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This Is Your Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapons Bible

Posted by James Newton


Getting to grips with Kid Icarus: Uprising's weapons can take a while, particularly as there's so many of the things, but Nintendo UK has come to the rescue with a rather large infographic designed to get you up to speed.

The image — helpfully linked below — takes you through the different weapon classes, as well as their pros and cons. It's a bit of a monster but if you're perpetually getting your angelic little backside handed to you in online multiplayer then it might help you get back on your feet.

Still want to know more? Check out our feature Kid Icarus: Uprising What The Review Couldn't Tell You. Good luck out there, angels.

Kid Icarus: Uprising weapons infographic.

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Whopper744 said:

hm..can't see it. I just see the word Untitled. Must be the stupid security here at work.



Squashie said:

Yeah, there seems to be some difficulty with the image! It is available on my website. If i'm allowed to post the link?



Odnetnin said:

I was about to come in here and say "This is the best thing that Nintendo Life has ever posted." And it still is, just in a more ironic way.



med088 said:

I'm really struggling with wrapping my head around this game and this might really help me. LOL



DarkKirby said:

Because there was no image, I unconsciously read "helpfully embedded below" as "hopefully embedded below".



TheRegginator said:

Was that supposed to be helpful? It's just a list of brief descriptions of only a fraction of the game's weapons. I'll just wait for the Kid Icarus wiki o update completely about this game.



Radixxs said:

But, guys, these are all the weapons in the game! See, the others you have are all just in-game glitches.

But really, I guess the word "Bible" had me expecting all of the weapons or something.



pikku said:

I hope this isn't an exhaustive list of the weapons in the games, is it?



Popyman said:

Majorly lame. :/ I hope that official guide coming out soon is good with a lot of info and art.



Knuckles said:

Care to brag about your weapons? Go to the Kid Icarus Uprising Spotpass Weapons forum. It also will daily update on the free spotpass weapon of the day, just give me some time... around 3:30pm for info, 7:00am for what it is



Dodger said:

Got on here with my 3DS this morning. Decided to check this page to see if the image was added yet. My 3DS was like "ha ha ha no" and gave me an image not displayed message instantly. Doesn't sound like I'm missing much though.

I'll probably get the game when I have money. I need to spend a little bit more on my fishtank first.



Samholy said:

its a nice image but theyre not even all there. its not what i call a bible.
gamefaqs will have it eventually, if its not already there



Kagamine said:

@wariowoods haha, i see what you did there!
but no it doesn't help.
No pandora claws, no crusader blade, no electro arm, and those are just the first few that popped into my mind! there are WAY more weapons than listed here...



Picola said:

@ zerox what on earth do u mean, stupid excuse? you arw complaining about getting moreblevels in an excellent game? sheesh, kids these days... this is the freshest nintendo game for years, very impressed. and so much rwplay value - i keep replaying levels at a higher intensity to get better weapons before i even move on. fantastic stuff ninty - more please.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

It was defintitely nice to win a weapon off of my first multiplayer game. They give out some pretty powerful weapons to the players. Because of this, it seems pretty easy to get a 5/4.5 weapon within a short period of time of playing the game without spending any actual hearts.

Anyone know if they have any balancing in place in free for all for powerful weapons? I know team matches make the bar decrease faster if you die with a strong weapon.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Wow, Icarus is back with vengeance!
Would be interesting to see an eight bit conversion of this, just for the fun of it.

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