallery 2 and Snakenoid Deluxe which looks like a Araknoid/Break out except that you control the snake with your finger on the touch screen rather then the d-pad.



SageofShadow said:

Ummm... The trailer says nothing about the game's multiplayer capabilities. Honestly, I love this game; it is a beautiful, challenging, hilariously fun and addictive platformer. Although, without multiplayer this game is nothing, it is not worth it. Being able to play up to four players adds both a competitive aspect and collaborative. I was hoping that the 3DS version would have either wireless local or online multiplayer. If this version does not have multiplayer than it is definitely lacking a rather vital option.



-TR said:

I've been holding off getting it, which has been pretty hard when you consider the falling price, because of the 3DS version. It'd better not let me down...



Corbs said:

Played the demo and it wasn't too shabby. While not nearly what the Vita version is visually, the 3D depth really does add a nice layer of realism to the experience. I'm definitely going to pick up this 3DS version now.



Raylax said:

I played the demo, honestly I wasn't all impressed. Don't get me wrong - Rayman Origins is a phenomenal game, and if you can't pick it up on another platform then you should definitely get it on this. The problem is, the game is considerably better on the other platforms. The graphics retain their fluid animation, but the price for this is downscaling the quality. Add to that that it seems to be a direct port of a game designed for 1080p (1920 pixels wide) shrunken down to a screen 400 pixels wide. As a result, Rayman et al are tiny onscreen and there's a considerable blurriness to the art. Some larger graphics actually look quite badly JPEG'd.
The 3D effect is nice, I'll say, but this game in HD (or even just simply bigger at 480p the Wii) on the other consoles is better. It's a little irritating that collected lums fly into the foreground before moving to the counter, effectively covering your view for a moment.
I'll reiterate that Rayman Origins is an incredible game and everyone needs to play it. The 3DS version seems a direct port of the HD editions, so you won't be losing anything in the fantastic level design. But if you can get on another platform, then get it on another platform.



Geonjaha said:

I dont think I'll be getting it. The demo was not very good graphics-wise and seemed like a bad porting process, very much inferior to the other versions available. It also got the award for being the first thing on the 3DS to ever give me a hand cramp...



bboy2970 said:

Great news! I was going to get this for sure but the superb demo solidified that. I can't wait until June 5th!.....Wait....isn't that also the day of Nintendo's e3 press conference!? June 5ht is officially the best day of my life!!!



mamp said:

I already got it on the Wii, wouldn't pay again for it especially since it has no multiplayer.



MrArcade said:

I found the part where you have to chase that thing across the obstacle course in the silhouette level way to hard and still haven't managed it, even after over 50 attempts. Is it just me who finds this difficult? Its the second level in the demo.



JohnDoe123 said:

"The Wii Classic come to 3DS" The Wii release it what, six months old? I think it's a little early to qualify as a classic.



Chaoslink1 said:

@MrArcade Yeah, but i looked it up and apparently it's a secret level in the full game. it's one of the so called ''Tricky Treasure Levels'' that means that's just a bonus stage and u don't need to beat this if it's too hard for you. I also didnt beat it btw in the demo



SkywardLink98 said:

I played the demo and I preferred the Wii version. The controls seemed sluggish and the colors not a bright and vibrant, like the whole color scheme was replaced. The controls could be related to Melee and Brawl (I assume, I've only played Brawl) with the Wii version being nice and responsive with the 3DS version being sluggish and the jumps kind of float-y.



Dodger said:

I wasn't really impressed by the demo. It felt like they took a wii game and shrunk it down to a 3DS screen with no modifications. If I get this game then I'll be getting the wii version.

And I did manage to beat the bonus stage but it took a while.



HappyHappy said:

Played the demo, the framerate is bad, their are a few glitches with certain parts of the music repeating itself over and over again, and the game gives you too many lums making it too easy to get the lum medals.



UNC5052 said:

I own the Vita version and have played the PS3 demo, and they look basically the same. The 3DS version demo was nowhere near the quality of the others.



Kinioka said:

@HappyHappy- I only noticed that about the lums in the shooting me softly level, but probably because it is a little slower than the other versions, so you have more time to catch all the lums. In the first level everything is normal, I think.
And it's interesting since the mosquito levels were a lot harder to get all 350 lums.



