A while ago we became aware of an intrepid fan's campaign to persuade LEGO to produce a series of figures based on The Legend of Zelda. By entering their designs on LEGO CUUSOO, a site that allows people to submit ideas for the famous toy brand, the user known as Mingles set out on a quest to accumulate enough support to become eligible for review and, potentially, production.

This designer's range has enjoyed an explosion of interest in the past couple of days with news of the designs spreading around the web. They've now surpassed 10,000 votes, which means that LEGO is likely to formally review the project. In an official communication on 8th February LEGO said that if the collection reached that many votes it would raise the idea with Nintendo as the rights owners. Could LEGO Zelda become a reality? It just might.

Things could get very interesting for Mingles and, of course, LEGO fans. We'll keep an eye out for any further developments.

[via lego.cuusoo.com]