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Wed 25th Apr 2012

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JayEm commented on Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance:

Looking forward to this one, hopefully they include some sweet Street-/Spotpass features to this game.
I really do hope that this is more like a preparation to possible KH3, not just a mere spinoff (like Re:coded, Birth By Sleep and 358/2 Days). I want this one to be more of a TRUE sequel to main games. Sure, all the spinoffs so far have explained some things, but, really, is that necessary? It's like Square doesn't want us to use our imagination to tell the story that may have not been told.



JayEm commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Hits North America on 5th June:

Didn't like the demo, there was so little changes made from Wii version, at the cost of multiplayer they didn't give much back, like the 3D and a map on the lower screen. Seriously, I'll just stick with the Wii version and wait for Rayman Legends. While playing Rayman 3.



JayEm commented on Feature: Kid Icarus - Nintendo's Next Big Fran...:

This article pretty much sums up what I could say about the potential of Kid Icarus to become Nintendo's next big franchise. I just hope that Sakurai will continue developing Kid Icarus after next Smash Bros, but still hope it won't be too much of recycling the Uprising's story and gameplay. Something new should be added while they'd fix something that didn't seem to work in 1st game.
I don't have enough words to express my love to this game, news about this game and possible sequels keep me more excited than news of Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.



JayEm commented on Rayman Legends is Coming to Wii U, Supports NFC:

Oh sweet lord. It's cool that Ubisoft brings Rayman back, since there was a huge time gap between Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and Rayman: Origins, I was actually afraid that Rayman would once again stay put for a while after Origins. I got really hyped up because of the trailer and I am really looking forward for more news of this title and Wii U-exclusives that might come up.
Ubisoft, great job.



JayEm commented on Return to the Castle in Disney Epic Mickey: Po...:

Two Epic Mickey Games coming up, can't wait. Loved the first one on Wii, although camera and forced replayability via once-in-game-events that force you to clear the game again for different results kinda bugged me...
Screw you NSMB2, I'm going for Disney this time!



JayEm commented on Review: Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS):

Got this game on they release date, and cleared the story on the following weekend (yes, I played it THAT much). Now just aiming to 100%, which is taking time, because this game has so much to do.
This game. So far it's best that 3DS has to offer. Great graphics, playability, multiplayer, story and characters. Those people who rant about the Air Battle sections being too hard, it's not the game's fault you decide to keep that button for firing down, thus slowing down your flight. And aiming with touch screen is in my opinion better than with circle pad, it gives you the sense of actually aiming something.
The review pretty much says what I think about this game. If someone owns 3DS but not this game, rai say, GO GET IT NOW!



JayEm commented on Talking Point: Could AR Games Drive eShop Sales?:

Nintendo and Game Freak should work together to make Pokémon Trading Card Game -software, where real TCG-cards would actually have AR-information in them and you could see AR-mon's in the 3DS screen while playing real TCG.