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Thu 19th Jan 2012

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med088 commented on Talking Point: This Fan's Tragic Tale Highligh...:

It's still a poor system even if you use the argument that he should have known better.

My younger brother had his 3DS stolen from him. So he's lost all the games he's purchased as well as his ambassador titles.



med088 commented on Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android:

I actually downloaded this in a "just to see" kind of way.... I would have never been aware of it if not for this article. And I'm sure a free android game like this benefits from more people downloading it even if they only play it for a couple levels like I did. Therefore, one could argue that Nintendo Life is helping (inadvertently) the popularity/success of these types of games. I don't think it would be a discredit to your journalistic integrity to just ignore these, would it? It just seems odd to report on specific clone titles. I would have much rather enjoyed a talking point type piece about the phenomenon of clone games in general. I love your work and I am just trying to provide some thoughtful criticism.



med088 commented on Why the White 3DS XL Didn't Ship to Europe or ...:


I know exactly what you mean, I really want to pick up a 3DS XL but I just can't get into the red or blue. I would pick up a black, grey, white, purple, green, or orange model tomorrow if I could. But the red and blue just seem so "ehhh" to me. My first GameBoy was one of the colored models, a rich green, and I loved that thing!