PixelatedPixie said:

I just finished the Wii version today and I have to say, I couldn't imagine playing this game on the 3DS. Even on the Wii I found that the camera was zoomed out the extent that I found it difficult to see the action, with Rayman often becoming a spec on the screen. I'm not sure how much ammendments have been made for this 3DS release but if it's comprobable to the Wii version then the smaller screen could become a serious problem.



fredtoy said:

@VintageBoy said:
"I played the demo, honestly I wasn't all impressed. Don't get me wrong - Rayman Origins is a phenomenal game, and if you can't pick it up on another platform then you should definitely get it on this. The problem is, the game is considerably better on the other platforms. The graphics retain their fluid animation, but the price for this is downscaling the quality. Add to that that it seems to be a direct port of a game designed for 1080p (1920 pixels wide) shrunken down to a screen 400 pixels wide. As a result, Rayman et al are tiny onscreen and there's a considerable blurriness to the art. Some larger graphics actually look quite badly JPEG'd.
The 3D effect is nice, I'll say, but this game in HD (or even just simply bigger at 480p the Wii) on the other consoles is better."

Exactly my opinion about the game. I played the demo, liked the game, found the 3D effect good, but, Rayman and the other characters are so tiny. You just can't see the details on the characters and scenario.



hendie001 said:

i have it on vita but i have not touched it since the week it came out maybe i should give it another chance



Wintendo said:

Now I'm not sure if this is just because I have a slight headache right now, but the music in the game seemed quite... compressed (Best word I can think of). Not that it was poorly written/composed, but it seemed very overpowering and seemed to have a lot of clipping (yes, I did turn the volume down, but still it didn't sound good xD) and hurt my ears just listening to it... other than that I liked the game.



Enzo_V said:

i kinda liked it. the problem is the characters are small and i cant see them in action yea thats just my opinion xD



hendie001 said:

i just downloaded the demo and it s not good. there is a delay in the controls and the visuals seem a bit fuzzy. i love my 3ds way more than my vita but the vita version is way better (can t believe i said that) .



Shock_Tart said:

i downloaded the demo and didnt like it. visually its nice if not for being a little blury, and the controls are kind of bad, he slides around way too much and you can glitch yourself into corners you cant get out of. that and the sounds are way too repetative and irritating.



Nintenbro said:

Don't let Ubisoft get over on you guys. Just purchase the Wii version, and save yourselfs $10. You'll just be paying extra for the 3-D effect, and the Wii version seems a lot better. You could use that extra $10 you'll save to download the GBC version of Rayman from the eShop, and then you'll still have an easily accessible Rayman experience ready to go on your 3DS.



mastersworddude said:

I played the demo, I didn't like it much. The images seem blurry, Rayman is too small, and the sound effects are rough sounding.
I assume this is because of the porting process, I'm sure if they had more time they could make it just right, but it's not really worth it for them to waste time on a game thats been out for months already.
the 3D is nice, but it would be better if the game wasn't blurry.
If you want this game, I suggest the other versions.



Koapa said:

I haven´t seen so bad demo all the time I have 3DS.
Game is micro tiny, slow (motion and jump) and totally not 3D.
I don´t understand, what had they done in these "slip" days.
My review - TOTALLY POOR !



PokeNas said:

A great game but the blurriness was terrible for me and the 3d wasnt that great ive seen better 3d. I guess ill be getting the vita version when i get a vita lol!



abINC4L said:

Ugh, if I didn't have the 360 version (which I've barely played so far in favor of other titles), I would've definitely gotten this version ><



JayEm said:

Didn't like the demo, there was so little changes made from Wii version, at the cost of multiplayer they didn't give much back, like the 3D and a map on the lower screen. Seriously, I'll just stick with the Wii version and wait for Rayman Legends. While playing Rayman 3.



Samholy said:

the demo looks fantastic. very close to the ps3 version. the framerate is lower of course, but doesnt break anything, even less if you didnt see the ps3 in action.the environnement seems a little less interactive.

but playing the dark stage convinced me it wont be a game i will buy. its 100% guaranteed that i curse my lungs out over parcours repetitions. Games where you have to memorize the course near perfectly to be able to finish is not my type of game. (i didnt buy the ps3 version, i rented it)
Still, i wouldnt be surprised to see a 9/10 score. maybe a 8 due to framerate?



Not-Another-Ad said:

I played the demo,and it was okay,bar some sound and graphical issues.
I'd rather stick with my Wii version,and wait for the Rabbids invasion that is Legends.



Stargazer said:

Meh, if they launched at $19.99 I would bite. I will either wait until it's $10 or get the Vita version when it gets cheaper.

