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LEGO Zelda Concept Nets 10,000 Supporters

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Toys could enter production

A while ago we became aware of an intrepid fan's campaign to persuade LEGO to produce a series of figures based on The Legend of Zelda. By entering their designs on LEGO CUUSOO, a site that allows people to submit ideas for the famous toy brand, the user known as Mingles set out on a quest to accumulate enough support to become eligible for review and, potentially, production.

This designer's range has enjoyed an explosion of interest in the past couple of days with news of the designs spreading around the web. They've now surpassed 10,000 votes, which means that LEGO is likely to formally review the project. In an official communication on 8th February LEGO said that if the collection reached that many votes it would raise the idea with Nintendo as the rights owners. Could LEGO Zelda become a reality? It just might.

Things could get very interesting for Mingles and, of course, LEGO fans. We'll keep an eye out for any further developments.


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pastasauce said:

I don't know, I think I would rather have the DeLorean time machine lego that also achieved 10,000 supporters.



Lan said:

I saw some Mario Kart building toy things at Walmart, not Lego but some other brand. Wonder if that'll make it less likely since Nintendo already has a deal with that company.



Mandoble said:

I guess Nintendo would not allow this to be multiplatform, and I guess Lego and TT will not want to risk a Nintendo exclusive.



Spoony_Tech said:

Lets just hope Nintendo allows this. They don't just give out the rights that easily. Lets all remember the Phillips cdi blunder!



metafaniel said:

So they'll be physical Lego figures?? Well if those are approved, why not a LEGO videogame later on =)



Yosher said:

Why is this so popular? I've never seen why Lego versions of games are so popular and they're done to death at this point, I personally hope this never reaches the Zelda (or any Nintendo) franchise.



aaronsullivan said:

K'NEX has the licensing deal for Mario Kart specifically (and the toys are pretty cool actually), but this is Zelda. IMO, Zelda is a greater fit for LEGO as not as many objects have to float in mid air to make replicas of big moments from the game. XD

I once got psyched to make a Zelda replica in LEGO, but I started a little too ambitious and ran out of steam fast — tough with little ones trying to help, too! I was going to do the Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time. It's pretty vertical, however.

If I try again it will be one of the "Levels" from the original NES Zelda. That could be very cool even though it seems pretty simple at first. Hmm...



Kirk said:

If Nintendo doesn't make this happen then the people who make the decisions at Nintendo are idiots.

All this can do is increase the awareness, popularity and cool factor of the Zelda franchise.

There is no downside to having Lego Zelda toys.

Be smart, Nintendo.



ThreadShadow said:

Great news! I really hope this happens. It goes perfect with LEGO's medievil series of LEGO. Zelda features that creative exploration/discovery/adventure aspect that LEGO is all about.

This isn't about the creation of a LEGO Zelda videogame, nor should that ever come into the equation. This is about Zelda LEGO sets.



MadScientistMan said:


Lego LOTR is coming, so it shouldn't be to hard for lego to make this a reality (not many new holds would need to be made). All they need is a license and they're off!



C-Olimar said:

The fact that Nintendo allowed Mario Kart K'Nex makes it more likely they will allow LEGO to make this. It would also make Zelda more popula, IMO. I also imagined a Hyrule Castle LEGO set. Mind = Blown.



Kyloctopus said:

With Nintendo Publishing Lego City Stories for Wii u and 3DS, anything could be possible at the moment.



Nanoline said:

I've been kind of irritated that this particular Zelda entry on Cuusoo has been getting all the attention and the better one has been largely ignored:

This guy made full sets of Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle's throne room, the Temple of Light, the Temple of Time (with opening door of time), the Bottom of the Well with an entire fold-out dungeon and Lens of Time, the Water Temple from Twilight Princess, the Morpheelum boss from said temple, Link vs Dark Link, and a rather large number of creatures and items, including making the actual custom molds for them in real life.

Yet all the attention has gone to this other one that really just isn't as detailed or nearly as good, and I worry that that's going to make Lego shoot it down. And once Lego shoots down one Zelda line, they'll NEVER allow another one, which will doom this other project.



ouroborous said:

they should do it, its a win-win-win situation, they can't possibly lose.
they would have done pretty well years ago, but now even the dumbest and most video-game-uninformed person knows zelda like a household name.



paburrows said:

Im curious how that fact that another Lego like company is currently producing Mario Kart building toys will possibly affect the possibility of a Lego/Zelda set being created.




Wait what? I don't know about this one guys, apart of me saids this could be cool a new way to play Zealda and this sould draw more people to the francis while the other part thinks that it's to kiddie Windwalker should be the limit for how kiddie Zealda can get and a LEGO Zealda would take it to a whole new level in kiddieness plus I've been dieing for them to return to the serious art style like the one Twilight Princess

I don't know seems like I'm alone on the last one



drumsandperc92 said:

loved legos as a kid. love zelda to this day.
as an adult, i would once again make a lego purchase if this came into production.
i know they make adult lego sets, but this one would most likely be for children. it will never stop me



ThreadShadow said:

Nanoline (#28) is right. Isn't it possible for this guys ideas to get shoe-horned in too if one Zelda project gets greenlit? He's doing quality work. If one project gets greenlit his should be up for acceptance too...LEGO could use his ideas to continue the Zelda LEGO product line. Give it a longer life span.



Popyman said:

I would be happy with just the weapons, those things are awesome looking.



Henmii said:

Sorry for sounding negative, but I hope this doesn't end in a endless stream of samey, low-quality Lego Zelda games. Only make some Zelda lego, not lego Zelda games!!




The Lego of Zelda? FAIL The Lego series has to be on every console and computer there is, not only on NIntendo consoles.



Lunapplebloom said:

@Nanoline You bring up a good point. I believe that that person should get more promotion then he does at the moment. He deserves the recognition for his work. The Lego sets he has thought up are simply stunning.



Yosher said:

@LztheBlehBird Yes I know this isn't about an actual game, but everyone seems to think so and even want a Lego Zelda video game. I just don't understand why that is, then again I never understood the appeal of Lego video games in the first place. Lego is meant to build stuff for fun irl and that's where it should stay if you ask me.

But to each his/her own. If people want to play Lego video games, they should do so, I just personally hope no Nintendo franchise falls to become Lego-ized. It brings down all the charm of the franchise.
I'm perfectly fine with actual Zelda themed Lego stuff being made though!



Bassman_Q said:

That would be pretty awesome. I'd have to buy a set even though I've outgrown LEGO's like 4 years ago.



TheRegginator said:

I would love that. Lego is one company you can trust your licenses to when it comes to toy making. Hopefully they don't make a video game though.



Enzo_V said:

man:i hope u step on a lego brick at dark
man2: curse you!!!

anyways i like lego and yea this is a great idea



MortalKombat2007 said:


That's a terrible reason to hate the Lego games, besides you seem to be mistaken, there is not going to be a Lego Zelda game, Lego Zelda is going to be..well, Legos with the Zelda brand.

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