And to those having trouble with Playing in the Shade, I also had major problems....the main part I kept failing at was when the platforms start to fall forward and domino, you need to wall jump after bouncing on the spring. Watch it on Youtube for help.



grumblebuzzz said:

I like the demo but seeing as how the Wii version is better graphically and frame rate-wise and also is priced 10 dollars cheaper at most retailers, that is probably the version I'll be getting.



Zergling said:

I tried the demo but everything just seemed to be zoomed out too much. I was really looking forward to this game but now it looks like I will pass.



Raylax said:

Rayman Origins is £10 on Steam right now. TEN FRIKKIN' POUNDS. And trust me, if it runs on my laptop (and it does) it'll run on anything. Go get this version if you're on the fence.



zenarium said:

A good game but mario tennis will be released soon and I can't play every game at the same time... Sorry Rayman, I will not pick you up this time



thatoneguy4419 said:

Just played the demo. I couldn't even put it down until 2 hours after. Although I've never played a Rayman game before, this is definitely a great game. I am totally getting this.



3DSGuy said:


I don't know what demo you've been playing. The 3DS demo is clearly inferior to the PS Vita version. How can you justify cramped/blurry visuals, heavily compressed sound, and slowdown at certain points as superior?



Knuckles said:

I honestly will wait for it to drop further in price, and buy it with a redemption code. Reason why? I haven't played any Rayman game other than this demo, [getting dsiware version, just need a little more space 1st, then the GBC version] and I thought it would be fun to have this game on my sd card to play anytime!



Gretski said:

The demo is fantastic! I freaking love the music that plays when you get a bunch of the yellow bugs! I MUST get this game!



warioswoods said:

Regarding the compressed sound (and maybe even visuals?), that's probably just for the demo version. I remember hating the sound in the RE demo as well, because they clearly had to compress it terribly to make an acceptable download size. But the retail game sounded great. So, wait and see in this case before you jump to conclusions.



zenarium said:

@3DSGuy I think you have a problem on your 3DS... because my demo version was perfect!

I also played it on the pc and I prefer the 3DS version.



Yellowgerbil said:

Yeah I thought the graphics on RE;R demo were slightly.......smudgy. So I think the retail, or eshop version will be a lot better and the music will definitly be better. If the music loops in the retail, they can just patch it up.



Rensch said:

I think I'll just get it for the PC instead. Apparently this version does not have multiplayer.



Shotgunryugan said:

@Rensch You're not getting it because it doesn't have multiplayer? oh what a terrible game,it doesn't have multiplayer,what ever shall i do.

I thought the demo was fantastic i'm definitely picking it up eventually.



grimbldoo said:

I like the Rayman games a lot, but these controls were a little awkward and having to hit the jump button twice in order to glide really throws me off. It was fine in the 3D version, but when I'm running high speed in a 2D game, it doesn't work that well. I would much rather hold the button and then he glides at the end of his jump, of course I can releases and press again to make him glide at an earlier time, but to make it mandatory...



grimbldoo said:

@warioswoods #59
I played the demo for about an hour, and I am still not used to it. It just doesn't feel natural to tap the jump button twice on this 2D version.



BudrSbastig said:

Well thats what we have demos for, to see what a game is like before we buy, after loving rayman on vita I was looking forward to the 3ds port, hoping the 3d would add god what an awful port of a fantastic game. Looks really bad, its the only 3d game to make my eyes hurt! the speed is not there, the controls seem imprecise, try doing a tricky treasure level on 3ds will be impossible. I think nintendo know rayman is slightly better than mario land 3d (more of a challenge) so if they let a sub standard version of the game on to 3ds, more people will buy mario instead.



Hokori said:

@18 that seems about right to today's standards, even though I disagree... A ton of people seem to think 6 months is a classic, kids at my school thought MW3 was a classic once BO2 was announced... I'm like ?? No a classic is something of 5yrs. At least if not 10.



Seancy said:

I dunno if it's just because it's an early version or something, but I found a lot of weird glitches with some of the sound clips. For example, the end of level music would just loop on repeat.



Rensch said:

@shotgunryugan: If it's available on multiple systems, why should I not get the most complete version? All versions seem to be mostly identical when it comes to levels and graphics, but the multiplayer is supposed to be really fun. In fact, I've seen the PC version at a cheap price of €20,-. I tried the 3DS demo and loved it, but I won't pick it up until I feel like taking it on the go.



roflcap said:

lets see music is annoying one hit kill meh i think i well pick it up maby

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